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The Lion King (2019)
Thought it'd be good. It was GREAT!
21 July 2019
I was excited to see this movie ever since the trailer came out. I believe it did justice for the original animated movie. The visuals are absolutely stunning and the musical numbers were very enjoyable. Phenomenal score that moved me to tears. Great casting too. I didn't even mind Beyonce voicing Nala, as her voice is so distinctive. The only song that I wasn't impressed by was Can You Feel The Love Tonight? I thought the original movie portrayed the emotion of that song much better, though I still didn't mind it. Overall, I was extremely impressed with this movie and would definitely recommend it! Oscar worthy
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Interesting outsider perspective, but not as sad as other Holocaust movies
15 March 2016
I heard many people say this movie was a "tear-jerker," but I must disagree. As a Jew, I have seen my fair share of Holocaust movies and I felt that this movie paled in comparison to the emotions evoked in other movies. Maybe its because its not the harshest and grittiest display of the reality of the horrors that were part of the Holocaust.

I do, however, like that this story is about an outside perspective. This is just my opinion and I can respect this film for bringing any bit of awareness to people who haven't watched or heard other stories and portrayals of this specific time period.

I would have preferred if they hired German-speaking actors with an authentic accent but speaking English (for the sake of the audience).
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Safe Haven (I) (2013)
Amazing story
19 January 2015
I watched Safe Haven knowing that Nicholas Sparks wrote the story, and not having read the book. This movie completely exceeded my expectations. As I write this, the tears are drying on my face. I believed the chemistry was there with the actors and the romance had a good build-up (not rushed). I like that the story was easy to follow. The actions scenes were well-directed and realistic. I like how the story incorporates action, suspense, drama, and romance, all in one. What really moved (shocked) me was the ending. It was so beautiful and I just started bawling. It was so moving. As a whole, I really enjoyed this movie.
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10 December 2014
This movie sounded interested, so I decided to watch it. I heard it would be disturbing but I couldn't even expect the extent as to how disturbing it actually was. Many scenes were shocking, and for me, at least three scenes had me very freaked out and were difficult to sit through. The character John, brought out a lot of fear in me. He was certainly one of the must cruel movie characters I have seen.

I don't know if I liked or disliked the movie. I thought that several parts of the story were quite confusing, and I wish I could find a full synopsis of all the details and relationships within the story. Besides that, the cinematography was great. Overall, the movie was very unsettling.
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Proxy (I) (2013)
Pleased with this movie
2 December 2014
I watched this movie because I had a feeling I knew what it was about, just by the title. I am fascinated with the background stories of people's lives and what drives them to act how they do.

I didn't know what to expect with this movie, but overall, I thought it was very well made and intriguing. I liked that it was unpredictable, and even though some scenes were very slow paced, they added to the suspense and wonder about what would happen next. The music was fitting to the story and perfectly eerie. I liked the acting and direction. The cinematography was also impressive. The story was not hard to follow, but at the same time, mysterious.
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The Conjuring (2013)
Exceeded my expectations
28 July 2013
I typically do not enjoy horror movies these days. They are overdone with shock factor values and not enough content. The Conjuring exceeded my expectations in a good way. The acting was well done and I liked the use of the eerie music and the fact that it was not overpowering.

I found it to have a good pace and I was able to keep up without getting confused but at the same time, not doze off.

Very nice cinematography and the effects were good for the most part. My only thing I felt could be laughable to some were the few times where some characters seemed to be "flying" around the screen. Other than that I really enjoyed this movie.
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