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Belly of the Beast (2003 Video)
A forgettable experience and yet another uninspiring effort from Steven Seagal.
5 June 2021
Belly of the Beast should be unofficially be known as Belly of the Seagal. Steven Seagal acts like he is in peak fitness running, fighting and shooting yet he is anything but that. It's just common knowledge now that Steven Seagal wears thick clothing to hide the fact that he now resembles an overweight slob.

The plot was forgettable. It was just a mish mash of mindless action and rubbish dialogue. I could say that I could have written a better plot for this movie, but I wouldn't even know where to start with my experience only extending past creative writing in school and a short course several years ago. And watching Steven Seagal fighting the bad guys is just laughable. No way could anyone take that seriously.

I'll admit I had lowered my expectations to avoid disappointment but now I just look at every DTV movie of his post 2002 and wonder why his career and appeal nosedived. Maybe the fact that a lot of people deemed him to be very difficult to work with due to his egotistical behaviour and mistreating fellow co stars and stuntmen. Former box office champions Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude Van Damme have successfully been able to make a comeback and resurrect their careers in recent years but you can forget about Steven Seagal. He's had every chance but his appeal has evaporated. He should consider retirement from acting and focus on other interests away from the camera.

Belly of the Beast was a forgettable experience and yet another uninspiring effort from Steven Seagal.

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Hero (2002)
Visually spectacular movie marred by fairly slow and uninteresting storyline.
2 May 2021
Hero was a movie critically acclaimed for its visually spectacular martial arts on screen. It took me over 19 years to watch Hero but when the opportunity finally came to check it out, I found the movie to be fairly disappointing. The story was fairly slow and full of air and overall uninteresting. I found it hard to follow what the movie was about and by the end I didn't care too much how the movie turned out, instead I was waiting on the movie to end.

I can't fault the fight sequences. They looked visually dazzling and was one of the few movies that didn't rely on blood and gore to make it more appealing.

I've always enjoyed watching Jet Li on screen. I enjoyed watching him in a lot of his old movies from Hong Kong and also when he came to the USA where he made his mark with movies such as Lethal Weapon 4 (1998), Romeo Must Die (2000), Kiss Of The Dragon (2001), Cradle 2 The Grave (2003), and The Expendables trilogy (2010, 2012 and 2014 respectively). Hero was meant to be one of his most famous movies, but despite how popular the movie is it just didn't hold my interest.

I'm sure I'll get plenty of people including friends who will think I'm mad as to why I'm not a fan of the movie. But to each their own.

Hero was a movie which turned out to be very overrated and disappointing.

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Blown Away (1994)
Inferior action thriller that has not aged well.
6 February 2021
I first watched Blown Away on VHS in 1995 and I was literally blown away at how exciting and thrilling the movie was. Fast forward to 2021, and the movie has not aged well over time. It was an inferior action thriller that was so unbearable and uninteresting that I didn't even bother finishing the movie.

Lieutenant Jimmy Dove (Jeff Bridges) is a member of the elite Bomb Squad with the Boston Police Department who has postponed his retirement when he finds himself on the trail of a serial bomber when bombs start popping up in Boston. The bomber turns out to be IRA terrorist Ryan Garrity (Tommy Lee Jones who undoubtedly has the worst Irish accent in movie history). Ryan Gaerity has escaped from an prison in Northern Ireland to settle a vendetta against Dove who is actually a former member of the IRA named Liam McGivney who is haunted by his past and is responsible for having Gaerity imprisoned following a horrific bombing. McGivney has changed his name to Dove and moves to Boston to leave his past behind and atone for his sins by defusing bombs and saving lives.

The plot was rubbish. There's so many plot holes the size of craters that look as if it was set off by a number of landmines. As if anyone would really believe that a former member of the IRA would take on a new identity and become a police officer. Anyway, it was one of the movies that expected you to suspend disbelief but it failed. The cliches didn't help the movie one bit either.

Stephen Hopkins who directed Predator 2 as well as several episodes of the TV series 24 was the right person to take the director's chair but wound up with an overcooked turkey. It probably didn't help the fact that the megahit Speed (1994) which was another movie involving a madman bomber was one of the biggest blockbusters of the year.

The rest of the cast includes Lloyd Bridges (Jeff Bridges' real life father), Suzy Amis, Forrest Whittaker, John Finn, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Ruben Santiago-Hudson.

I was very keen on revisiting Blown Away. As mentioned earlier in the review, after attempting to watch the movie I found my interest waning and I ended up stopping the movie. It was very disappointing that this movie has aged terribly. Instead of blowing me out of my seat like it did back in 1995, I found myself feeling dismayed and uninterested in my seat. It sucks, but it is what it is.

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Excellent documentary about the night stalker Richard Ramirez. Be warned that it contains graphic content.
19 January 2021
Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer helped me rediscover my interest in true crime stories since I was 16, especially about serial killers. I've heard about Richard Ramirez known as the Night Stalker before and although I've read about him, I've never known the full story. When Night Stalker was released on Netflix, I was immediately intrigued.

Night Stalker focused on the murders and sexual assaults that Richard Ramirez committed for over a year in Los Angeles in the mid 1980's. It was really horrific hearing about the details about the victims and the crimes that occurred. It felt like a real life horror movie was unfolding in the city as residents were terrified that this killer would strike again, and the police were working around the clock to find him.

The documentary also features interviews with Los Angeles County Sheriff Homicide detectives Gil Carrillo and Frank Salerno who were the main investigators as well as various reporters and journalists that covered the crimes committed by Richard Ramirez. The surviving victims and relatives of the murdered victims are also interviewed. Crime scene photos, news footage, and various videos are also shown.

Richard Ramirez was someone that epitomised true evil. It was a relief that he was finally arrested and convicted of 13 counts of murder, 5 accounts of murder, and many counts of rape and sexual assaults. He was given the death penalty where he sat on death row until he died of cancer in 2013.

Night Stalker contains graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers. It's certainly not for everyone.

Overall I thought it was an excellent documentary and I enjoyed it, despite finding some of the content a little unsettling at times. But I recommend it for those with an interest in true crime stories or anyone intrigued about serial killers.

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Started off great then just lost interest in the end.
12 January 2021
I thought History of Swear Words would be interesting considering the fact Nicolas Cage was hosting the Netflix series.

I'll admit that the series got off to a great start however things started to decline afterwards.

By the end I was losing interest as they were just stretching things as the novelty was wearing thin as they just seemed to have just run out of ideas.

I liked the guest interviewees and the "experts" that appeared on the show.

The only thing that saved it from a lower rating was the fact that Nicolas Cage made things entertaining.

You might find History of Swear Words interesting or you won't.

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GoldenEye (1995)
Pierce Brosnan strikes gold as he smoothly takes over the coveted role in one of the best movies in the James Bond series.
10 January 2021
GoldenEye marked Pierce Brosnan's debut in his first outing as James Bond. Full of non-stop action packed excitement from start to finish, GoldenEye would be one of the biggest box office hits of 1995 and would resurrect the James Bond franchise after being in limbo for several years following a number of legal issues. It would also spell the end of Timothy Dalton's brief stint as James Bond following The Living Daylights (1987) and Licence to Kill (1989).

When a powerful satellite electromagnetic weapons system known as "GoldenEye" is stolen, James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is assigned to stop a Russian crime syndicate known as Janus from using the weapon. Initially thought to be spearheaded by corrupt Soviet General Ourumov (Gottfried John) and deadly assassin and henchwoman Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), the real mastermind is former 00 agent Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean) having faked his death while on an infiltration mission with Bond on a chemical weapons facility in Russia 9 years ago. Aided by Russian computer programmer Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco), Bond must stop his former friend turned foe from using the satellite on London to cause a global financial disaster.

Pierce Brosnan smoothly takes over the coveted role as James Bond from Timothy Dalton and he proves to be as memorable as his previous predecessors. Sean Bean was terrific as rogue 00 agent Alec Trevelyan. I really liked Izabella Scorupco as the newest Bond girl. Famke Janssen was great fun to watch as the crazed henchwoman Xenia Onatopp. Director Martin Campbell did an amazing job bringing James Bond back to life on the big screen.

25 years on, GoldenEye is still an entertaining James Bond movie and certainly injected new life into the Bond franchise. Without a doubt, this was Pierce Brosnan's best Bond movie. And the Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye 007 based on the movie of the same name would become one of the biggest and best console games of all time.

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12 Monkeys (1995)
Still an excellent and clever science fiction thriller over 25 years later
10 January 2021
Terry Gilliam's science fiction thriller 12 Monkeys, based on the 1962 French short film La Jetée, is still an excellent movie over 25 years later. Bruce Willis leads a great cast including Madeleine Stowe and Brad Pitt in an amazing performance, with Christopher Plummer and David Morse in supporting roles.

The year is 2035 and the world has almost been decimated following a plague which has wiped out a majority of the human race and the survivors are now living underground while the animal population roams free above ground. Violent criminal James Cole (Bruce Willis) is selected by scientists while imprisoned as a "volunteer" to travel back in time from a post apocalyptic 2035 to 1996 to find out the origins of the virus and to prevent its release by the "Army of the 12 Monkeys".

Cole is accidentially transported back to 1990 where he finds himself imprisoned in a mental institution in Philadelphia where he meets Dr Kathryn Railly (Madeline Stowe) who senses that there is more to his backstory. Cole also meets fellow patient Jeffrey Goines (Brad Pitt in an Academy Award nominated performance) who is the mentally disturbed son of famous environmental scientist Dr Goines (Christopher Plummer). Cole returns to 2035 to report his findings and is again sent back in time to 1996 although once again he accidentially arrives in 1914 in the middle of a World War 1 battlefield. He finally lands in Philadelphia in 1996 where he finds Jeffrey Goines is part of a group of animal rights activists and the virus is still under threat of being released by scientists led by Dr Peters (David Morse). Cole also reunites with Railly who becomes an ally in his quest to stop the virus from spreading.

Bruce Willis gives the best performance of his career, not reverting to his heroic trademarks and quips in movies such as Die Hard and The Last Boy Scout, and instead portraying Cole as a simple, tragic and vulnerable character. Equally good is Madeline Stowe as Dr Railly who later becomes an ally to Cole. Brad Pitt steals every scene with an off-the-wall performance that earned him an well deserved Academy Award nomination.

12 Monkeys is an excellent and clever movie with a number of mind bending twists. A critical and commercial success at the box office, it is still held in high regard as one of the best science fiction movies of the 1990s.

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Steven Seagal does what he does best in this ultraviolent action cult classic
28 December 2020
After the success of Above the Law and Hard to Kill (1990), Steven Segal followed up with the ultraviolent action cult classic Marked For Death. 30 years on, the movie is still quite entertaining and Steven Seagal does what he does best.

Steven Seagal plays DEA agent John Hatcher who has turned in his resignation to go back to his home town to spend time with his family. After Hatcher is involved in a gunfight with a group of Jamaican gang members, the gang's leader Screwface (Basil Wallace) who is also a psychotic drug lord retaliates by targeting Hatcher's family in a drive by shooting that critically wounds his niece. Hatcher vows revenge against Screwface and the Jamaican gang in a hunt for vengeance across Chicago and Jamaica alongside his old friend from the Army turned high school football coach (Keith David).

Marked For Death is no cinematic masterpiece, but it's still an enjoyable movie. It is quite brutally violent and Steven Seagal gets down and dirty and does what he does best. Bad guys are shot, stabbed and beheaded as well as being on the receiving end of various punches, kicks, throws, broken bones and eye gouges. Basil Wallace is the typical psychopathic drug lord. Keith David does well as Segal's sidekick.

Director Dwight H. Little does a great job bringing a cult classic to life on the big screen. The story is straightforward and the action is entertaining.

Marked For Death certainly makes you miss the Steven Seagal of old, especially with the garbage he has appeared in over the past 20 years. Realistically, he has no chance of making a comeback as he continues to be stuck in the direct to DVD doldrums and his once athletic physique has ballooned to a ridiculous size. That aside, Marked For Death is still an entertaining movie that is one to watch from time to time.

Word of advice, look for the uncut version with the violence intact. It's a lot more enjoyable instead of the censored version.

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Overlong, overhyped, and overall a very disappointing experience.
28 December 2020
Following the delays due to COVID-19, I was really excited to see Wonder Woman 1984 eventually hit the cinemas. The trailer looked fantastic and it looked like it was going to be as good as the first movie which was one of the biggest blockbusters of 2017. Sadly, I felt it was a total cop out. Wonder Woman 1984 was overlong, overhyped and overall a disappointing experience.

Wonder Woman 1984 sees the return of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. I can't fault her at all, she was awesome. This time she find herself up against failing yet charismatic businessman Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) who has acquired a Dreamstone which was kept for safekeeping at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. by the FBI following a jewellery heist foiled by Wonder Woman. Max Lord wishes for success, fame and wealth but compromises all of his ethics to acquire more power at the cost of the world crumbling. Unbeknownst to Diana, she wishes for Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) to return from the dead following the events from the first movie in which he reappears. Also falling under the spell of the Dreamstone is socially awkward and insecure geologist Barbera Minerva (Kirsten Wiig) who longs to have the qualities of Diana Prince but finds herself using her newfound powers for all the wrong reasons.

As I said before, Gal Gadot is awesome as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and she was a delight on screen. It was good to see Chris Pine return as Steve Trevor. Pedro Pascal was good, yet very corny as Max Lord. Kirsten Wiig was wasted and it felt like there was no reason for her to turn into a villain.

The story had a lot of potential but it suffered under the first half of the movie which was unnecessarily slow, sapping the energy from the rest of the movie. The action was okay with some exciting moments few and far between. I'm not going to spoil the ending except to say it was a huge anti climax.

Director Patty Jenkins did her best but overall it didn't work.

At 151 minutes, Wonder Woman 1984 just passed the time. It could have been 20-30 minutes shorter. After the end of the movie I just felt very mixed about the experience. It could have been a lot more fun like the first movie, but it failed to live up to the hype and the movie was quite disappointing. Looks like Wonder Woman 1984 will be one of the biggest disappointments of 2020.

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RoboCop 2 (1990)
Not the same as the original but it's still great entertainment though it's a very underrated and unappreciated sequel.
28 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Peter Weller returns as the titular cyborg law enforcer in Robocop 2. I still enjoyed Robocop 2 and I thought it was great entertainment even though it couldn't reach the bar set by the first movie. Nancy Allen returns as Murphy's former partner Officer Anne Lewis. Irvin Kershner (The Empire Strikes Back) takes over the director's chair from Paul Verhoeven.

Robocop 2 sees Robocop/Alex Murphy battling Cain (Tom Noonan), a psychotic drug dealer with a Messiah complex who is distributing the highly addictive drug Nuke on the streets of Detroit (actually filmed in Houston, Texas). Not only is the new drug popular on the street, the city has descended into chaos to the point of lawlessness. The Detroit Police Department is on strike following the termination of their pension pland and cutting their salaries and crime rates are soaring (art imitating life in 2020). Ruthless conglomerate Omni Consumer Products (OCP) is close to a successful takeover of Detroit which is on verge of bankruptcy (art imitating life in 2013) to begin construction of Delta City. Detroit Mayor Kuzak (Willard E Pugh) is also being made the scapegoat for Detroit being heavily in debt.

Alongside Cain, his gang includes the foul mouthed 13 year old delinquent Hob (Gabriel Damon) and Cain's lover Angie (the late Gaylin Gorg).

OCP is also developing a project led by psychologist Dr Juliette Faxx (Belinda Bauer) to replace Robocop with a highly advanced cyborg that can think like a criminal. Though the OCP President (Dan O'Hurley) and Johnson (Felton Perry) are reluctant at first, Dr Faxx successfully convinces them that this project will be a success and she is given approval.

Cain is selected as a suitable candidate after being hospitalised and left on life support after coming off second best during a confrontation with Robocop after Robocop successfully rallies the striking police officers to raid Cain's hideout. A clash of the titans follows when Robocop battles Cain, now known as Robocop 2, a more powerful and advanced cyborg that is even more ruthless. There can only be one Robocop in Detroit and the crumbling city isn't big enough for the both of them.

Robocop 2 lacked the same spark from the 1987 original and the clever satire was sorely missed, but it's still great fun and it's still an underrated and underappreciated science fiction actioner. Robocop 2 was also an ultraviolent movie like the original movie. The cast was excellent, and without a doubt Peter Weller will always be remembered as Robocop. It was great to see Nancy Allen return as Anne Lewis. Dan O'Hurley as the Old Man and Felton Perry return as Johnson but both of them don't have the same conscience from the first movie instead are looking out for themselves and their own interests. Tom Noonan made a great villain as Cain/Robocop 2. Gabriel Damon stole every scene he was in as the foul mouthed 13 year old delinquent Hob.

Peter Weller wisely declined to return for Robocop 3. Unfortunately for the series, the third movie steered away from the ultraviolent, foul mouthed eye candy and turned it into a watered down, child friendly movie to appeal to the kids who were fans of the animated series. Such a shame that this decision brought on the demise of the series.

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Rocky IV (1985)
Pure 80's entertainment as the Rocky saga continues with the return of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa
28 November 2020
The Rocky saga continues as Sylvester Stallone returns as champion boxer Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV. Rocky IV might be a far cry from the original movie which won the 1976 Best Picture Academy Award with its paperthin plot, part 80's music video, and blatant patriotism but nonetheless is still great entertainment and one to enjoy.

Rocky is still riding high of the success of the world championship and is enjoying life with his wife Adrian (Talia Shire), Rocky's friend and Adrian's brother Paulie (Burt Young), and trainer and former adversary turned friend Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) has arrived from the Soviet Union along with his team of trainers and managers as well as his wife Ludmilla (Bridgette Neilson) to announce their intentions of entering professional boxing and promoting Drago's superior athleticism. Apollo Creed steps out of retirement to challenge Drago in an exhibition match in Las Vegas despite Rocky's misgivings. Things go tragically wrong when the former world champion underestimates the Soviet powerhouse as he ruthlessly receives a pummeling and is later killed when Drago lands a fatal blow. Drago emotionlessly responds, "If he dies, he dies", during his victory interview as Rocky cradles a bloodied Creed. Ridden with guilt for not throwing in the towel and enraged by Drago's lack of remorse, Rocky Balboa vows to avenge Creed's death with the help of Creed's former manager Duke (the late Tony Burton) by taking on Drago in an unsanctioned boxing match where Rocky surrenders the championship and the fight will take place in the Soviet Union on Christmas Day.

The events from Rocky IV would later form the backstory of Creed II (2018) where Apollo's son Adonis Creed takes on Ivan Drago's son Viktor Drago in the ring, and also sees the return of an embittered Ivan Drago.

Sylvester Stallone who also returns to the director's chair is still a delight as Rocky Balboa, the former underdog turned world champion and is also in peak physical condition too. Dolph Lundgren is memorable as Ivan Drago in his first movie role. Also returning to the sequel is Tahlia Shire as Adrian, Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed, Burt Young as Paulie and the late Tony Burton as Duke. Bridgette Neilson also stars as Drago's wife Ludmilla and James Brown appears as himself performing the song "Living in America" during the exhibition match as Apollo Creed makes his entrance.

It's a visual experience seeing Rocky Balboa go back to unconventional methods of training in a secluded village in the middle of the Siberian mountains by chopping down trees, lifting logs, running in the deep snow, carrying carts, and culminating in running up a mountain alongside Vince DiCola's inspirational soundtrack (who has replaced Bill Conti). Meanwhile, Ivan Drago receives state of the art training with advanced equipment recorded by computers, as well as and steroid injections to maintain his powerful strength.

Rocky IV was a big hit at the box office despite a mixed critical reception and was one of the highest grossing films of 1985. Its hard to believe that Rocky IV is now 35 years old. It's still a popular movie especially amongst Sylvester Stallone fans and fans of the Rocky saga. I still enjoy it, and it's certainly a welcome addition to the Rocky saga. It's also a movie that used to psych me up before a gym session or before a long run 10 years ago. That aside, forget all the negative criticisms and enjoy Rocky IV.

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Hoops (2020)
Hoops took the shot...and completely missed. The show just falls flat.
4 September 2020
I love crude humour. I also like animated shows aimed at adults like Archer which I still enjoy watching. Hoops actually looked funny and entertaining judging from the trailers. 5 minutes into episode one I was still waiting on something funny. It just completely fell flat.

Hoops relies on frequent profanity to make it funny. Didn't work at all. The crude humour is non existent. Nothing made me laugh at all.

Small town high school coach Ben Hopkins (voiced by Jake Johnson) is just a jerk beyond redemption. The team is full of hopeless misfits who are known for being the worst team, however Hopkins is determined to turn this team into champions.

Netflix meant well with this addition to its variety of shows. Hoops qas a complete miss.

I decided to give episode 2 a go but it doesn't look like the series improve.

Whether or not Hoops will be renewed for a second season is another matter for Netflix. But I really don't care.

Hoops just tried too hard to get in the big leagues but it completely missed. It's as bad as completely face planting on the basketball court. What a shame that this show was a disappointment.

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Workaholics (2011–2017)
I didn't care for it all all. Couldn't even finish the first episode.
17 May 2020
I saw that Workaholics was a popular show, but I don't care for it at all.

In my opinion, Workaholics is a poor man's version of The Office and The IT Crowd. I thought I'd give it a chance having come across it, but I couldn't even finish the first episode. The humour was just garbage.

I won't be bothering with this show, it was total garbage and very unappealing.

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Sit back and enjoy the fun
1 January 2020
When Jumanji was first released in 1995, it was a box office hit and was made even more memorable with the late Robin Williams as Alan Parrish. My Dad, my brother and I thought it was a classic when we first saw it in the cinemas. When Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was released in 2017, I had serious concerns that this was going to flop at the box office. I was proved wrong as I had an amazing time in the cinema. A sequel was inevitable so now we have Jumanji: The Next Level which was fun from start to finish.

The quartet from the previous movie return as Spencer (Alex Wolff), Fridge (Ser'Darius Blain), Bethany (Madison Iseman), and Martha (Morgan Turner) reunite over the holidays after having gone their separate ways. While Spencer stays at his mother's house, he also has to live with his grandfather Eddie (Danny DeVito). Bored one night, he inadvertently reactivates the game console and once again finds himself sucked into the Jumanji game. Upon learning of Spencer's situation, his friends reluctantly re enter the world of Jumanji to rescue him, and take on the characters from the previous game. The four characters of the game are the muscular Dr. Smolder Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson), Zoologist Franklin "Mouse" Finbar (Kevin Hart), Commando Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan), and Cartographer Dr. Shelly Oberon (Jack Black). This time, Spencer's Grandfather Eddie is Dr Bravestone and Eddie thinking he has died being in an unfamiliar world. Eddie's friend Milo (Danny Glover) has also found himself inadvertently sucked in also and finds himself in the role of Finbar. Bethany is overjoyed that she gets to play as Ruby Roundhouse, however Fridge is less than thrilled that he has taken on the role of Dr Oberon. Jumanji's guide Nigel (Rhys Darby) pops up to tell them about the new rules of Jumanji and what their main objective is. The quartet manage to find Spencer however he is now a female thief named Ming Fleetfoot (Awkwafina ). Left out of the game, Morgan enlists the help of Alex (Colin Hanks) who is now living a quiet life after being freed from the world of Jumanji having been imprisoned there for many years. Alex adopts his previous character Jefferson "Seaplane" McDonough (Nick Jonas) and Morgan is a horse named Cyclone who can only be understood by Finbar. The world of Jumanji is now taking place across the desert, the tropical jungle, and the snowcapped mountains. The team also find themselves against a new threat, this time an evil conqueror named Jurgen the Brutal (Rory McCann) who is also in possession of the Falcon Heart, a magical necklace which can end a massive drought that Jumanji is currently suffering under.

Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan pick up where they left off from the previous movie and they still do an awesome job. Even with the changes in their alter egos they are still a crack up and had the audience in the cinema laughing.

To sum up Jumanji: The Next Level in a word: fun. It's not the same as the first two sequels, but it's still fun. There was a few moments which stretched things a but thin, but I was having too much fun during the movie.

I don't know if there will be a fourth movie, but never say never. I just hope the novelty doesn't wear thin.

Sit back and enjoy the fun watching Jumanji: The Next Level. You won't be disappointed.

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Gotti (2018)
John Travolta is unberable as he overacts in this weak crime biography
7 December 2019
First of all, I've always liked John Travolta. We had so many household classics growing up such as Saturday Night Fever (1977), Grease (1978), Pulp Fiction (1994), Get Shorty (1995), Broken Arrow (1996), Phenomenon (1996), Michael (1996), and Face/Off (1997). Battlefield Earth (2000) was unanimously his worst movie ever. Gotti has the dishonour of earning a spot on his list of crap movies. It also earns a spot on the list of the worst movies that I have had the misfortune to watch.

Gotti focuses on mob boss John Gotti (John Travolta in the titular role) and his relationship with his son John Jr (Spencer Lofranco). As John Gotti rises through the ranks to become the head of the Gambino Family, his son follows his footsteps in the life of crime, something that he originally vowed never to involve his sons.

How bad is Gotti? John Travolta overacts and acts like a try hard version of any titular mafia character throughout the whole movie. The dialogue, killings, and storyline is all too clichéd and every scene is definitely nothing you haven't seen or heard before. The entire execution of the movie is just weak.

I feel sorry for John Travolta. He's always been a cool dude, but he's way past it. He certainly hasn't done himself any favours with this terrible effort as he continues to be stuck at rock bottom with yet another dismal film. As I said before, he overacts in his role as John Gotti. He just wasn't suited to the role and I found myself cringing at how unbearable he was. I could not even poke any fun at him.

Kevin Connolly who is well known for his role as Eric Murphy aka "E" from Entourage, has taken the director's chair for this movie. He was not a suitable choice as director and it has been reflected throughout the movie. Overall it was an amateur effort.

Gotti might have been a feared crime boss in real life but everything about this movie was just weak. John Travolta was just as bad, he couldn't even redeem any part of the movie. It was an unbearable experience and this would have to have been one of the worst movies of 2018. No wonder this movie was met with poor reviews.

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Joker (2019)
Joaquin Phoenix's incredibly chilling performance as a standalone version of The Joker
8 October 2019
Joker was one of the most anticipated movies of the year and it certainly lived up to all the hype. Although the movie starts off slow, once the ball gets rolling it gets better and better. In a word, the movie was incredible. Joaquin Phoenix was amazing as Arthur Fleck who slowly descends into madness as he adopts his alter ego Joker.

Set in Gotham City in 1981, Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) works as a clown who is barely clinging onto his day job. Arthur suffers from a neurological condition that causes him to laugh at inappropriate times and is also seeing a psychologist who encourages him to keep a journal as well as prescribing him medication for his mental illness. Arthur also lives with his ailing and mentally ill mother Penny (Frances Conroy) in a downtrodden apartment. Arthur also aspires to become a stand up comedian which attracts the attention of talk show host Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro) of whom Arthur idolises. After several events which contributes to Arthur's self destruction and descent into madness, Arthur adopts his alter ego Joker and blazes a trail of murder, chaos and delusional behaviour.

Although Joker is set in the DC Comics universe, Joker does well as a standalone movie going back to the beginning and director Todd Phillips (The Hangover) is handed the creative reigns to do whatever he wanted with the infamous character in an alternate world that completely detaches itself from the Batman series.

Joaquin Phoenix was amazing and I'm tipping that he will be netting several awards for his performance. Putting aside the previous performances of Joker in the past, Joaquin Phoenix earns himself a spot amongst elite company alongside Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Cesar Romero and Jared Leto who have portrayed the Joker in past movies and TV shows.

Robert De Niro is excellent as TV show host Murray Franklin of whom Arthur Fleck idolises. Robert De Niro's character pays homage to his character in The King of Comedy (1983).

Zazie Beetz (Deadpool) does a great job as Arthur's sympathetic neighbour of whom he befriends.

Frances Conroy does well as Arthur's ailing mother who is also suffering a mental illness that may have been passed onto her troubled son.

Many themes the movie explores include mental illness which is a major focus point throughout the movie as well as bullying, dealing with traumatic events, abuse, neglect, and failings of the government including unemployment, rising crime rates, and the broken medical system which take place in an alternate Gotham City.

Joker also paid homage to the classic movie Taxi Driver (1976) also starring Robert De Niro who played the troubled anti-hero Travis Bickle who too, descended into self destructive behaviour, similar to Arthur Fleck's Joker.

Intense, violent, shockingly realistic, and a chilling performance from Joaquin Phoenix left me lost for words long after the end credits rolled as I left the cinema. Joker was an amazing film and I can safely say that it is one of the best films of 2019.

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Enjoyable action thriller and Denzel Washington is awesome to watch
19 July 2018
Following the blockbusting success of The Equalizer back in 2014, we see the return of Denzel Washington as Robert McCall in The Equalizer II. Antoine Fuqua also returns to the director's chair as well. Denzel Washington has enjoyed a stellar career (Training Day is my personal favourite movie of his) and The Equalizer II has the distinction of being the first sequel that Denzel has appeared in. While I had an enjoyable time in the cinema, the first movie is definitely superior.

Retired CIA Agent Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) continues to live the quiet life as a Lyft driver in Boston but also works secretly as a vigilante by setting out to right the wrongs in society by unleashing swift justice to the perpetrators and protecting the victims. Robert McCall finds himself returning to his old life when his best friend Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) is murdered by thugs under mysterious circumstances after she starts to uncover a secret conspiracy involving the deaths of other agents at the hands of highly trained assassins. McCall also reunites with a former friend Dave York (Pedro Pascal) with whom he worked with years ago.

Watching Denzel Washington return to his role as Robert McCall was definitely the main reason why I enjoyed the movie. In the first movie, you saw an everyday man go about his business and there was an air of mystery about his lethal skills and abilities. I also found myself quietly cheering during the climatic action scenes. The storyline was cleverly done and it was still great fun to see McCall take down the bad guys. One slight disappointment was that I felt like some of the action scenes were a bit overblown which slightly tarnished the movie. That aside, I was glued to my seat throughout the whole movie and there was no way that I was going to dismiss this as just another sequel. The ending also opens the door for a third movie.

If you are a fan of Denzel Washington and you liked the first movie, sit back and have a great time watching Denzel in action.

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Deadpool 2 (2018)
Deadpool returns and exceeds all expectations
20 May 2018
Deadpool was always going to be hard to top however the sequel excels all expectations. Everything is turned up full volume from the crude humour, the blood and gore, the action, and further character development. This had to be the first time that I have laughed so hard in the cinema.

Deadpool/Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) returns and we pick up where we left off from the first movie where he dispatches bad guys and lets fly with crude and witty one liners. Wade is also living the seemingly perfect life with his love interest Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) along with his fellow friends the hapless taxi driver Dopinder (Karan Soni), bartender Weasel (T.J. Miller) and Wade's neighbour Blind Al (Leslie Uggams). Deadpool finds himself teaming with an unlikely group of superheroes including Domino (Zazie Beetz) to go up against the brutal and ruthless mutant Cable (Josh Brolin who is a standout and this is one of his most memorable roles) who has travelled back in time to kill the unstable young mutant Russell Collins (Julian Dennison). Deadpool also reunites with fellow rogue allies including Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand).

If you liked the first movie, I don't need to say that you'll have a blast with the sequel. Ryan Reynolds is a perfect fit as Deadpool/Wade Wilson. Josh Brolin as Cable was amazing, and his dedication to the time spent in the gym was well worth it. The rest of the supporting cast were awesome as well. Keep an eye out for a number of blink and you'll miss it cameos as well as some small roles that pop up.

Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Ryan Reynolds have done an amazing job as writers for the sequel and everything has perfectly fallen into place. Everything just works and the everyone in the cinema thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

David Leitch (John Wick) takes the director's chair from Tim Miller and he has done a fine job here.

One does not simply leave a Marvel movie during the end credits, so do yourself a favour and stay right until the end credits. I'm not going to share any spoilers, but I strongly suggest you don't leave the cinema early.

I was looking forward to seeing the sequel and today upon watching the sequel I walked out of the cinema very happy with a huge smile on my face. You'll have an awesome time. I guarantee it.

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Amazing Fun
4 January 2018
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was an amazingly fun movie from start to finish. I honestly thought that it wasn't going to hold a candle to the 1995 classic with Robin Williams and that it was going to crash and burn at the box office. How wrong I was. I had a great time, and there were plenty of laughs. This movie fits perfectly into the modern day era with a lot of updated aspects of the story as well as a completely new cast.

The movie starts off with in 1996, when teenager Alex (Mason Guccione) is given the Jumanji board game after his father discovers it on a beach following the events of the previous movie where it was dropped into a river. Alex is originally uninterested with the game however once he finds that it has transformed into a video game cartridge, he starts to play it. Alex then disappears and is never seen again. Fast forward to 2017 where teenagers Spencer (Alex Wolff), Fridge (Ser'Darius Blain), Bethany (Madison Iseman), and Martha (Morgan Turner) are unceremoniously given detention and their principal orders them to clean out a storage area at the school as punishment. Upon discovering the same video game cartridge, the four teenagers start to play the game and find themselves sucked into the world of Jumanji. To their horror, the teenagers find themselves as the four characters they picked to play the game. Spencer is the muscular explorer Dr. Smolder Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson), Fridge is the short zoologist Franklin "Mouse" Finbar (Kevin Hart), Martha is the lethal commando Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan), and Bethany is the overweight cartographer Dr. Shelly Oberon (Jack Black). The four characters are polar opposites to the teenagers. Spencer is a weak willed nerd who is academically clever, Fridge is the tall football jock who shows no interest in school, Bethany is beautiful but very self centered, and Martha is socially awkward. As their four respective characters, they learn from their guide Nigel (Rhys Darby) that to survive the world of Jumanji they must band together to complete the game. They also have to battle the possessed evil explorer Russel Van Pelt (Bobby Cannavale).

You couldn't have picked a diverse cast with Dwayne Johnson (San Andreas), Jack Black (Tropic Thunder), Kevin Hart (Ride Along) and Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy). All four are awesome in their respective roles and fit into the movie perfectly. Rhys Darby (Flight of the Concords) does a good job in his small role as the guide Nigel. I still think of Jonathan Hyde's Van Pelt from the original Jumanji movie however Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire) takes up a different version of Van Pelt in this movie and runs with it.

As I said at the start, I didn't have much faith in this movie after being indifferent to Jumanji being resurrected. I didn't think much of the original trailer either. After rewatching the original movie which I have loved since I was 12 years old, I came across the trailer to the new movie and decided to give it a second go. I was completely wrong in thinking that this was going to be a box office failure. I was in absolute surprise to see how fun this movie was going to be. And it was absolutely fun from start to finish.

If you liked the original Jumanji, you will not be disappointed. If you haven't seen the original Jumanji, still watch it. If you seek adventure, I guarantee you will have an amazing time. Sit back and have a blast.

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Logan (2017)
We bid farwell to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine
10 December 2017
I'm still coming to terms with the fact that the curtains have drawn on Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. We loved him as he sliced his way onto the big screen with X-Men (2000). We all loved him in many of the X-Men movies throughout the past 17 years, no matter how good or bad the movie was. Truth be told, I lost interest in the X-Men series following the disappointing X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). I hadn't seen any of the movies since until I decided to give Logan a chance while on a long distance flight back home.

Logan departs from the usual entertaining fanfare and draws us into a bleak, depressing and violent 2029 in where Logan (Hugh Jackman) is a far cry from his days as the agile warrior Wolverine. His abilities to rapidly heal has weakened, he is broken and vulnerable, he has aged, he is now an alcoholic, and he spends his days as a limo driver to make a living. Along with albino mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant), Logan is also caring for the critically ill Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) who is relying on medication to keep his destructive seizures under control. Logan finds himself being a reluctant protector to Laura (Dafne Keen), a child that has been created as a mutant superweapon by biotechnology corporation Alkali-Transigen. Laura is pursued by head of security Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) who wants to retrieve the child at all costs. Logan finds himself being drawn back to his old life that he left behind as he finds himself fighting for his life albeit with his diminished superpowers.

Hugh Jackman has had a magnificent run as his most memorable character Wolverine. Logan was the perfect movie for his character to end on a high note.

Unlike all of the movies in the X-Men series, Logan is DEFINITELY not for younger audiences. It's brutally violent, it's intense, it's very emotional, and there is frequent use of the f-word. You also feel that the characters, particularly Logan/Wolverine and Charles Xavier/Professor X, are no longer the heroes they were and are more vulnerable and weakened in a bleak and dystopian world.

James Mangold did a terrific job as a director. This is one of his most memorable movies that he has done.

Logan was an excellent movie, and also renewed my faith in the X-Men series. I'm sad to bid farewell to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. But should there be another movie in the X-Men series which brings back Wolverine, I'm sure the next actor will do well donning the superclaws.

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Red Planet (2000)
Abort the mission. Red Planet was just a pointless and forgettable experience.
28 November 2017
Red Planet is best described as a disaster. The movie could have been a moderate success, but the end result was just a pointless and boring journey from start to finish. When you have a cast featuring the likes of Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tom Sizemore, Simon Baker, Benjamin Bratt and Terence Stamp, there would be a chance that this could be watchable. Nope. Not even close. Even the cast could not redeem this poorly unoriginal science fiction movie.

Red Planet centers on a group of astronauts tasked to conduct research on the colonization of Mars in order to save the human race on Earth which is slowly dying. The diverse but equally talented and intelligent group of astronauts include Robby Gallagher (Val Kilmer, Batman Forever), Kate Bowman (Carrie-Anne Moss, The Matrix) Ted Santen (Benjamin Bratt, Law and Order), Chip Pettengill (Simon Baker, The Mentallist) and Bud Chantillas (Terence Stamp, Superman II), as well a military robot named "AMEE" (Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion) which has been brought along to guide them through Mars which was a clichéd version of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). As you guessed it, the mission goes awry when they crash land and they find themselves stranded and fighting for survival. How predictable and unoriginal.

Val Kilmer has seen better days and Red Planet was something that he would rather forget. Carrie-Anne Moss was riding high after the success of the mega-blockbuster The Matrix (1999) and this would not have helped her career. Tom Sizemore is more suited to tough guy roles and he looked out of place here. Benjamin Bratt and Simon Baker were just typecast and their characters didn't have anything going for them. Terence Stamp has always been reliable in a majority of his movies, and I strongly felt that he was not at fault here.

Red Planet was just boring and uninteresting from start to finish. It could have become interesting or even improve, but the movie just blew every chance. You could be forgiven for thinking that this was another rip off of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) with the similar plot and the artificial robot. Regardless, the end result is poor, and it had nothing going for it. It doesn't even hold a candle to Stanley Kubrick's classic. The ending, while merciful, was also pathetic and it was just tacked on as a band aid solution to finish off the movie.

Red Planet was a box office flop that received many dismal reviews from critics and audiences alike. It also cemented a spot as one of the worst movies of 2000. Everything about it was dismal. And not even the cast could redeem the movie. While it didn't put me to sleep, I just couldn't wait for the movie to finish.

Save your time and don't waste your money. Red Planet was certainly a forgettable experience.

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An overlong and slow paced disappointment.
24 November 2017
I liked Blade Runner (both the original 1982 version and the Director's Cut). It was atmospheric, visually dazzling, and the story kept me engaged throughout. Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard was also someone that you liked and you cared about, as well as the rest of the supporting cast. It goes with out saying that Rutger Hauer's Batty was a villain that keep you intrigued and engaged throughout the entire movie. Blade Runner 2049 had some question marks over it as to whether it was going to be well worth the wait 35 years later. The early teaser trailer looked very promising with a brief throwback to the 1982 classic. Upon seeing Blade Runner 2049, I left the cinema very disappointed upon seeing the end result to a long awaited sequel to be very ordinary.

Blade Runner 2049 now takes place 30 years later after the original events which centers on the new protagonist LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling) who is also a blade runner tasked to hunt down and task replicants. He is drawn into an investigation following the discovery of the remains of a female replicant. K's superior Lieutant Joshi (Robin Wright) orders to have the evidence destroyed for fear of another war which could see to the end of human civilisation. K's investigation leads him to the Wallace Corporation led by CEO Niander Wallace (Jared Leto) who tasks his chief enforcer Luv (Sylvia Hoeks) to eliminate what's left of the remains as well as anyone involved in the investigation. K finds himself enlisting the help of former Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) who had been living in seclusion for 30 years.

Ryan Gosling has always been a likable actor and I couldn't fault him as Officer K. Jared Leto looks like he is stuck on the bench as the main villain Wallace. Jared Leto looked like he had that fearful presence about him in the trailers and he could have been used A LOT more. Instead he is just reduced to rambling monologues. The rest of the supporting cast including Robin Wright, Sylvia Hoeks, Dave Battista, Mackenzie Davis, Ana de Armas, Carla Juri, and Lennie James do their best with what they have although some of the characters are nothing more than time fillers. Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard should have been left out of the movie altogether. I liked his character in the 1982 classic and he was very charismatic and heroic. Fans of Harrison Ford will agree that Rick Deckard was one of his very memorable roles throughout his career, right up there with Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan. Even though he is second billed and heavily promoted for the movie, he only appears in the last half hour. As he is 75, time is against him and he is not the nimble and agile star that he was in his prime. Even Clint Eastwood took several steps back and stopped all the action scenes and stuck with a lot of dramatic movies as well as sitting in the director's chair. I strongly felt that Harrison Ford is way too old to be doing action scenes that he could still be capable of doing 20 years ago. He definitely had it with Air Force One (1997) and he was pushing things with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). In Blade Runner 2049, he looked tired, weary and past his prime. I didn't need any more convincing that he was capable of kicking any butt and he looked as if he was ready to call it a day.

Director Denis Villeneuve takes the director's chair from original director Ridley Scott. He might be a quality director given his critically acclaimed Sicario (2015) but his vision of Blade Runner 2049 is nothing like the 1982 classic, resulting in a slowly paced and dull science fiction movie. Dennis Villeneuve should have had his editor trim down 30 minutes of unnecessary details and time fillers which has contributed to the slow pacing of this overlong movie and have the story tightened up a lot more. He should have beefed up the story and the dialogue a lot more. The original's action scenes were more thrilling, but here they are as effective as a blunt knife failing to cut through a bread roll.

Writers Hampton Fancher (who was one of the writers of the original) and Michael Green have let the best of a good opportunity slip right through their fingers. Their end result could have looked a lot better on paper but they are half the reason why this movie did not work.

Blade Runner 2049 was always going to be a hard act to follow from the 1982 classic, but I was very disappointed how it turned out to be overlong and very slow paced. It should have been wound a lot tighter, and the story should have been a lot more engaging. The action should have kept me at the edge of the seat, but it was anything but that. In fact, I felt indifferent and that the Blade Runner universe should have been left alone. At one stage, I dozed off somewhere in the middle of the movie. The only reason I stuck at it was to see how it turned out. If I viewed this at home, I would have fast forwarded through the slow parts. Even the Blade Runner game which was released on PC in 1997 was a million miles better. It stuck with the Los Angeles 2019 setting and despite its non-linear plot, I loved the game and I was amazed that the makers of the game did an excellent job recreating the universe of the 1982 classic.

Blade Runner 2049 was one of the most disappointing movies of 2017. It should have been a lot better.

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Sudden Impact (1983)
Go ahead, make my day.
1 October 2017
Clint Eastwood returns as Inspector Harry Callahan for the fourth time in Sudden Impact. You know what to expect when you see Harry Callahan return. It's no surprise that he does what he does best, dishing out his own unorthodox brand of justice with his Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum. Regardless, it's always great to see Clint Eastwood light up the screen as Harry Callahan and the series has always been a pleasure to watch. The Dirty Harry series has a reputation for being violent, but Sudden Impact is noticeably darker than the previous movies with some unsettling moments.

SFPD Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) yet again finds himself in hot water with his superiors, judges, the media and the mayor for breaking rules and police procedures which sees various criminals walk free from court, a crime boss suffering a heart attack, and it's also no surprise that Inspector Callahan finds himself to be a target for retribution. His superiors including Captain Briggs (Bradford Dillman who appeared as Captain McKay in The Enforcer) and Lieutenant Donnelly (Michael Currie) decide that enough is enough and assign Callahan to a sleepy coastal town named San Paulo to follow up on a homicide investigation in which a man is found shot in the groin and head in his own car. San Paolo Police Chief Lester Jannings (Pat Hingle) is far from impressed having Callahan in his town, seeing him as nothing more than a big city hotshot who has no place in his town. When further killings occur, it is revealed that the person responsible for the deaths is Jennifer Spencer (Sondra Locke). Spencer is seeking revenge against the rapists responsible for the rape of her and her sister years ago which left her sister in a vegetative state. The rapists which include Mick (Paul Drake) and Ray Parkins (Audrie J. Neenan) find out that they are being targeted for the rape that occurred years ago and seek to track down the secret vigilante before they are next. Callahan must also find the link as to who is behind the killings and why they are occurring.

It's always a pleasure to see Clint Eastwood return as his iconic character "Dirty" Harry Callahan, who although may be older but stands firm with his unorthodox ways of dealing with criminals his way. Clint Eastwood also sits in the director's chair for the only time in the Dirty Harry series. Sondra Locke (who was CLint Eastwood's partner at the time) does well as the embittered rape victim Jennifer Spencer who has vowed revenge against her rapists. We also see the return of Bradford Dillman (albeit a different character) and Albert Popwell returns for the fourth time in the Dirty Harry series as Callahan's friend Horace King. This time, Popwell plays a good guy after playing the ill fated bank robber in Dirty Harry (1971), a pimp in Magnum Force (1973), and a revolutionary leader in The Enforcer (1976).

Sudden Impact also introduces the now iconic line "Go ahead, make my day". This occurred in a stand off between Callahan and a robber, daring him to shoot his hostage. The catchphrase meant that if the hostage died, the robber would be next as Callahan would be more than happy to take him down.

Sudden Impact is a welcome addition to the Dirty Harry series, and well worth watching Clint Eastwood return as his iconic character.

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Rocky III (1982)
Rocky loses and regains the eye of the tiger in this fun sequel.
9 September 2017
Following the triumphant ending of Rocky II, Sylvester Stallone returns to his iconic role as Rocky Balboa as well as returning to the director's chair.

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is riding high after winning the world title championship. He has established himself as the #1 boxer, he is now wealthy, his family life is going great with his wife Adrian (Talia Shire), and he is also making numerous celebrity appearances on television, magazine covers, and product endorsements. Rocky is also immortalised with a statue on the top of the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rocky is feeling content with life right now. That all changes when Clubber Lang (Mr T) challenges him to the world title championship. The title defence goes horribly wrong when Rocky is dominated by the younger and stronger Clubber Lang and as a result, Clubber Lang wins the world title championship. Rocky's longtime trainer Mickey (Burgess Meredith) also dies following a heart attack. Rocky loses all confidence as well as believing in himself. Rocky's former nemesis Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) offers to train Rocky to help him regain the eye of the tiger as well as to help him dig out of the deep depression that Rocky has sunk into. Despite a shaky start, Rocky rekindles his passion for boxing, and in the process Rocky and Apollo become firm friends as Rocky strives to take back his title from Clubber Lang.

Sylvester Stallone continues to go strong as Rocky Balboa and he does no wrong as a director. Talia Shire, Burt Young, Burgess Meredith and Carl Weathers return in their respective roles. Mr T is very memorable as the ferocious Clubber Lang. Mr T is well liked thanks to his role as B.A. Baracus in The A Team, as well as garnering a reputation as a role model for young children. This time, his role as Clubber Lang is one that is very easy to dislike and everyone just want to see him taken down.

Survivor's Eye of the Tiger was the main theme of Rocky III and not only was a smash him in the 1982 charts, it is still a very popular song for all fitness fanatics 35 years later.

It comes as no surprise that it was a box office hit in 1982, and also popular amongst critics and audiences alike. Rocky III is a fun sequel and a worthy addition in the Rocky Balboa saga, and it still possesses the eye of the tiger.

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Well worth the time picking up where we left off from the original mini series.
7 August 2017
Blue Murder: Killer Cop picks up where we left off from the hard hitting mini series that debuted in 1995. The original series ended which saw Detective Sergeant Roger Rogerson (Richard Roxborough) being dismissed from the NSW Police Force in disgrace, and Arthur "Neddy" Smith (Tony Martin) arrested.

Richard Roxborough reprises his role as Roger Rogerson (now older) and the various events from the late 1980's which saw him mixing with various criminal elements, doing time in prison, finding various jobs here and there such as scaffolding, and to more recently which saw him jailed for life for the 2014 murder of Jamie Gao.

Richard Roxborough's portrayal of Roger Rogerson is still excellent, but by far and away his performance in the 1995 mini series is still the most memorable.

The rest of the supporting cast featuring an array of Australian actors include Toni Collette (Muriel's Wedding), Matt Nable (Arrow), Emma Booth (Underbelly: The Golden Mile), Damian Walshe-Howling (Blue Heelers), Dan Wyllie (Chopper), Justin Smith (Howzat! Kerry Packer's War), Aaron Jeffrey (McLeod's Daughters), Steve Le Marquand (Beneath Hill 60), Aaron Pedersen (Water Rats), Peter Phelps (Stingers), and Tony Martin (reprising his role as Neddy Smith from Blue Murder).

Even through Blue Murder is still one of the best Australian mini series, Blue Murder: Killer Cop is still well worth the time.

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