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The Champions (1968–1969)
Why I love IMDb
20 February 2009
All I could remember of this show was something about them wearing white; that I loved it at the time (I must have been five when it first aired - I suspect I caught repeats, but it would all have been watched on a B&W TV), and it had something to do with telepathy. Oh, and I thought that there was a connection with Switzerland. I knew the title was something like 'The Persuaders', but that that was another great show (Roger Moore and Tony Curtis). I typed 'telepathy' into the 'plot' search in IMDb TV and 'The Champions' was the first option offered. Eureka! I have had this programme bugging me on and off for about ten years - it was such a relief to find out what it was called and to see those iconic photos. IMDb is such a great site. I'm off to buy the DVDs.
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