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Good way to measure the course taken by race relations.
25 November 2010
I think it's important to point out that, in the tease on the back of the DVD box, this movie is described as taking place in a "time" (not in a "world", or in a "society", or in an "alternate reality") where the traditional racial roles have been reversed. In other words, what some have described as "reverse racism", I think, qualifies more as a cautionary tale for the future. Look around you. How many aspects of this "alternate reality" have come/are coming to pass? Granted, other races/ethnicities have been left out (certainly, the decade-later "Crash" covered these issues in a more well-rounded way, without the extremes of "WMB"'s creative twist), but this movie seemed to be focused on a specific slice of the topic, which, although it's technically less realistic, gives it a more concentrated impact to those who can relate to what happens in the story (&/or its setting).
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