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Blade Runner (1982)
Good direction, but the screenplay is bad.
15 June 2021
Well, this is my first movie review, and I'm doing it out of outrage. Recently I became interested in cinema and, as a way to broaden my "horizons", I tried to watch some "cult" movies, and all of that ended up watching "Blade Runner". I confess that I was very disappointed with the movie, I imagined an amazing movie, which could even be one of my favorite movies, but it wasn't what I got. In fact, the movie's script is TERRIBLE, the only thing that saves it from 4/10 is its photography and direction. The movie is very slow, I was even sleepy, and with some very questionable scenes, like the first kiss between Deckard and Rachel. Also, people have always talked about how impactful the final fight scene is, but I didn't think that scene was as amazing as they say. Anyway, I'm going to watch "Blade Runner 2049", which is the continuation of this universe, I hope I don't regret it either.
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