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splendid performance, hard to find
23 February 2006
This is an extraordinary performance by a wonderful writer and actor in his own right. It is witty and warm, containing much consummately quotable material, and it will leave you with a warm smile. I have been unable to locate it on DVD Region 1, and in the UK it is not only Region 2, but PAL format, which, alas, won't play on most American players. You might be able to locate a VHS copy if your library has inter-library loan facilities. It's a great pity it is not more widely available, because it ranks right up their with Hal Holbrook doing Mark Twain, or Robert Morse doing Truman Capote. I am hopeful that an American DVD producer will pick up the rights to it. If you know anybody in the business, do prod them!
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American Playhouse: Tru (1992)
Season 12, Episode 1
where is the DVD ???
26 August 2004
This is an extraordinary show, beautifully written and acted, and a wonderful representation of the stage production (which I have seen.)

Robert Morse shows himself an actor of much greater depth than I'd ever realized -- he's come a long way from "How to succeed in business without really trying," where he was flashy: here he is deep as well as wonderfully funny.

The sections on Christmas are comic classics; the readings from short fiction are touching and compellingly read; the one-liners are side-splitting; and Truman Capote turns out to be a worthy character under all the affectations and fluff.

This is long overdue for release on DVD. What's wrong with the studios?!
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Magic (1978)
where is the DVD ???
11 April 2004
I agree with the previous review entirely.

This is a film in the thriller tradition which separates the Alfred Hitchcocks from the pulp-makers. Anthony Hopkins is absolutely at the top of his form, being truly creepy rather than over-the-top vile (i.e., Hannibal).

At minimum I think the film should be regarded as a cult classic, if not a regular classic.

A very under-appreciated film, which should be available on DVD -- especially considering the ahem not-always-superior material that the industry has already made available!

Hollywood -- please give us a well-done DVD of this wonderful title!
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The best of four wonderful films
30 June 2002
I have loved this and the 3 other films of Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple for many years and have been frustrated that they have not appeared on DVD or even on VHS. I was told at my video store years ago that the VHS versions were released and withdrawn for legal reasons. It seems to me there's been more than enough time to iron those out and give us these superb, witty, and utterly fun movies on DVD!

All kinds of inferior material are easily available on DVD. It's long overdue that wonderful films such as these be brought to DVD!
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