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Ramar of the Jungle (1952–1954)
First show on our first TV
23 February 2011
I stepped off the school bus in 1954 and saw a man installing an antenna on the roof. My brothers and sisters and I ran into the house and the first show we saw was Ramar of the Jungle. I'll never forget it as long as I live. TV was simple and entertaining back then. We weren't allowed to watch all day but there wasn't much for a kid to watch after the cartoons in the morning until late afternoon when Ramar of the Jungle came on and other shows like it. At night we watched mostly westerns and cop shows and shows about WWII. They are all fond memories of my childhood. I watch a lot of the same shows today and think how corny they were compared to what we have today but we loved them at the time. Before we got our TV, we had to go into town and watch my big brother's TV. It was usually the Wednesday night fights we watched.
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