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Decent comedy horror short
23 February 2020
Not bad, pretty good. I liked the pacing and actors and ambiance and the comedy, it was fun.
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Designated Survivor (2016–2019)
That is what great literature and stories are for
1 January 2020
It saddens me that so many of the reviews for the show on IMDb for Designated Survivor all full of people who say they liked the show's first two seasons but hate the third for being "liberal" like that's a bad thing. What liberal means regarding the show Designated Survivor's third season is what I call being socially conscious. But more than that, representing the real issues in society: Racism, Food Deserts, Urban Renewal, No taxation and no representation, immigration, healthcare and what trans people go through every day just trying to be who they are.

Your takeaway should not be, ugh, I can't believe this show is shoving this liberal propaganda down my throat, it should be, it's refreshing to see real life issues finally represented in a politcal context that shines a light and perhaps shows a way forward... it's not unprecedented, the cell phone and personal computer were first inspired by Star Trek.

That is what great literature and stories are for, to shine a light and help us to move forward.

Don't become so cynical that you refuse to even acknowledge the problems anymore, for that is the path to extinction.

I say, thank you to Netflix for picking up the show for a third season and tackling real issues. Madam Secretary did a great job of this in their final 6th season that recently ended the series.

Great TV throughout history has done this, MASH, The West Wing... lets make 2020 a year of listening and less cynicism. Lets put #humanityfirst as our motto moving forward.

Happy New Year everybody.
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Designated Survivor (2016–2019)
Ratings Tank Undeserved
27 December 2019
I find it very interesting that if you look up the show Designated Survivor on IMDb, there is a consensus opinion that the show had a strong first two seasons, but once it moved to Netflix, it reduced their rating from high numbers to dead underground, and this is reflected in their final ratings of the series.

Their reasons are stated to this strong change in opinion are threefold across the board: Number one: Netflix allows strong language, so season 3 uses strong language, and I agree after two seasons without it, it feels wrong. A show has a spirit and any changes are felt like tremors throughout the community of loyal viewers. They're not wrong here. Number two: Nudity. Now, I haven't seen any yet, but I am only in episode two of season three, but I honestly have no problem with nudity. Number three, and this is the big one... pandering to the left. I disagree with this one. I feel they are bringing up important social and economic issues that matter more to the left, while the president still remains an independent, but I don't believe just because something makes you feel that makes it pandering, but these are issues I care personally about. Infrastructure, racism, child marriage, the problem of religious rights that violate how we feel human rights.

I am glad to see the show taking on these issues, afterall, oppressors don't tend to stop themselves and through our collective fictions do so many realities come to pass.
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Illuminatus Trilogy Vibe
21 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Everyone keeps telling me or posting in reviews that the movie Under the Silver Lake has no point... so of course, being many of these people are people that I respect, I leaned towards believing it, but curious for myself, if I might glean something deeper... and I'll say this... the movie feels very long and it changes form several times... so I believe if you stop at any of the red herring off-ramps, yeah, you might come away feeling like it wasn't about anything, but then maybe you'd already tuned out... because in the end, it's most definitely about something. It's about embracing each moment of your life as an adventure of discovery and in the end accepting where we are and what life is and maybe getting a dog when it all feels like a bit much...

It is a delusional idea, in my opinion to hope for a perfect world beyond this one, simply because we are incapable of creating that while we are alive... it is a spiritual emptiness looking to be filled... something to hope for by the weak and unempowered, the downtrodden... we are not a society of spiritual encouragement but of material preoccupation...

So you see, Under the Silver Lake is anything but pointless.

When you can only see the world of man, it is easy to see how you could become neurotic, that is why you must always maintain a healthy relationship with the earth, with your own existence, and being a beacon of compassion and kindness for others.

The message of the movie may be: Be in tune, follow your heart, delusion or not, it'll all work out... after all, the other choice perhaps is only madness, sorrow and death.
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The Feed (2019– )
Wanted to love it, but it never gets there
8 December 2019
The Feed turned out to be a series that was meh, okay... but it definitely had potential to be so much more and go so much deeper but it just never gets there and there are so many times where I think bad choices were made, where characters were not developed, were inconsistent, the last half of the episodes definitely trudge on and very little happens and the pacing is very poor... it's sloppy, and it jumps around so much as to be erratic and weak... I'd give it a 6/10
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I wanted to so much to like it, but it's not possible
3 December 2019
There's something ridiculous about the found footage genre that I tend to find endearing...

if you saw a squirrel you'd have thought it was the antichrist!"

~Strawberry Estates
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Countdown (III) (2019)
Killer App Genre Does Okay
28 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Just finished watching COUNTDOWN, the next installment in the new genre I like to call: Killer Apps. We had an episode of Creeped Out, AMI, Bedeviled, and the upcoming more comedy than horror: Jexi, honestly, I have enjoyed every single one of these, in fact I'd say this genre has a better track record for me personally than the genre of found footage which seems to have died down now.

Tom Segura makes his acting debut with dialog, love him, think his wife is a hack, but I digress... it's a decent movie, the pacing is a bit messy, the plot a bit convoluted, but the followthrough worked for me, though there are some moral platitudes that feel a bit stupid and one guy falls for the oldest hack trick in the book, when you are in a protection circle and a demon pretends to be a family member, why would you think it's actually them? But again, I digress...

Like I said, I tend to be fond of this genre, so while I see so many problems with the movie, and it's a junkfood horror flick, I still enjoyed it.
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Whispers (1994)
Season 2, Episode 14
Profound in its Simplicity
17 November 2019
Season 2, Episode 14 of DS9 entitled "Whispers" may be a short, simplistic seeming episode from the outset, but it's actually perhaps one of the most profound up to this point as well.

This episode informs our personal, subjective importance in our own lives, the naivete of that importance, but no less the beauty and importance of the drive to survive and to perhaps reap some modicum of value from our short experience within the vastness of all things.
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The Abyss (1989)
Amazingly Difficult but Brilliant
6 September 2019
The Abyss may be a blatant reimagining of The Day The Earth Stood Still, but it's a damn good one and one of the most difficult films to make, but it's an amazingly underrated movie, and it's all heart.
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Windigo (I) (2011)
Funniest Found Footage Film
3 July 2019
Some kids made a movie with no budget and it's a surprisingly funny installment into the found footage genre... these guys are definitely mutants who deserve a place in this group! Enjoy!

Using their media name, I was able to find them on Twitter and IMDb, though the websites are no longer there.
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Terrible and Ignorant Claptrap
23 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It begins with an agreement that God knows all the questions and answers, but then 4 minutes in, the journalist asks God, "You're waiting for me to ask" and God asks the journalist, "Ask what?" but wait, I thought he had all the questions and answers mankind would ever ask... he knows all, ergo, this movie destroys itself just 5 minutes into it, tripping itself up entirely as it becomes clear God didn't know what he was asking...

Not a very intelligent script so far...

I'll give it 2 more chances.

Oof, fall #2, journalist asks God, what is the meaning of life? To which God responds, to live, to struggle, to serve God. I'm sorry but that is a terrible answer. The meaning of life is to live, wrong, that is an action that happens without meaning, also struggling is not a meaning but a part of educating the mind, to serve God... implies a separation, again... wrong wrong wrong, all 3 answers God gives here are just bad.

Okay last chance... and we're only 16 minutes in...

Now they just said Atheists can be moral but build their houses on no foundation... which is just pure judgment and ignorance.

I'm done, this movie is no good.
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Ethos (I) (2011)
It's not wrong though
19 May 2019
A lot of people are trying to diffuse this documentary but it's not wrong.

"Media influence on public opinion has been studied for many years now. We know for example that the media often play what's called an agenda setting role. Public concern about issues tends to follow media coverage of those issues, rather than any changes in the real world. The media create the impression of the American public has a real choice. You could choose Bush or you could choose Gore, the implication being that they are both very different. But on substantive budgetary or economic issues, the differences between them are really on the margins. Both leading Democrats and Republicans support a privatized health care system, they support corporate-backed global trade agreements, they support maintaining a co-board defense budget, and they generally favor the interests of big business.

But the media give the impression that Democrats and Republicans represent a broad range of opinion by focusing on civil liberty non-monetary issues like gay rights or abortion, where Democrats and Republicans really do differ. And this masks the degree of the lead consensus."

~ETHOS (2011) (Through pause/play transcription by Jonathan Berman); Netflix Streaming
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Better than expected
26 February 2019
So I'm watching a horror flick called The Haunting of Fraternity Row, and honestly, this is usually the kind of movie that sucks, in fact the reviews all say it sucks, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's actually not bad. First of all, some really unique and original script elements, so the usual frat party, hot girl shenanigans becomes less total crap and more smart elements that get you off balanced... the whole movie is kind of a rollercoaster ride manipulating the audience... I would say check this one out... now I'm only 58 minutes in and the whole thing is an hour and 38, but so far so good. A lot of 1 star reviews and one 6/10 that says it's surprisingly better than expected, so now you have two people saying that. Take from what you will, but I am kinda digging it.
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a weird, but intriguing movie.
29 July 2018
Watching Asylum of Darkness... it's a weird, but intriguing movie... its weirdness is actually what keeps me interested... it reminds me of the feel of Necronomicon (1993) or other Lovecraft-influenced stories, tales from the crypt, creepshow... it's pretty insane, with a lot of gory alien-ness and old B movie sci fi actors from the '70s and '80s... I have to say it's a lot better than I thought it would be... totally crazy movie...

Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica) is great, and apparently this is the second film in a trilogy... Season of Darkness (2012) is part 1, this is part 2, and Heartland of Darkness which I'm not sure if it ever came out...

This is considered the "lost" film of Scream Queen Linnea Quigley (Silent Night, Deadly Night, The Return of the Living Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master). Director Eric Swelstad abandoned the project before finding a distributor and the title has yet to be released to a mass market audience. Over the years various producers including Jim Wynorski, Rob Spera and Jody Savin have expressed an interest in putting the finishing touches on the film, with the intention of finally releasing it.

Showing a poor 3.3/10 rating on IMDb, to me is so undeserved and likely from people who aren't embracing of low budget weird horror... but I think they're treating it unfairly... my rating: 7/10
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Charlotte (III) (2017)
It has its moments...
29 July 2018
Watching the horror movie Charlotte on Hulu... it's not great, let me start by prefacing it right up front... it's about a babysitter who is abducted by the family doll and forced to watch bad horror stories... and they got that right... but one of the last stories is about a private showing of a horror movie entitled Foaming at the Mouth Part 2... and the concession girl is very hungry and pregnant... and when the place gets locked down to start the feature presentation, everyone starts rambunctiously throwing food up at the stage and she starts secretly eating it... definitely my favorite part of the movie.
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Groundhog Night
15 June 2018
After watching Black Hollow Cage, aka The Dark Portal, I think it was brilliant. Never over-explained, but I understood completely, and in that understanding a powerful story told succinctly. No extra words, just eloquence and consequence. #Blackhollowcage

My Rating 10/10
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Actually Not Bad
31 May 2018
So I watched a paranormal investigator style horror movie today, who would have guessed that? The acting I won't say is bad, instead I'll say it's green... at first I thought it was going to be one of those low budget religious orientated horrors where they preach mental illness is actually paranormal, something along those lines, but it doesn't go that way, and ultimately it turned out to not be a bad story at all, and actually rather enjoyable once you make it past the cacophony of the amateur which many would find insurmountable... I say give this one a shot.

Movie: SPIRIT STALKERS Where: Amazon My Rating: 3/5 or 7/10
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1922 (2017)
Uniquely Good
29 October 2017
1922 is the latest novel adaptation by Stephen King, and wholly character driven, and a huge departure in many ways to his recent films, It and Gerald's Game... two films I found somewhat disappointing... but this is uniquely good, because it's so selfless, so unpresumptuous or needing of attention... it just is, and in that is a viscerality, a gristly and enduring experience that sets it above the others.

Damn good movie.

My Rating: 9/10 (Netflix)
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A million pounds of rain will never weigh as much as a single teardrop.
17 October 2017
Breakfast at Tiffanys is the perfect coming of age tale. Timeless, sad, touching, heartbreaking, infuriating and beautiful... For the most of the film it would be strange to find Audrey's character likable at all, but she's a real phony, if you know what I mean.

This is brought up quite often in the film. She's been without, so now she wants it all, and believes that's the way to true happiness... but slowly as every door leading to false happiness closes, she must surely face the truth... that wherever you go, no matter what you own, the longing for something real cannot be long hidden. To be found, is merely to accept your sense of being lost, and there you are... appreciating what you have, and who has you.

This movie touches me so very deeply, makes me cry every time, heck it makes me cry writing about it... so good... such great dialog and characters.

I do feel the landlord is racist and a mistake, very dated, the only thing that doesn't work anymore... which is likely partly why the film only has a 7.7 on IMDb, but overlooking that, and getting to the end you discover just how meaningful, maybe even important this film is...

So many of us give up the adventure of our lives for a little security, and thus stop living at all... and sometimes we all just need a little reminder, and Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of these special little reminders.

A shame Audrey died in 1993, she's one of those people I would so much love to talk to.

And Moon River, like lightning in a bottle...
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2 October 2017
I highly recommend the Netflix movie Boys in the Trees... it reminds me of being little, of adventure, of not being afraid... a beautiful, refreshing movie about Halloween and growing up. Check it out.

Such a heartfelt, perfect movie, I haven't seen such a innocent and meaningful horror film since Lady in White.
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Too bad how it ended
30 September 2017
It's a real sad thing that Megan especially worked so hard to keep them afloat, pulled it off, only to have them shut down for ancient history.

This show had some of the best artwork coupled with the nicest artists and beautiful stories... culminating in a fantastic show.

The only person I didn't like was Mike Diamond who came off as a testosterone-jacked bully to everyone with a massive inferiority complex.

But Megan was wonderful, Shaun started out rough but came around, Jimi is a once in a generation artist, loved Ellie, Teneile, another extraordinary artist, Giorgia was nice eyecandy, Moses was a chill funny guy, and Van was a cool, green artist.

Hopefully they make more shows like this, cos I miss it now.
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Ghost House (2017)
Underrated Ghost Story
23 September 2017
Ghost House 2017... it's a cool story, but the acting is so bad... except for Scout Taylor-Compton. Two amazingly bad things that happen... like in the new Leatherface movie when the girl gets her leg caught in a bear trap and doesn't even scream out or act in pain in subsequent scenes, in this movie a guy checks his watch before answering a very specific time- related question, but the actor forgot his watch in that scene... or when the girl catches on FIRE for like 3 seconds before it vanishes and she falls over... and her boyfriend just looks at her as if waiting for the effect, then turns to his co- stars on queues how to react to an effect they cannot see, but he still does not react.... so bizarre, such bad acting...

That being said... I do enjoy the story, and the lead characters do have chemistry, which does make up somewhat for the lead male's poor acting, which I imagine they took into account when making the film.

The movie is rated sub 5/10 on IMDb and I think it does deserve a better score, like a 7.5, because it is a good story, the pacing works, the music is fantastic, and I love a horror film that takes place in Thailand, Thai and South Korea horror specifically I find to be very underrated.
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Leatherface (2017)
Why was this made?
22 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Okay this movie sucks so so very much... two scenes stolen entirely from other movies... and a script that makes absolutely no sense on any level...

Right now I'm finding it kind of stupid that there's this frail pretty girl working around the criminally insane with no security around her, it's completely out of control and unrealistic right off the bat. I don't think the criminally insane would have such open access to cigarettes and things that could be used as weapons... it's really taking me out of the movie right now.

Poorly written characters, script, damn... I was really hoping this would be good.

rofl OK OK this movie just made the biggest movie making mistake you can make... holy crap... so a girl is running, gets her leg caught in a bear trap... she doesn't even scream, she just looks back like... hey why can't I run anymore?

The original is genius... especially when he comes out in the morning light at the end, when she thinks she's safe, cos it's daytime... that was such a profound moment for horror, maybe the first time horror said no, daytime does not mean safe anymore.... brilliant...
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Good followup to Prometheus
4 September 2017
I don't think ALIEN: Covenant is as bad as people are saying, but it does feel more like an extended pilot episode to a TV show than a feature film... all things being said, when you think of the production of TV these days it is hard to compete, especially since TV shows can spend years developing stories and characters, and movies really have to deal with pacing and story line constraints...

All said and done, it was a good followup to Prometheus.

My rating: 7/10
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Forgotten Planet (2011– )
Fantastic series
24 July 2017
This series was on Netflix briefly, and I found it sad and compelling... but very interesting... since watching it, I've noticed it doesn't seem to exist anywhere anymore and is absolutely nowhere to be found...

If anyone knows where to get it please inbox me.

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