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The Undoing (2020)
I liked the ending-spoilers
1 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry for my English, I come from non english speaking country.

When someone looks guilty-he/she frequently is. I liked the is simple, obvious but in life it often is. The series shows how we often try to find complex answers and put things on a higher lever, when they are often more simple. I agree that many things were not explained, but I dont mind thar so much. The feeling of unsertainty and swiching to another suspect in every episode was interestig journey for me. Im surprised when I see so many dissapointed reviews. What did you want-Henry to be a killer? I think Johnatan being the murderer is somehow unexpected, he was in some way the only one we didnt suspect from episode 2.

What I like the most about the author of the series in capability to creat such atmosphere of hollowness in wealthy and perfect life. From the episode 1, we see the perfect family, but somehing is off...we can feel it.

I dont know...for me the series is good. Not the best I saw, but still pretty good. The cast is also amazing, and so is camera, light, music(so and so), editing...

I would recommend it, definitelly
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Cyrus (I) (2010)
This is not a comedy
28 February 2018
There is no funny scenes . The film is not bad, but advertising is as a comedy makes it worse than it is.
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This film is shallow lie and it's embarrassing 'cause it has been shown on international festivals
16 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I saw Stefan Arsenijevic short movies,and I really liked them all,he seemed like a extraordinary talented director,and I couldn't wait to see his new movie -Love and other crimes-. Bur right from beginning,I was feeling embarrassed cause I'm sitting and watching that on a big screen. These are the reasons:

-Screenplay is really lame,situations that are happening are not understandable(especially that thing with song-b e s a m e m u c h o--disaster).And biggest mistake is -screenplay looks like it should point to some real problems in Belgrade,and it's completely untrue.I mean,it looks like it refers to reality and it's not.Loan sharks and crimes like that in 2008?! It's like when Americans make movie about war in Bosnia... Characters are insufficiently elaborated ,their relationships are pathetic and shallow,and not logical.Like he was shooting without a script,and solved problems by adding characters and dialogs just like that. I cannot say anything about actors,they are all good,Stefan also made a lot of good camera cadres of New Belgrade and also cadres are generally beautiful,but whole movie is not good,I really ask myself-WHAT happened to Serbian movie,we had really good screenplays in our past,why are intelligent people like Stefan exploiting these subjects in so shallow and stupid way?

I would not go to see his next movie
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Balkan Spy (1984)
We are really proud to have this movie
16 March 2009
A lot of lame movies these days are going to international film festivals,we all are asking ourselves what happened to Serbian movie,and this film is reminder that we once had a good directors and for NO.! good screenplays! Movie is intelligent and funny ,like Dusan Kovacevic's work always is. He mocks the regime and at the same time works with really serious subjects and ask serious questions .. I would recommend this movie to anyone . Ilija Cvorovic is a man in his middle age.One day he gets a phone call from the police.He is called to be examined about his neighbor and subtenant . He is afraid of what will the police ask him.But they don't ask him much,they just want to know who is he ,because he just came from France. After that conversation Ilija begin to imagine things ,he thinks that his subtenant is a spy and that kind of thinking led to lot of funny scenes...
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