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Samanyolu (1967)
Sounds like a normal relationship movie.
13 July 2007
contrary to what the previous review may say about this movie, going just from the description I would say that this is just a standard no frills relationship story and a filming of the response of unrequited love and the loss of friendship and how love changes the roles of friends.

It isn't just American movies that do this, but it is a human standard. It could be a movie like any other movie.

Their is a similarity to Turkish movies and American movies. So as described there is nothing exciting, and nothing extraordinary. But then that is what this movie is about Not extraordinary but AVERAGE people, and women who want what average men can not provide.

Perhaps if Nejat had gone and made a fortune instead of being a friend, when his love interest first says what she wants he might have won her. Then again to win her he might have gone and started a war that slaughters all humanity and they would both be dead and the point of his deeds for love would be MOOT.

But then who can say what is right or wrong?

If I have a chance I might watch this movie.
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The Twilight Zone: The Purple Testament (1960)
Season 1, Episode 19
There is a good Mexican variation... Macario...
3 October 2006
I know how the lieutenant in this episode feels. I've had similar occurrences from time to time. I would rather have them disproved... though some people would rather heighten the experience...

Very well done, and just a fantastic episode from a fantastic series, that modern imitations don't equal in elegance.

It is great to see Dick York full of vigor, having seen his last years was tough. The light and use of black and white add well.

It is amazing what they could accomplish in just 30 minutes... of which only about 22 comprise the episode. Simple, inexpensive, yet entertaining.
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Pay Your Dues (1919)
An absolute delight
26 June 2006
A hazing initiation for a local group not unlike the shriners only identities get switched at a party as one of the initiates escapes on seeing the rites and bails, Landing unlucky OR lucky as the case may be Lloyd into a situation he did not seek out. This movie has lots of fun and a few surprises, and is easy entertainment.

Nothing shocking as we know today AFTER basic instinct, this is just an old-fashioned tale. These movies provide a safer environment to develop talent and interests without high tech gizmos, yet the fundamental message from then to now is get out and get involved. You never know where life will lead IF you don't get involved, but in todays world of SO MUCH OVERLOAD, the simpler times when peace could last a while is missed.

PS the Fez hats are adorable, after going to Vincennes recently to honor Red Skelton and seeing a clown group who wear Fez's this movie is a hoot.
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All Aboard (1917)
jangle and Gangle....
26 June 2006
Kepp away with a beautiful Lady. The Boy has his work cut out for him in this short. Lots of action and pratfalls and athletic moving in tight spaces to keep traffic moving and fussing to a minimum, ever try to move in a crowded space? Many of Lloyd's films have acrobatic antics for maneuvering in tight spaces and this is no exception. Also the ship board antics are full of action and fun.

A joyful and delightful movie.

there are many laughs from inadvertent situations, and that makes silent films fun. Also there isn't an emphasis on Politics as modern movies which is always welcome.
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cheeky little movie
26 June 2006
This is subtle and yet very down home. Unusual in a movie where a Big city person drops in on a small town, and invokes positive changes, that people like.

Some of the gags Lloyd uses are manipulating people in an esoteric fashion to accomplish comfort or expidite a conversation, and without provoking the person he's using. In the last 5 decades that would have gotten him Hurt in most major American cities where manipulation is common and resistance can be violent.

Just shows how open spaces ellicit calm reactions in people. Fun situations and a fun movie.
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I'm on My Way (1919)
A tale of mis identities
25 June 2006
This interesting old movie offers some sage advice about tying "The knot". The early scenes where Lloyd improvises and "cart" to carry his intended's packages is amusing and need not elicit gasps compared to todays high energy romps with violence and fast action, and split second decisions.

The decisions in this film are split second for the time and rely on human interaction NOT technology mindless obeyance of the three laws of Natural motion. Here Lloyd as the lead character is interacting with other people and able to influence and be influenced by them. For me as a person who is best at tasks and maintaining focus, this movie shows the fun children get when involved in this group participation, and how distracted Adults can be in these situations. When the young interact it can be manipulative due to inexperience, and not the adult style of malicious. This movie made me remember when My family was together when I was young and how we interacted, how any of us kids got married and moved on when we were EVEN more rambunctious is beyond me. Yet watching this film it reminded me how fun it was to interact, but now I share over this screen instead of in Person. VERY entertaining and charming.
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Standard tale of Business...
25 June 2006
I had the chance to see this film at the Bronco Billy Silent Film Festival Last night in Niles Canyon California, old home of Essanay Film Studios and where Chaplin made many movies.

I originally gave this movie a 10 but after review I was lacking motivational background on the characters for the father and his rival, a little explanation or a few quick scenes to develop their positions with their employees would have been helpful.

It was an old classic, full of the old tales of building something from nothing, fights and heroism despite bad blood between Company heads. Sympathy for one and indifference for the other abound.

A final showdown and climactic accident are a part of the fun. The facial features are subtle and convey an emotional range adequate for the movie and providing sympathy, yet no REAL villain, merely business being business.

The scenes involving the Seqouias are wonderful, though not as spectacular as in color, BUT the black and white does contrast the size well.

One of the best scenes involves business discussions and the obtuse manner in which things are done to avoid detection by their rivals.
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early classic
23 May 2006
This film is a marvel of stop animation and the storyline is familiar, VERY well done. The sets are interesting,

there are a few twists and some extra effects that are impressive. The film is short, and the water scenes are a bit scarce. Overall I thought it was very well done. The extra bits with books and a woman add and not detract from the movie. Filling out ten lines on a short film can be very tough and challenging. The music is stirring as always. The master is well played and what he does while the apprentice is practicing is appropriate. I recommend this film. And since it is with Our town they go well together. Look for the set changes as the master leaves and returns.
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wonderful story, great stunts....
5 March 2006
At a time when action is all EFFECT by some computer, this old time movie had both contrived action as well as REAL stunts done by BRAVE people who might have DIED performing them.

In a safe Hollywood where the real world is slaughtering each other with NO regard for human rights to life, the old style made movies where life could be lost in the making of the movie.

Further the story line and the characters are all plausible and endearing in their enactment.

I recommend this movie for the aficionado's of silent film. The side character of a soldier who is befriended by the hero, then helps the hero is well done as well. It is a rousing example of movies the way movies should be made once in a while:

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Great beginning, misunderstood middle...
27 February 2005
The beginning of this movie offered some of the best laughs of Space movies I have had in a long time. The middle part does lag, but the last third is not that bad at all. There were worse movies by far, but this is a spoof, not serious and it does spoof the serious movies, and serious people, so it was well done over all.

Many gags were new, and the beginning which is about 15 minutes skewering of 2001 was indeed very funny. But then again, perhaps in recent times such humor is not appreciated as much as it once was.

The slowest part is the break-in... not well fleshed out, and the development of the antagonist is in need of work.
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Propaganda Dead end style
1 August 2004
This is a vehicle used to alleviate concerns about spies and allow the people to release tension about their neighbors and relieve wedding jitters of kids and others being married for the first time during the War.

Stress can cause many anxieties and LAUGHING at them helps us overcome the paranoia of stress and during the War helped keep the populace calm and reasonable so they did not go off in vigilante fits.

No one would believe their neighbor was a REAL Nazi spy, but having the East end kids demonstrate that fact helped many young people identify and ease their concerns.

Modern parables but in a darker vein can be seen on farscape season 2. the themes are repetitive and in this film crude, but effective and lite fare so just enjoy.

Kids will like it, and adults will fondly remember the times they were young, and not associate with modern events in a serious way.
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Billed as a scene for scene take... BUT
14 June 2004
It is NOT exactly ... The interpretation is interesting, but sometimes perplexing... The classic Horse whiny is never on the same word... and the "Putting on the Ritz" gag is mistranslated very amusing, even though the movie sometimes elicits unintentional scares while trying to capture the gags of the Mel Brooks film... I doubt if the director had seen the original black and white classic and understood what Mel was spoofing.

For spoof of spoof it is quite amusing though.

The idea of science VS belief does not come through, and several ideas do not translate well. The special effects are less than Dr. Who... but the heart of the effort is appreciated if you enjoy the efforts of the under-funded.
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The Prisoner (1955)
A study of contrasts
7 June 2004
This film makes a good marathon movie with other similar themes:

Inherit the wind The Prisoner TV series

It seems most movies are essentially epitomized by this film for this reason:

Persecution. Be it FOR religion or AGAINST religion. The protagonist/antagonist style which is predominant is EXPERTLY posed here with Alec Guinness playing another brilliant role. This character is the opposite of the character he played in "The man in the white suit" BUT the theme is similar.

In todays world the ethnicity is still a root persecution that leads to a lot of violence. This movie shows what should be avoided, but in recent news even the contrast in Iraq is highlighted within the controlled confines of a safe Movie environment. WE know the actors are compensated and safe... The stereotypes they portray seem to be Perennial and eternal...

The end line can be said of ANYONE anytime, anyplace, any age.

A timeless classic from a time when events moved slower. Todays movies move much faster which do not allow our children to absorb the real humanity pictures like these embody.

I am a more aware man for having seen this film, and it allows my to deal with bullies I have encountered in real life who on buses will try to play the inquisitor in a menacing fashion, even though here in America we are supposed to be free of this interaction.

There are classic interactions that are highlighted and should not be missed.
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Well crafted, but short...
16 March 2004
The funniest scene comes late... but the overall "feel" of this movie is that it is made by a long time fan of the genre. The "tricks" to simulate the dubbing is great, and the story is solid and the overall craft is good. Maybe another 15 minutes would have been nice. BUT overall this is a truly inspired homage to the genre. Twists and turns and even out takes. The quality of the shoot is very similar to many early hong kong films. The sound also is very accurate with the dubbing techniques. Kudos.
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Slick trip
23 December 2003
Sort of like Zardoz crossed with Planet of the Apes.

The film is well acted, well shot, and the plot holds together... even though the Nazis are dragged in a bit, but not to the detriment of the film.

It is allegorical, and rather clever twist on some poetry for those who have taken Humanities classes in school.

Worth a look if you are new to film, and are looking for something out of the ordinary, that requires a bit of knowledge to hang with.
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Making sense: Possible spoiler
30 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This seemed a typical zombie flick... but as it unfolded there are a few discrepancies... The people do not die, they just get a flesh disease, they seem to actually feel sympathy... The wine connection.. The beautiful woman who was immune, could have been a base for serum was killed after being disfigured.

The heroine is held by the beautiful woman, and rescued by two beer guzzling men. Her boyfriend was named "Michael" and the wine is a metaphor for the sacrament of wine in catholicism. The beer drinkers are a threat to her boyfriend, and her love of him leads to her behavior at the end. I was expecting her to reveal blisters as she drank infected wine at least twice, but such was not the case. The blood at the end also signifies a Christian belief... so I found that on the association of the events with some christian ideas this film's motives become available, and the message of the director comes through better than "Just a zombie movie". Just my association so it may not be on the mark, but if this helps you understand and appreciate the movie, so be it.
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Old school charm and slight hokey
23 September 2003
Well, this movie is definitely from the 30's. The old school charm oozes from this movie. A boy King, Mother and Father separated, evil Prime minister spoiling a happy home, and our Hero, Will Rogers to the rescue with Hometown Americana wisdom to set a small country right. NOT great movie making, but charming nonetheless. The Senator who arrives to relive Mr. Rogers when he gets in hot water could have been the mold for the Mayor of "Nightmare before Christmas", :) One funny scene involves Rogers and the Cabinet of the small country who are playing poker, oblivious to the time, and the demands of Traditional royal ceremonies. It is a soft movie, even though a revolution or two get raged during it, and the parade scenes are incongruous for the costumes of the country the actors wear. No big suds, but nothing incredibly bad either. A nice average movie....
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Mr. Skitch (1933)
Mixed bag of nostalgia
2 September 2003
Many of the family banter i remember in my family comes from this time and these type of movies. Here is some of the grit and emotion that helps Americans get through tough times. One funny scene is the first time Will and his family encounter a British woman, He seems 6 inches shorter than her and a quick quip by his wife is that the british woman is from sweden. :) His ability to adapt to situations is evident in people today. Some scenes are hard, like the scene with the Indian (but that is not very harsh) and the one with Mr. Cohen, but Mr. Cohen himself is shrew as well, so there is a balance to the characters. His free-wheeling spirit is evident in the first 15 minutes with the scene where he takes his family for a joy ride down a mountainside to establish his confidence and up-beat fun loving side with his children. A fun movie.
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Peripheral viewpoint....WARNING potential spoiler..
8 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
The side characters of this film are interesting. Specifically his family's reaction, and more importantly the Night watchman and the Bathroom attendant who replaces him. It was a nice touch having the night watchman be his companion at dinner, rather than his wife or daughter. Just desserts I think. And the attendant he gives dignity and human contact to is also a good touch. A classic that epitomizes those who are born good, and when fortune smiles at them shares such bounty with those who might otherwise never know such kindness.
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Simple, quiet post abolutionist. POTENTIAL spoiler,,,
29 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so quiet compared to todays films, that children should be shown this film in order to appreciate more. Children raised in todays HIGH volume, minimal dialogue, and wiz-bang cutting will fall into boredom or sleep watching this if they do not LOVE movies. Almost NO background mood music makes this movie a treat for me. Standard and well crafted who-dunit, with twists aplenty until the final revelation and race to save the heroine.

The post abolutionist part comes when the chaufer (an american of african descent) (Pardon my decription but it is neccessary to examine the end which explains the underlying philosophy of the film) is told the "APE" (a chimpanzee) is rumored to be related to humans. The chaufeur cries out "He's related to me?" which provides the philosphical motive to the drama just witnessed, and the underlying terror associated with the Heroine in the film; Namely that man has beastly emotions and the baser ones could lead to murder, even in our civilized society. (OK I reached for this, but given the time I think it's acurate) and so as a movie on philosophy and ethics it does have "redeeming" values to a young school/college audience.
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Fun early romp
28 June 2003
Well the opening is filmed in darkness, but a little fiddling with the brightness and contrast fixed that problem.

This is a simple movie, with narrative. Not much on plausibility I think those men WANTED to be caught!

And the panther scene and the giant vs the tiger scenes are funny. But the first Tiger scene is actually well done considering the rest of the film. Not much to study, and after 53 years other serious (Well as far as serious can go and get wide release and not be thought immoral) films of modern make are far better. It is hard to have non-amazons over-power athletes.

But all in all a good Liberal arts film.
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9 June 2003
Well this movie has a title that belies this film. Truly scizophrenic, The sub-plot is actually a decent movie, and well acted. Villians, scams, a semi-hero (Just an ordinary business man, really). Very slow moving. The apocolypse or revelations inspired "monster" doesn't even threaten anyone really. It only serves for the end message... but the good part of this movie is indeed the sub-plot. A small town operated outside the law, and attracted the attention of a larger business.... That part is worth a 7 actually. It is not that bad, BUT the monster part is so nearly non-existant that that part earns a 1.
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Zardoz (1974)
Tangential Spoiler in order to give contrast to understand!
28 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I have just re-watched a movie that made little sense when I was 20. I was 12 when this film was made. I am 41 now. I have spent a lifetime watching sci-fi, and studying Science in general since I was 5. That said; This film is a Human Secular triumph!

****NOTE I just saw this film again in 2006 I have since seen Buster Keatons "College", and see many similarities. So it doesn't HAVE to be sci-fi, but even regular life can inspire, just the presentation is all that differs,

And THAT leads to this:::: Spoiler tangent here: The end JUSTIFIES the whole movie. The end is a point where 2001 could begin. It relates to the cycle of life as Natural Scientists like Charles Darwin intended their life's work to indicate. From there the steps backward are a confident march to the testament of The common man. Parables galore if a person has studied for pleasure Theology, or been forced from their natural Acumen to pursue Theological themes as a method of self-defense in a multi-cultural world.

Remember that this film is from a time period where the "third world" influences were upon the wealthy of Hollywood and politics, whereas today their philosophy is nearing the mainstream. So Zeds choice of a mate is logical. So too is the fact that he was manipulated to do what he did, but perhaps he was manipulated by those who were manipulated, then again he could have just matriculated. And before his infiltration (with help) into the Vortex he thought he was his own man doing the will of a God head. Mostly this film is tangentially the conflict of Western and Eastern philosophies. For after you attain the immortality of the highest form of humanity, where can you go? You must evolve, which is what Zed represents, and in the West the god-head represents a type of recycling, a cultivation replicant of the Eastern culture from whence it started. In deed after living a life of observation and participation this film is VERY gratifying, and indeed is about Marriage and sharing ones life with another. Potent stuff from then to now, along with Fahrenheit 451 a CLASSIC social statement, made simplistically and without Fancy hi-tech every 15 seconds.
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Network (1976)
Shell of a movie?
7 April 2003
This movie is similar to an older movie: Meet John Doe, which stars Gary Cooper as a normal man held to messianic standards by wealthy/powerful people who want to use the main character as a scapegoat for their own greed.

There are differences of course. Tv not Newspaper, and Beale's career coming to an end, and so his realization that for him time is up, whereas in Meet John Doe Cooper plays a man in young middle age who has ideals that are ripe for exploitation.

Exploitation.... that there says what Network conveyes on many levels. Beales outrage is exploitated, and his exploitation opens the door for the exploitation of Radical political groups, who in turn exploit the powers that be for all they can as well. A nice vicious circle of life as made possible by having access to millions of attention spans at once. In pre movie/tv days information and politcal movements moved slowly, and built over time. Now with Tv a political movement can be started and finished in one day.... but the long term consequences are not taken into account. What happend to the radical political group who was used? Did they or their followers go on to commit BIGGER crimes ala 911? Speculation, or just an example of life cycles that get faster and can fall into chaos even though those in power and those who lust for that power vie with each other for that power. There is a lot to digest with this movie, but some sections seem to contrived, and under developed. If I'm not mistaken it is a young Tim Robbins of the Hudsucker proxy fame who has an uncredited part.
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Slipstream (1989)
Classic human/machine angst
10 February 2003
This film has many of the same elements of say, Asimov's "nightfall" book, and is better than Nightfall the movie. Further this film breaks Mark Hamil out of the naive Hero status Star Wars could have locked him into. The gentleman who plays the android does a very gentlemanly job of it... perhaps inspired by or inspiring TNG Data. I am always moved by this film.
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