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not the whole story
4 August 2010
We were very excited to watch this film but ended up extremely disappointed.

Omar's Mother makes this film almost unwatchable. She makes the prisoners out to be the victims and forgets the fact that each and every one of them has committed a serious crime against society, and really deserves to be locked up. Secondly the reason that the guards continually need to take forceful action is because the prisoners are once again NOT following the rules.

This film is an interesting perspective of the life inside of a small prison cell, but does nothing to make me feel that prisoners are being abused. In fact it makes us all realize that these people might just actually be where they belong.

When you watch this film think about this....very few, if any of these people have ever paid a single dollar into the system that they continually drain and will most likely drain throughout the rest of their lives.

If anything, this film does the exact opposite of what it is trying to accomplish. Mr. Broadway needs to wake up, stop breaking the law, and go take care of his family. His mom needs to stop making excuses for her son and encourage the rest of her family to become upstanding members of society.
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