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The Dick Cavett Show: Bette Davis (1971)
Season 6, Episode 40
One of the Best Interviews of Bette Davis
28 August 2007
Dick Cavett cut to the chase interviewing the 63yo Bette Davis. With a colorful 'flower power' transition screen to break between commercials and his interview, Cavett asks Davis extremely personal questions. Unashamed of her life and usually quite direct and forthcoming, Bette Davis responded to Cavett's question, "How did you loose your virginity?" His question itself had the live audience on the floor rolling with laughter. Davis's answer (after a commercial break of course) . . . is classic, the truth, and reveals her sexosophy on life.

Cavett's interview reveals much more detail about Davis's career life experiences than any of the biopics about her (such as "Stardust"). Davis recalls so much with keen insight to the politics of show business. I can watch this interview repeatedly and find new morsels of genuine Davis being a down to Earth as a human gets. To know her from this interview is surely to fall in love with her. It's incredible to learn how she worked the show business system in order to invent one of the most brilliant acting careers of the 20th century. To imagine that she began at the age of 15 and was a star by 25 years old makes a head spin.

Cavett's interview helps Davis convey that becoming a great actress early one wasn't as difficult as remaining a great actress with the best scripts for the long haul of her lifetime. The Queen of the Screen has quite a sense of humor, as is evident throughout this show. Watch and thoroughly enjoy!
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Laugh-In: Episode #1.6 (1978)
Season 1, Episode 6
Bette Davis guest for Robin Wiilams' Debut
17 August 2007
No pressure! Having Bette Davis watching on as Robin Williams is making his debut . . . an honor in fact. The Dramatic Queen of the Screen must have recognized she was indoctrinating the Comedy Queen who has an enormous talent. Of course, Robin Williams has proved himself to be much more than a comedian. I like to believe that Bette Davis has something to do with his ability to take the lead in serious dramas such as "Insomnia," "One Hour Photo," "Night Listener," "Dead Poet's Society," "The Fisher King," and probably his finest dramatic performance to date, "Good Will Hunting." I'd call this episode a classic.
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