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Popcorn ready for this movie! Big action scenes and FXs
3 April 2021
Lot of action! Lot of visual effects! Beautiful places behind the green screen! But the plot is normal and it doesn't have any unexpected change!

Almost 2 hours that keep you focus in the movie, enjoying every scene, every plane but at the same time thinking that you won't see any interesting change of plot.

The soundtrack is a mix of Blade Runner, Tron and Man of Steel... Beautiful moments of percussion... and others with futuristic sounds... The actors performed their roles very very good... the most prominent actor for me is Brian Tyree Henry.
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The SnyderVerse is the right path for these Heroes!
2 April 2021
After watching this movie, the feeling is "a big-high good mouth taste that correspond with the Zack Snyder's vision about this Heroes".

The story is flowed without problems, all-the-time the watcher is focusing in the movie. Visually, the movie is amazing, wonderful... "outStanding", and I remarked the 'S' letter 'cause the film transmits Hope as Superman's mark. Visually it gives all the feelings in order to create in your mind how complicated is the new fight that the heroes have to front. Little clips to show sadness, happiness and doubts are literally perfect!

I have to recognize in my case i had to pause the movie in order to go bathroom or go for a water or bring some food... I am not saying the movie is boring, i am Saying it is long movie and there are people that could have paused it as i did it probably.

The last two episodes are good incredible! The first two chapters show us the world without Superman and his importance of him there!

These Heroes need more of Snyder's Vision.
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