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Glory Daze (2010–2011)
I cant see why it got cancelled :/
26 March 2011
This isn't just a good show, its an amazing show. there was only ten episodes but at the moment i think its the best thing on tele, i would say its a American pie 25 years ago...but...saying that wont come near to how good it actually is. Being of that age seeing what they do in order to be accepted, i get that and can relate, i think the script and dialogue is amazing, the comedy is fantastic, but the moments when there is seriousness is just well done and of course along with i have to say a brilliant soundtrack. its sad that there is only one season, but at least it can finish on a high, i hear in America not that many people watched it... they missed out cus i would say its pretty popular over here in the UK. i don't know what else to write now hmmm Simon
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