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Intergalactic (2021– )
Entertaining.pure scify
15 May 2021
I enjoyed watching this show. I would have actually rated a grade higher if there wasn't that annoying character of Tula. She is such a pain in the rear that she almost ruins this series (aperently she did for some of the reviewers).

The acting is apart from Tula not bad at all. Fair enough for this kind of show.

O thing to complain about special effects and visual overall. A very nice scify-ambient was created.

The Story is entertaining but nothing too especial.

Overall conclusion: this show deserves better then most of the reviews.
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Torpedo (2019)
If you like Das Boot, watch this.
8 April 2021
I am a big fan of the German 80s mini-series "Das Boot" and ever since I watch every u-boat-movie that I can get but no other movie got me that excited then this one, not even the new "Das Boot series". First I was very positively surprised to see one of the original Das Boot cast (Martin Semmelrogge - 2 WO) from the 1980s Das Boot-series in that movie.

The takes inside the submarine gives a similar impression as the original series Das Boot. Too bad that they didn't make more out of this.

I was almost willing to give 10 stars, if there were not too many factual impossible mistakes. To name the one that disturbed me most: Free-diving at 190 meters below see level is simply impossible.
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Das Boot (2018– )
Great TV-show but.....-
4 December 2018
The 2018 sequel of the monumental "Das Boot" from 1981 would be great if the makers hadn't made one big mistake. They shouldn't have made this two parallel plot thing between the story of the crew of the submarine and this useless resistance story. By telling 2 parallel stories they automatically killed whatever made the original "Das Boot" such a great success. Watching this great sequel unfortunately you will never get this claustrophobic feeling as in the original. Right when you get the right feeling, they throw you out of the atmosphere of the submarine and continue with the story of this resistant group. This is what prevents the show to be nearly as good as the original. By telling these 2 parallel stories, there is no time to introduce the crew of the submarine suficiantly or getting into more details about their characters.. What I really whish? A second season that only takes place on a submarine and a fan-edit of the first season that cuts out all of this resistance-plot. I would give this edit perhaps 10 stars.
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Dark Matter (2015–2017)
Sci-fi at its best.
19 July 2015
I have been enjoying this show since the very first episode. And I love it. Won't call it an outstanding all new Sci-fi-Show but it pretty much fills the gab that many other canceled Sci-Fi-Shows have left in the market. Dark matter has a little bit of Star trek, Firefly, Andromeda and eve Red Dwarf in it. That's nothing new, but I guess that Dark matter doesn't want to be something band new. Dark matter only wants to transmit basic, sample, straight-forward Sci-Fi to it's audience. And for this I love it. Hope it won't be canceled that soon. Got potentials for a few more seasons but the characters have to be developed a little deeper for that. So long and may the force live long and prosper, so say we all.
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Arctic Air (2012–2014)
Entertaining. Nothing too special but worth watching.
5 May 2015
Arctic Air is a typical show that has a little bit of everything. Romance, Action, Family drama, culture and nature. I would classify the acting slightly above average, the stories quite entertaining and after 5-10 episodes you already feel like part of the family. First I didn't like the character of Bobby. Thought he does not represent the typical hero of a TV-series, but I got used to it. Perhaps because the acting got more convincing through the series. Always have to think of R2-D2 and C-3PO when it comes to Dev and Astrid. You cannot expect amazing special-effects from this kind of show but what it offers is satisfactory. Only from time to time some poor CGI-planes disturb the smooth impression of reality. I am actually very sad that the show was canceled after the third season. If it had continued, surely I would have followed the show through the next seasons.
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Other Space (2015)
If you get this kind of humor you will love it
30 April 2015
... if not, just don't waste your time and go back to whatever you were watching. This show is valuable especially for those who loved "Red Dwarf". Pretty much the same story and the same kind of humor. I am in the middle of the first season and still would prefer Red Dwarf, but I am sure that if this show had more seasons and you would get more attached with the characters, It has a chance to beat "red dwarf".

The only guy who is really getting annoying is the captain Stewart Lipinski, but I guess this is meant to be like this. To explain him better: Put Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from "The Office" into the ship "Red Dwarf" and you will get for sure the picture.

Forget about all these negative reviews. Watch at least 3-5 episodes and make up your mind yourself.
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Not as bad as many reviews but still not a "very good movie"
1 April 2015
I actually found this movie quite entertaining and it had it's 2 or 3 thrilling moments. Cannot complain about the acting and the plot of this movie is quite interesting and can give an interesting thriller. I would not call this movie an "erotic thriller" because of tho lame sex-scenes. What I didn't like about that movie is that all story is too predictable. There is absolutely no surprise-effect in this movie. The end of that movie is too straight forward that you actually wait for something to happen to interrupt the "Happy-End" and are kind of disappointed that nothing like that happened. Sure, the end-fight is heavy, but still some kind of "easy-win" for the family. I also think that the plot with the additional computer-files that she found, the writers could have done some more interesting story-development.
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Left Behind (I) (2014)
Mixed emotions
29 March 2015
"Wow" I thought.. A movie with Nicolas Cage. Lets rent it.... My wife was against it.... Din't like the story on the cover. I insisted. Bad mistake. In my opinion just another Airplane-Catastrophe-movie like we have seen so many in the 80s (airport). This movie tries to put a deeper background-story into the "Airport"-pattern by inventing some kind of apocalyptic story. Big Fail. Let me please classify this movie as a typical "B"-Movie. But what the F*** is Nicolas Cage doing here? If it wasn't for him I never rented that DVD. Totally displaced. I cannot say that I didn't like the story at all, but if traveling in an Airbus A300 Puhleeeze stay in an Airbus and don't change the plane every 5 minutes at the movie.... Let me please go that far stating that the topic of that movie even has potential for a TV-Series. We got many series active on TV with a similar topic. Putting the story of this B-movie into a series actually could be quite entertaining.
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Hilfe, Otto kommt! (1983 TV Movie)
In my opinion: The peak of his career.
15 February 2015
I was like 11 years old when I first saw the show on TV. My parents recorded it on VHS and after a short while I knew the show by heart. I have seen a lot of shows and movies from Otto, but no other show is that strongly present in my mind as "Hilfe Otto kommt!". I think the main reason for that is his great performance at the "Hensel and Gretel"-Scetch where he performed the old Ferrytale "Hensel und Gretel" with actual state of the art music. This part was so successful that it turned into a running gag and ever since then Otto has kept producing new clips of "Hensel und Gretel" with newer music (up to date: 34 versions known). Otto made a wonderful show but skipped once badly when he ordered some birthday-cake for the foundation "Kuchen für Otti (Cake for Otti)" and said that it should NOT be confused with "Brot für die Welt" (worldwide humanitary organization). Even with this really bad (perhaps mistaken) joke I will give Otto Waalkes 10 stars for this show because it is one of the most remarkable Stand-up comedy-shows ever shown on German TV.
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Lost Place (2013)
Not bad. got thrilled two or three times.
11 December 2014
Tecnically, it is in my opinion just an average 3D Movie. Nothing special about acting, nothing special about special-effects, nice but not overwhelming 3D-effects, pretty straight forward story-line. I still gave 7 out of of 10 points. Let me explain: Why not less? The movie thrilled me from time to time. That was exactly what i was expecting and what I wanted to see. No hardcore slasher, just a thrilling story of 4 teenagers in the forest. Why not more? In my opinion, neither acting, special effects, storyline or 3D-effects were that extraordinary that I would want to watch the movie again and again and again. I do not want to say that all of this was bad, please beware... It just didn't overwhelm me. But there is indeed one point that I really want to criticize badly. Before watching this movie I have never heard anything in my life about "geocaching". Didn't know that this exists. In my opinion the background of "geocaching" was not explained sufficiently at the beginning of that movie (only if you had watched the specials at the DVD or BluRay. I think it took me until the jump into the lake until I really understood what "geochaching" is all about.
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Monaco 110 (2014– )
Worth watching!
11 May 2014
Many people have done bad talking about this TV-Show before it even started. The reason: It replaced (for the time being) the famous bavarian TV-show "Hubert und Staller" which is quite successful. I had about the same feelings when I watched the first episode, but I liked it. The receipt is always about the same. One main case to be solved by the police-men and women and two or three small side-effect cases to make the show more interesting. I want to to point out extremely good acting by Markus Brandl, Georg Veitl and Monika Baumgartner Only thing that I personally have to complain is the character Giana played by Isabel Scholz. Unfortunately she is not succeeding in personalizing a typical Italian restaurant-owner.
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Löwengrube (1989–1992)
Reflects perfectly the life in Germany by the end of the 19th century until mid 20th century
5 November 2013
Löwengrube tells the story of the Grandauer Family from the end of the 19th century until the fifties of the last century. I was amazed by the perfection of the details representing the different years which this series takes place. This drama gives you a great impression how every-days life must have been in Germany in the first half of the last century. Jörg Hube has done a great job representing the head of the Grandauer Family but all actors have done a great job. As mentioned in other reviews before, Grubes acting is Oscar-worthy. If you watch this series, you learn more about German history of the last century than any history-book can tell you. I am watching this series for the third time. For sure it will not be the last time...
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Atlantis (2013–2015)
Not bad, not bad.....
25 October 2013
If you take the bad part of the epic series "Merlin" and the good part of the series "Hercules" with Kevin Sorbo, you get exactly what this series is all about. I actually like it. The visual (clothing, ambient) is very good, the acting is not that bad. The story is typically "easy entertainment". I actually like the idea of showing classic Greek characters in a totally different way then you would expect them. This makes the show kind of funny. if this show is to be continued, I surely will follow it and watch each episode until the end. Atlantis definitely does not reach the status and quality of Merlin but still it is a nice, entertaining show worth watching.
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München 7 (2004–2016)
Nice Police-series for those that come from Munich
28 March 2013
Franz Xaver Bogner is one of the few artists who really understands how to capture the bavarian spirit on film. He has proved this with his famous series "Irgendwie und Sowieso" and continues this manner with his latest production "München 7". I think that you need to be from Munich to really understand and enjoy fully the joy of this series. I do however have to complain a little bit. The first two seasons are just perfect. The fans of Bogner will fully understand this. While Season 3 and 4 are a little bit to much type of "mass-production". Somehow the spirit and the love for details that was present in the first two seasons got lost in season 3 and 4. Still I want to give 10 stars for München 7 because this series shows you perfectly the heart of Munich. The stories are entertaining and I only can imagine how it could be difficult to shoot in famous places like the Viktualienmarkt in the hart of Munich. I only wish that Bogner will create many more episodes for the future.
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Sinbad (2012–2013)
I liked the show. Easy entertainment and a good atmosphere.
7 February 2013
Why do I always have to think about Hercules or Xena while watching Sindbad? I think it is because they have many things in common. Easy understandable, not all-to deep stories, nice shooting-locations, not to bad special-effects but bad wardrobe, makeup and hairstyle. Please give me a break. Some of the wardrobe and Hairstyles at this show seem to be right out of the 21st century. I was almost laughing when I saw the Indiana-Jones hat on that bounty-hunter. I don't want to talk about the scene in the casino... That was too bad. Yes I have to agree with another review I have read before. There is totally missing a very attractive female counterpart for Sindbad in this show. I really liked the shooting-locations. Very convincing. The acting is not bad, but also not outstanding. The dialogs are sometimes a bit flat. I really hope that there will be a second season. Why I give 9 stars? I think this show is entertaining and I like to be entertained.
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Outcasts (2010–2011)
Deserved a second chance
23 December 2012
I think it is a big loss to cancel this show so soon. It really had the chance to become an epic mystery-series like Lost but it failed. In my opinion the pilot was to weak. I found nothing exciting in the first one or two episodes and I only started to like the show after episode 3. The poor jokes of Cass at the beginning and some stupid dialogs ruined the first episodes. It got better throughout the series, but I think its destiny had already been sealed at the time the show got better. I was missing the typical "Superhero-Main-character" that "Daniel Mays" did not manage to bring into the show. He would have been a great side-character next to a (missing) Hero of the show. Cunningham as done a great job and Lucas, the "bad" guy has contributed well to the series. If you liked "Terra Nova" or "Lost", you will definitely like this show as well.
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A bad movie that kept me thrilled throughout the whole time
15 July 2012
If I had to rate this movie in just one word, I would say: Bad. But.. and there are lots of "Buts". I somehow enjoyed this movie. First of all: It kept me thrilled throughout the whole movie. First we need to admit that this is pure Science-fiction. Nothing happening in this movie could be happening in reality or should be measured with historical facts. So please enjoy this movie as a pure science-fiction-movie. I have absolutely nothing to complain about the acting. The acting was appropriate, outstanding the part of Christopher K. Johnson as Dr. Mengele. Some Issues about the CGI. At some parts, the CGI was well done, but at some points of the movie, the CGI looked like cheap B-Movie stuff. Dialogues and Sincronization: I kind of like movies where Germans speak German with subtitles (I am German, so I watched this movie in German). It went perfect with Christopher Karl Johnson, but the German of some of the Stormtroopers was that bad, so if you are German-native, you only can lough about it. For the story and the CGI I would rate a "4" but for acting and thrilling I would give a "9". so lets meet in the middle for a "7".
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Raising Hope (2010–2014)
If you like "My name is Earl" you'll love this one
30 June 2012
I was very sad when the show "My name is Earl" was canceled. So first I didn't want to know anything about a new show from the creator of Earl. But then I gave this show a chance. I remember that it took me like 2 or 3 episodes until I really loved the show "My name is earl", but it took me only one episode to love "Raising Hope" It is not only nice to meet some of the characters of "My name is Earl" again, it is the whole atmosphere equally to Earl that Garcia managed to capture on Film and transfered into his new show. It is the daily life of average American people with all its surprises and defects that make this show outstanding. You feel that you become a member of this family right after the first episode and just want to see more of their life. If you want to call this show a replacement of "My name is Earl", it really earned this honor. I just hope that this show will stay on air for another 3-4 seasons.
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Sweatshop (2009)
Missing something
5 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I must admit that I was pretty thrilled throughout the movie. But there was missing something: A background story. Why was that creature in that old factory? What's its purpose? This movie shows basically a group of people which one by one gets killed by some mysterious monster with 2 survivors. Nobody knows why they get killed or even why that monster was there. Hold on.. Did I see more then one bad guy? Are there some more zombie-like creatures? Where did they come from? The story of this movie does not deserve any star. As well as the dialogs. Pretty flat. I rate this movie with a 4 because it still gives some thrill and keeps you excited. Oh. One more observation: showing some of the actresses topless does not fit in a horror-movie and does not necessarily make it a good movie. My hint: If you have nothing better to do and want to get thrilled, watch this movie. You will not want to watch it again and you will not recommend it to your friends. Still you will not consider it as a waste of time.
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When "Titanic" meets "Das Boot"
6 November 2011
I thought it was a great show. Especially the German-Submarine-part was well done and reminded strongly on the great TV-show "Das Boot" From time to time I even wondered if they re-used the original "Das Boot" stage from Munich, Germany. I only need to complain that everything went too fast at the beginning. The first part could have been been told more deeply and even be extended into one more episode. I would have loved to see more about the life at the Laconia and the Submarine before the sinking. On the other side: The part of the cowardly father with his two children was a total waste of time and added nothing to the story. Great acting especially from Ken Duken who almost acted convincing like Jürgen Prochnow in "Das Boot". I liked also very much the role of Andrew Buchan and Thomas Kretschmann.
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Terra Nova (2011)
Really like it!
18 October 2011
Normally I am not much a fan of "Jurrasic park" or "Stargate", but this show cached my attention although it promised to be like this shows. It has a little bit of everything: Jurrasic Park (dinosaurs), Stargate (travelling to a strange place), Lost (the others = the sixers), Star Trek (go where no men has gone before), Avatar (like on a strange planet), Star Wars (the general atmosphere) and Jeremiah (Post-apocalytic-world). Terra Nova has a little bit of all these great series and I only wish that it will survive the first season and not die early like "Flash Forward, "V" and other projects. Outstanding acting for "Stephen Lang (Commander Tyler)" I must say that he is the show-maker! The special-effects (dinosaurs) look a little bit outdated and could need a little improvement. I will follow this show until the end and hope it will last many seasons.
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Dark Relic (2010 TV Movie)
Could have been better
21 September 2011
I actually liked the story of that movie. The movie had some points of thrill, but like the other reviews already said: The movie was destroyed by lousy and cheap so-called "Special-Effects" that sometimes had the quality of a mid-nineties-computer-game. The acting of James Frain, whom I first saw in "The Tudors" and of Alyy Khan was good (an probably kind of saved the movie from disaster). I almost felt sorry for them spoiling their names for this movie. The rest of the acting was average. I do not regret watching this movie (maybe because I like these middle-age crusade-type of movie). I would not watch it again and I would not really recommend it to any friends. This movie really could have been better with some up-to-date special-effects and if it would have been put into scene a little bit better.
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Nice try, but failed
29 July 2011
The whole movie reminded me of a cheap copy of the famous "Band of Brothers" with a total lack of action. Wherever could have been some action, it seemed to have been cut out of the movie. What disturbed me most at the movie was the use of grenades which had the effect of some new-years-fireworks. A little "puff", a little smoke and that's it... Nice try to bring in some background-story of a family waiting at home while the hero goes to war, but why forget about that story at the end of the movie? Although the whole movie plays at night in France, you always get the impression that the camera-lighting shows the way for the soldiers. Some other reviews talk about low-budget-filming? Yes, I totally agree. This could have done better. We all know these "after-movie-comments" about what happened with the heroes after the war. Well, this part is ridiculous at this movie. Only two soldiers mentioned without any historical background. If you like WWII-movies, watch it if you don't have anything better to do, but I swear you'll never watch it again.
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Passengers (2008)
Not bad, but I have seen this before
20 April 2011
This movie was my girlfriends choice. First, I thought we would have a short version of "Lost" here but I was totally mistaken. Somehow I liked the movie, but definitely not a movie I have to watch twice. The acting was not bad. But in my opinion it was one of these movies that take too long to come to the plot. The actual event (plane-crash) was covered too briefly while the rest of the story (finding out what is going on with the survivors) takes way too much time. I found it a bit confusing with all these characters appearing with a coat in the darkness After the incident with the train, I already knew: I have seen this before. So if you have already watched "The sixth Sense" with Bruce Willis, you probably won't be much excited about this movie. In my opinion, this topic is covered much better in "The sixth sense". Otherwise: Enjoy!
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