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Stop Beating The Dead Horse
25 August 2018
Jack Neo is a talented Director but he really needs to be more brave and creative to try exploring new stories and stop rehashing and rehashing endlessly those old shows or characters that he had made in the past and make an effort to diversify into making new characters, or new genres or storylines. I dont think anyone would be looking forward to yet another boring repetitive movies of yet another Boys to Men, Liang Si Mei or Liang Po Po movie sequels or characters that have been used long time ago when he was in a TV comedy show 20 years ago. Be more adventurous like China, focus on new & different story-telling, dont focus your movie only on the characters...

Singapore has such rich culture and diversity in races that there are so many possibilities for great movies with interesting stories that he could dip into, without needing to keep making boring pointless sequels of past films.
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The Defenders (2017)
Too many scenes and motivations that happened which doesn't make much sense
19 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers

What I like to see in season 2 of The Defenders?

  • Better plots with less plot convenience sequences that doesn't make any sense - Better explanation of some of the characters motivations, actions and the threats posed by the Villains (they gave absolutely no explanation on how Elektra could suddenly became so powerful that she could take on all the Defenders as well as the Hand Executives, suddenly killing off Alexandra only to take over the Hand with no proper explanation or motivation highlighted to us nor did they explain properly what exactly did the Hand wanted at the basement and how would they gain from all these as well as the actual threat the city was facing....and all police could see are DD, Luke & JJ literally breaking out of a police station and ending up bombing an entire whole building to the ground and the next day life goes on as if nothing had happened??) - Smarter Police force that know who are the bad guys and stop it with their constant irritating interrogations on what the heroes did or going to do each time the heroes fought or going to fight against the bad guys

The ending also shows how poor the scriptwriters are in PROPER story telling with good continuation...they should have been more daring to go all out and end it with Elektra winning the fight against Daredevil and having Mdm Gao or Elektra somehow releasing a demon from a portal which Iron Fist had opened, with the demon possessing Daredevil as the building came tumbling down...with that ending we could introduce Shadowland story line like in the comics where Daredevil went rogue and starts building a fortress, recruiting & housing all the villains and terrorizing the entire New York city....I'm sure many would love to see such a story like that unfold on TV!
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