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Dune (2021)
Not as good as the original
23 October 2021
Just watch the original and then do your review. Casting is a big problem in this film. Too many iconic actors trying to cover iconic characters. The original had actors like Brad Dourif, Sting, Patrick Stewart, Linda Hunt, Everett McGill, Richard Jordan,and on and on. Interesting and quirky actors. Putting Aquaman and Drax in their roles made me removed from the film. None of the actors gave much life to their characters. The script suffered from not enough backstory given to each main character which makes you involved and care what happens to them. The special effects were not much more advanced from the original from so many years ago. Timothy Chalamet is a good young actor but just doesnt have the gravitas of Kyle MacLachlan in the original. I was pretty bored by the second half. Do yourself a favor and watch the life brought to the original by the actors playing the baron, fade, Shadout Mapes, Stilgar, and Guerney.
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Mr. Robot: Hello, Elliot (2019)
Season 4, Episode 13
Impacted Lives
24 December 2019
I rarely write a review here but I have been brought to tears by the ending of this magnificent series. Beyond the incredible script, cinematography, acting, score, and directing this show brought so much more on the human level. I have spent the day after reading Reddit, critical reviews, and personal reviews all over the internet to see if others felt as moved as I did. What touched me most was a You Tube video from a young man in Russia addressed to Rami Malek in particular. If you search you will find it. This young man is sobbing and barely able to articulate what this show has meant to him as someone struggling with lonliness at the least and possibly mental illness of some kind as well. He just keeps saying I am not alone, I am not alone. There are others like me who are lonely. It seems that the show has brought comfort to him as he thanks Rami Malek for his portrayal of lonliness and his coming to some kind of terms with his situation and that there is hope for healing. This show has delivered more than entertainment, it has touched at the core of what drives us and makes us human, vulnerable, and in the end hopeful in the face of adversity. Thank you Sam Esmail, and all the actors and those behind the scenes that brought us this beautiful piece of art. It will be the new bar for all TV shows to aspire to reach.
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Pure Excellence
19 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I feel so conflicted about this show. How can something be so wonderful yet so few people actually know it exists? In this day and age of social media bombardment this little gem of a show has managed to stay tucked away, a sweet little secret for those of us who long for a show that demands more than cursory attention. I want the TV watching world to stand up in unison and cheer for this show and yet in other moments I want to keep it all to myself. This show deserves Best TV drama Emmy, SAG, GG and all other awards but this episode deserves something even more. The acting is what takes top prize. Rami Malek has proven he is the most outstanding actor of his generation. His portrayal of innocence destroyed by the one he loved most is heartbreaking and honest. That performance could have been a disaster in the hands of anyone else. Every facial tick, every eye movement, every position of his body is perfection. The build up and then the first tear that streams down his cheek. Is there any other actor out there that can cry better than Rami? Dont think so. Elliot Villar is amazing and a perfect match to Rami in their emotional journey. Gloria Ruben is warm and engaging as the therapist. You see the deep connection in her eyes and her pain on having to pull the truth from Elliot. Christian Slater is perfect as usual. The cinematography is on spot from the lighting to the camera work. The music is Mac Quayle at his best. The script is perfect and the tension builds from the first moment to the climax. So many little extras thrown in and such an homage to early film noir pieces and Hitchcock movies. Thank you Sam Esmail and the cast but especially to Rami Malek. As Sam has said in many interviews if he had not found Rami there would be no Mr Robot. He had interviewed over a hundred actors and had almost given up until Rami appeared and gave Elliot the warmth and vulnerability required for the role.
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Mr. Robot: 401 Unauthorized (2019)
Season 4, Episode 1
Storytelling at its best
7 October 2019
This show takes my breath away. Every scene is so well thought out and the cinematography is on par with a motion picture. The shooting angles and the lighting really catch your eye. The acting is incredible. My favorite characters are of course Rami Malek as Elliot, Christian Slater as Mr Robot, and Shayla, Price, and Bobby Canavale. Rami Malek shows again why he is an Emmy and Academy Award winner. Every emotion and line that he delivers feels real and natural. He doesnt even seem to be acting. The music that is chosen is eclectic and sometimes off the wall but really fits the mood of the scene. The script by Sam Esmail is brilliant. I cannot wait for the rest of the season but I don't want it to end.
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Watch out for the violence if you have small children
4 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I rarely write a review but I want to warn people about this movie. First off I am shocked at the amount of graphic violence in this movie. I went with my son, daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren between the ages of 5 and 11. These kids are familiar with PG13 and have watch movies with violence in them but this was way too much! Large numbers of Indians and settlers are ripped apart by Gatling guns, people are crushed, stabbed, even a graphic scene where a heart is cut out of a still living man. I was appalled that Disney would allow this kind of violence in a movie that I thought was aimed toward a family audience with children. I was disgusted and I watch some pretty violent movies, I am not a shrinking violet grandma. It was unnecessary to the plot which by the way was wandering and boring. The scenery was the only standout in the movie. Also, what is up with the upper lip on the lead actress? If that is botox she should stop now and get her lip reduced. Every time I looked at her I just thought of a duck! The movie was poorly edited, about 30 minutes could have been left on the floor. Johnny Depp just looked like Jack Sparrow had moved to the southwest, and Armie Hammer is just flat. The only interesting part of the movie is near the very end when they finally unleash the Lone Ranger music and pair it with a great action sequence. By then it was too late. There are many better movies to spend your money on this summer. Go see Fast & Furious, Star Trek, Ironman 3, and especially Despicable Me.
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Courageous (I) (2011)
Real-life struggles with real-life acting
1 October 2011
This is only the second review I have ever put here but I felt compelled to come home from this movie and share my feelings. Yes, this is a "Christian Movie" however, no denomination or dogma is pushed on the viewer. I took my 14 year old daughter and when I asked her what she thought of the movie on the way home she used one word, "POWERFUL". I knew going in that this was not a big Hollywood production so I kept my expectations low in the area of cinematography and acting but I was pleasantly surprised. While watching this movie you feel like you are watching real everyday people in everyday situations we can relate to. The actors are not polished plastic models but average looking people next door. The dialog reflects everyday conversation and even the action scenes are believable, not over the top Hollywood shoot em up style. The message is hard hitting and I spent two hours shifting between sobs and laughter and never once wishing the movie was over already, although I did have to go to the bathroom for at least the last hour but would never have left for a moment. Couples should go together, families should go with their teenage children, fathers should definitely go with their sons. Don't discount this movie when you see "Christian" in the description, all fathers of any spiritual belief will gain from this movie and re-evaluate their role as leader of their families.
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Fast Five (2011)
High Speed Thrills For The Entire Family
30 April 2011
WOW!!!!This is my first review but I just couldn't resist throwing a big shout out to this movie. I am a 53 year old woman and I took my 30 and 14 year old daughters and we were all on the edge of our seats for 2:10. We had already fallen guiltily in love with parts 1 and 2 on instant watch Netflix, skipped 3, and have 4 on order. This sequel had just the right amount of action mixed with better plot and definitely more character development and emotional bonding than the other entries in the franchise. All characters are brought together and the addition of the Rock just amps up the sweat and muscles. The bookend action scenes are jaw dropping and though I started the series in love with Paul Walker, Vin Diesel is now my first love. The dialog is still cheesy and there is still plenty of macho posing and women in scanty garb but it's what we expect from this series. The best part is that this movie can be watched by the entire family and that is rare these days with all the profanity, blood, and sex. I only remember maybe 5 curse words in the entire movie, and although there was a lot of gunfire the blood was kept to a minimum. We went to a 5:30 pm showing in a large theatre and it was almost sold out with a long line waiting for the next showing when we left. I looked around and noted all age groups, including families with small children. Be sure to stay after the credits!!
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