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Gorp (1980)
Mildly Amusing Ripoff
21 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Saw this movies years ago. It is a mildly amusing rip-off of Meatballs or an Animal House Goes to Jewish Summercamp. The story revolves around the camp waiters (who seem to outnumber the campers) and their conflicts with camp management, campers, and each other. It a typical formulaic summer camp hi-jinx flick but fails to deliver more often than not. There's no plot to speak of, just loosely connected scenes of manic shenanigans. For example - two female counselors try to win a bet by seducing the camp Rabbi while two of the male counselors try to sedate and rape the fat nurse (although the matter is never characterized in such severe terminology). Overall it is a bad movie with passing mildly amusing moments.

BTW ... bcadle1 - how could the chicks in the park during filming be looking for Matt Damon when he: 1) was only 10 yrs old in 1980 and 2) wouldn't be in his first movie for another eight years? Just curious.
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