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Hemlock (1999)
Average Thriller That Could be a much Better Movie
16 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Shokaran is one of the movies that could be made much better as a thriller/erotic thriller if it wasn't because of restrictions and censorship in current Iranian cinema.It tells the story of a married man(Fariborz Arabnia) who starts an affair with a nurse(Hediyeh Tehrani)and it affects his life and gets complicated. The film script which is inspired by movies like Fatal Attraction (1987) ,Play Misty for Me (1971)is satisfactory with typical formula of the genre but executed poorly. However, the cast especially Hediyeh Tehrani play their roles quite well.Overemphasizing on other subplot about Mahmood Basirat(Fariborz Arabnia)job was unnecessary. The ending is without any climax that should exist in such a thriller movie.Don't have high expectations or you may be disappointed. 5/10
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