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The Simpsons: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (1991)
Season 2, Episode 15
The Future Home Of Kumatsu Motors....
20 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Only Homer could destroy his brothers business designing a highly impractical car. This was a great episode.

From Homer not picking up the hint that his brother lives in Detroit, to meeting his brother, to his brother having a easy time pleasing the kids with all the money in the world.

Homer designed a car where the horn played 'la cucaracha'. That might have been the least of the cars problems.

A great bit where Uncle Herb receives a call from the design team, that is concerned about Homer's ideas for the new car. Herb asks them to call back and say exactly the opposite of what they told Herb. Herb puts it on the speaker phone for the kids to hear.

A great episode from beginning to end.
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