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The Croods (2013)
The Croods shows DreamWorks mostly not in a cave
28 February 2021
I thought that the Croods was a good movie. It's not a perfect movie or my absolute favorite one of DreamWorks even, but it's fairly good, fairly funny movie that has likable characters. It's refreshing for example that this movie feels like it was in the prehistoric age without pop culture references at the expense of actual humor like lower tier DreamWorks movies. I like the dad Greg for example as he's an overprotective dad but who learns a lesson about it and is likable without being a jerk (most of the time) similar to Dracula from Hotel Transylvania. Although this brings me to one of the movie's problems as the entire "family has trouble with a new boyfriend" plot was already done the exact same way in Hotel Transylvania. Then again the boyfriend is still funny with a cool animal that he calls. What I'm saying is that while I still like the movie, sometimes it feels a bit unambitious and familiar. The animation is great as the prehistoric landscapes really stand out, but while the movie's writing is pleasant and funny I've seen a lot of the plot points before, and sometimes it's a bit scattered. It's still definitely worth watching though, just not the absolute best of DreamWorks.
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