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11 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
As many other reviews said this film had great actors and great hype. However, it ended up trashy, boring and often disgusting IMO. I like Leonardo but not in this. He's done better work. Brad Pitt was, well, Brad Pitt and definitely not Oscar worthy as the rumor is saying. This all-star supporting cast was a waste of talent and money. One thing I was grateful for is not to have to see the Tate murder. I was afraid it was leading up to it as the climax. Glad we were spared that. Didn't even recognize Bruce Dern. Must have missed other stars listed. Quarantino I am not sure of as I don't know what other films he directed. However I can say he was excellent in a Golden Girls episode doing his Elvis imitation.
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Sins and Seduction (2018 TV Movie)
one of the worst
22 November 2019
OMG, this had to be the most far-fetched idea ever. A blonde bimbo as a pastor, make up and all, getting into everybody's business. Stupid is her gae, I guess, as she has no common sense at all. The men fare better in this. The villain, an attractive typical bare chested leading man, comes off as a psycho of whom our pastor has the hots. She then proceeds to invade his home and sneak around in search of clues not knowing what she is looking for nor why. Then there's the boy friend, a nice guy and another bare chested glamour puss who is no help at all. And the secretary who is suddenly missing and our alerted pastor bimbo doesn't even seem concerned. Suddenly our pastor knows all this ju-jitsu and knocks this big guy around. This viewer was routing for the villain. Sorry folks, this one was so corny and ridiculous.
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The Wrong Tutor (2019 TV Movie)
Sorry, not this one
27 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I know I expect too much from all of these LMN movies and sometimes I am completely surprised when there is a good one. But, this one was just going nowhere and the cast seemed to walk abound like zombies. The plot is not a new one. Girl loves boy, boy kisses girl, girl makes more of it, boy tries to stay away, girls shows up and watches him, even spies on him. Boy not bright enough in how to end it, girl kills competition. Girl disappears, girl finds another victim in another school. The end.

What ticks me off is the fact these screenwriters allow a murderer to escape and start all over again. What does this tell our youth of today.
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Family of Lies (2017 TV Movie)
Silly movie with bad acting
28 April 2019
Should be called Film of Losers as it is so melodramatic and ridiculous with our so-called juvenile going around with shotguns and pistols firing at anything that moves, Man drops over being shot and she doesn't think of calling police. Such bad acting by most all the actors. John Schneider in a small role wasted but I guess he might have been glad to have little to do i this loser. Two stars for the name John Schneider.
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Outstanding film
21 April 2019
I found this film one of the top films in my lifetime, joining A PLACE IN THE SUN, GONE WITH THE WIND and REAP THE WILD WIND. Outstanding direction by Ang Lee and terrific performances made by Heath Ledger and Jake Gylanthal. Their scenes together were outstanding and heartfelt. Ledger was beyond perfect as the man who went through the pains of his feelings as a gay man at a time and place where it was considered forbidden. The ending broke my heart. You could see in his eyes what he was going through. It was nearly a perfect film with the exception of Randy Quaid in a small role. I found his character as despicable as he was in life. Quaid had and still has an offensive life-style and is openly disliked by every one that has ever worked with him. Fired by Equity Actor's Union for life speaks a lot about his character. A disgrace to us fellow actors. Maybe Mr. Lee saw this quality for the role and hired him. In any case I hope to never see him work again. We will miss Heath and all the work that we might have seen him do, had he lived longer. God rest his soul.
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A Daughter's Revenge (2018 TV Movie)
Jessica Sipos terrible
17 February 2019
The minute I turned this on to watch I saw this actress with hair down to her butt. I hate the look and she ain't no spring chicken, folks. It ruined the movie for me to have to watch her prance around with her long bleached locks of hair. There was even an older lady who also had log hair, too long for her age. As I often say these females in LMN never look normal. Too much makeup and that long annoying hair. When will we have a leading lady with class. Short hairstyles and well dressed. There must be some of these women somewhere in casting.
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so so
11 February 2019
Why is it that all these females go through so much and never a hair out of place? Perfect makeup as well. I always wonder this. Do they fix their hair 24/7? As to this plot, This is a boring movie. Females playing leading roles do nothing to impress this viewer. Saying their lines like a recording. Made up too much. The men fare a bit better with stupid dialogue. Leading men are more natural looking and do better acting. Leading man is very handsome and close ups he has prettier eyes than his co-stars. Without makeup. I always wish these LMN films could be impressive, but unfortunately they come very infrequently. Give me leading ladies with class. Short hair, less makeup and natural acting. It's like they only cast the females with long hair. They all look like each other that you can't tell which is which anymore. Here's hoping for better stuff from LMN.
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The Perfect Daughter (2016 TV Movie)
wonderful movie, fine acting
3 February 2019
Brady Smith walks off with this film. He is terrific as a father who discovers his teen-aged daughter is pregnant. What he goes through is such fine acting. The rest of the cast is commendable including Parker Stephenson playing a bad character in this for a change. Smith shows such natural emotions as he goes through the paces of a difficult role. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him in every scene. We follow his attempts in being a single dad to his discovering his daughter is pregnant to trying to figure out how to handle the situation to the acceptance of her condition and wishes. A magnificent performance and I don't use that wording much in LMN movies,
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One Nightmare Stand (2018 TV Movie)
25 January 2019
Why do I watch these LMN movies on TV? I guess because they're so bad they're that interesting. Always the same plot but in various settings. Always the same performers, mediocre talent and always the same annoying looking females.

Sometimes I turn to another channel immediately and sometimes I force myself to watch and often I come back toward the end to see how the villains get their uppence.

Why is it the females in these flicks always have hair down to their butt? Whether straight, bleached or in ringlets. The men always look decent but the females are looking like freaks. In this movie the leading lady tries to look younger than her daughter. Her hair was so annoying that I had no sympathy for her. Her daughter was just as bad with the same long hair but bleached almost white blonde. Now watching some of Seduced by My Neighbor and what is the first thing I see? A female with hair down to her butt. Is this a requirement for LMN's leading ladies? Long, long, long hair?

To this viewer, their looks ruin the film. Don't they know of bobby pins to keep this long straight hair out of their face? Or are we forced to watch them constantly fussing with keeping their hair in place?.
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A Body to Die For (2018 TV Movie)
Also listed as Killer Body
2 January 2019
As usual, our females have the same hair style. Curly long curls hanging over each shoulder and a hank of hair hanging in the back that reminds me of a horse's tail. For me it is hard to watch these females. The men look more normal. As a casting director, if a female comes in to audition with that look, they are automatically eliminated before they even audition. I know this is the trend, but it is always a pleasant surprise to see a woman with short hair stylized and looking classy. As for this 2018 film, it is okay to a point. Acting is predictable and story nothing unusual. But I give it 5 starts for attempt. Let's hope LMN brings better fare to 2019.
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Woman on the Run (2017 TV Movie)
Embarrassing performances
20 December 2018
First of all, is this a comedy or drama? Confusing. Watching this, their are so many loopholes and plain silly plot lines. Here is a woman, not bad performance, trying to disguise herself, by adding a baseball cap and that is it. Allowing her long flowing hair to hang in front as usual. So, what's the disguise? Then she has a hoodie again with her long locks hanging outside the hood. Any fool would recognize her anywhere. Then there's the faxct she can beat up a brute with the twist of the foot in his privates. Usual LMN way of defeating a man. I always have said what if a guy kicks the woman in her privates? Has this ever been done on LMN? But then I am getting trivial. There is no surprise here and acting is fair given the material they have to work with. I give it 3 stars for attempt to make this believable.
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Terrible ending
3 December 2018
I won't give it away, but I hate it when screenwriters give this kind of ending which is terribly wrong. I know they think it is funny but there are too many killings in this world to encourage it even in film. Moving on I felt it was a decent acting job. Towards the end it got kind of hokey in action. Many of the characters were predictable. I even knew who would be killed off before it even happened. It was script obvious. I credit the cast for keeping a straight face doing this. I especially thought Penn Badgley, as the son Michael, was the better actor. He had ranges to his character that were quite good. I give this a 6 for good acting and 1 for a terrible script.
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A Mother's Greatest Fear (2018 TV Movie)
Terrible flick
29 November 2018
This is one of those "who kidnapped my daughter" and a mother's search for her. Suddenly this model type female, that doesn't look that much older then the girl who played her daughter, goes on the hunt for her. Brazenly busting into places and accosting people she thinks are the kidnappers. The usual stuff but bad acting on top of it. In a co-starring role David Chokachi attempts to bring some honesty to a thankless role. As for the mother, Katrin Begin, didn't fare so well. Not a good actress with too much makeup for a worried mommie. Her fake eyelashes were so obvious. Now tell me, who would bother to wear false eyelashes and lots of makeup when in search for their missing daughter? It's like she is trying to pass as young as her daughter. Same long bleached hair, spiked shows, tight pants and top showing her shape, if you know what I mean. Maybe she was unaware how badly they dressed her and made her up. That's it. Nothing much about the film itself except it ain't that good, folks.
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Buried Secrets (2018 TV Movie)
One of the better soaps
30 October 2018
First of all, how wonderful it was to see our heroine with short hair and not the usual LMN female long witch hair look. There are times when I just can't watch. These females all look alike and all have this long unruly hair falling over each shoulder and in the back (looking like a horse's tail). It just destroys the film for me. Why do they all have to have that long-hair look? Isn't it enough that we are forced to see this every day? THE ART OF MURDER followed this and sure enough, our leading lady had the long tresses. So I switched to another channel. The story is somewhat predictable and our villainess has that usual mean faced look that seems to fool everybody. So I move to the news of the day and that is even worse. I also don't understand why the screenwriters have all these killers disappear, saying that you can commit murder and get away with it. Isn't there a code about films saying that doesn't happen? Or is that in the past? My rating is high as the acting was well done by all. I just don't like the female looks with that hair.
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Long Lost Daughter (2018 TV Movie)
Not too bad
7 October 2018
It is a bit slow in starting but slowly became very interesting. Good acting with entire cast and well directed. It is always amazing to me how most of the female performers in many of these films look alike that it's hard to tell them apart. Long hair over the shoulders, parted in the middle and hanging. Sometimes we get a break and there is an actress with short hair, styled and having body. But I am being picky. I gather this is the style these days. Still their work is excellent.
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Psycho Wedding Crasher (2017 TV Movie)
30 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
So, let me understand this. We are to believe that writers Bryan Dick, Ken Sanders and Daniel West are saying in their story that it is alright for someone to kill innocent people and get away with it? No wonder there are so many psychos out there committing murder. And mass murder at that. I'm sorry this is sick and shameful that the public are forced to accept this. I blame the damn writers for making us witness this. I kept watching and waiting for the plain Jane to get her due. But no she gets away with this. I wanted to rip the screen apart. But I can tell the writers to stop your crime does pay stories. The actors were okay and did as much as the God awful script demanded. But not one performance had any empathy. All characters are vain and stupid. This is coming from the writers not the actors. I wish I could give the a minus vote as it is a disgusting piece of crap.
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The Perfect Boss (2013 TV Movie)
Another Luner Loser
16 November 2017
Once again we are forced to watch this 46 year old female strut around with this bush of hair on her head. Attempting to be a sex symbol (NOT) and making just about everyone miserable in this loser of a flick. I have never liked this actress. I think she looks ridiculous and desperately needs a haircut and to act her age. In everything she does she looks the same. I, for one, am not a fan as you see. Her looks kill any acting she might do, which is mostly one level. Please, please LMN no more Jamie Luner.
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Off the Rails (2017)
Poor acting
11 November 2017
And poor script. You don't care about anyone in this loser. Leading lady walks around being nosey and invading people's homes looking for her past. She spends most of the movie on a computer or cell phone. Ah, the modern day touch. You wonder what she'd do without all these technical devices. Not much going on here. Actually rather boring and bad acting. Also you feel like you are going nowhere with this film. It's that confusing and silly. As her husband, I'd drop her like a glass of water. OMG she's on a cell phone again.
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Unwanted Guest (2016 TV Movie)
Another lousy movie
2 November 2017
They keep coming from LMN. This one I got impatient for it to end and our young evil one demise. I kept looking at the clock and it seemed time went slower than usual. There was nothing rewarding about this horror. What annoyed me most of all was the family being so stupid as to not realize the girl was just plain evil. The father being the worst of all. An idiot with no sense at all. And the mother was clueless until too late and the girl friend from school who gets sicker throughout the film hasn't a clue. All the time this nut case is taking care of them. I remember this actress from another LMN film called The Boyfriend Killer, where she was just as bad and just a nuts.
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The Wrong Student (2017 TV Movie)
Saving grace
25 October 2017
In this loser of a film is Jason-Shane Scott. Being chased by two females, one a blonde that overacts and the evil one wearing too much make-up and looking much older than a high school student. No one really stands out as a good actor but at least Jason-Shane Scott is a pleasure to look at. Extremely handsome and gorgeous physique we are given the pleasure to watch him. Hard to believe that he would go for anyone of these two. I know many loved this movie, but I found it predictable and very boring to sit through. Almost painful. It seems most of LMN females have this long unruly hair. If this is supposed to make them sexy, forget it. They look like they just got out of bed. I give this a count of 3 for the looks of Jason-Shane Scott.
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A Deadly Affair (2017 TV Movie)
Ho Hum
1 October 2017
Another LMN silly movie with bad actors. I have figured it all out by now with these dreadful films. It's all about leading ladies, over the hill, with long stupid hair, trying to look young. So, with hair blowing in the wind and a cell phone in their hand the plot thickens. These films are all about cell phones. If you have nothing to do, pick up your cell phone and call somebody. This becomes boring and predictable. I recognized one of the leads with bangs from a film, looking exactly the same, where she plays a demented baby sitter. In this she once again looks strange most of the time and you wonder if she's alright in the head. Sorry, I laugh at most of these films. Why do I watch them, you ask? To learn what bad acting is all about. The end.
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A Killer Among Us (2012 TV Movie)
Not Very Good
22 September 2017
Once again we have an inept leading lady attempting to act. In this case she is trying to pass herself off as a high school student. Being rather long in the tooth it is hard to believe. She runs around (no pun intended as we are asked to believe she is a track star) hair flying in the breeze which is typical of LMN leading ladies - long hair that looks so common and uninteresting. Her performance was boring as she spoke every line in a monotone two note level it put you to sleep. There wasn't any performance that came off realistic or interesting in the entire film. Possibly the mother, who was killed off in the opening credits. Who writes this stuff? Who casts this stuff? Who directs this stuff? Most importantly, who pays for this stuff? For surely there are more worthwhile projects that deserve more attention. And better actresses than LMN finds to star in most of their films. Josie Davis is the only one that comes across as a decent actress. Even she deserves better material.
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My Daughter Is Missing (2017 TV Movie)
Boring and predictable.
13 September 2017
Lots of hokum and hard to believe this middle aged babe running around with too much hair blowing in the wind is even capable in finding her daughter. This actress is terrible. Bug eyed most of the time and talking tough, we are asked to believe her ranting and snooping. And she needs to have her roots bleached. Best performances come from the supporting cast. You root for the villains in this. Otherwise a waste of time.
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Nanny Seduction (2017 TV Movie)
Boring and predictable.
2 September 2017
Yet another LMN movie lacking substance and filled with obvious bad acting. Our villain, with these annoying bangs covering most of her face, stands out as being the most obvious in bad acting. Her scenes lacked any emotion at all, just the look with bangs in her face. She is no beauty. The wife is typical un-trusting wife when husband tries to explain the events leading up to the reality. And the husband has no guts to speak the truth and end the nightmare they are putting up when this she-bitch invades their home. The little girl was somewhat boring as she never had any expression to her face. Going around with a somber look that got repetitious. Not worth the time, believe me.
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The House Sitter (2015 TV Movie)
The Homely House Sitter
27 July 2017
This lame tale of a nutty house sitter doing her evil work to a normal family going through the loss of the daughter is about as predictable as you can imagine. This nut case is downright homely and annoying to look at and that whiny voice of hers could drive anyone crazy. I found it hard to watch her acting as well. So obvious in her snooping. The young daughter of the family is very good and you root for her. Mama and Papa have no idea what is going on and fall for the killer bitch's tales. But the daughter is wise and eventually give the girl her up pence. I was slightly bored with this film as it was too obvious and no one would let a house sitter stay when they aren't needed. The ending couldn't come soon enough.
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