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Not what I expected, but still a brilliant flick with a lot of heart
27 January 2017
I came to this movie from Taika Waititi's 2014 gem What We Do In The Shadows, which was friggin hilarious and totally my favorite comedy of the decade!

Keeping that in mind, I was expecting a laugh-out-loud dark comedy, but what I got was a heartwarming coming of age story about a young boy and his journey of finding a loving family. There were a couple of jokes here and there, some dry humor and sarcasm, but never once did it get anything more than a slight giggle from me and both instances were at the hunter cabin, with the cauc-Asian thing (which was in the trailer) and the "pervert innuendos". In the end, the movie gave me heart fuzzies!

Kinda reminded me of Mr Fantastic actually, which I think came out the same year! The correlation is more in the tone I think, a dramatic movie with wildly quirky characters, beautiful scenery, authentic family bonds/interaction, natural feeling comedy and a nice message of love!

So if you were like me, here's a warning: watch this with the premise of seeing a cute indie flick about a chubby "gangster" who disobeys, steals, spits, runs away, throws rocks, kicks stuff, loiters and makes graffiti. Also swears a lot and loves haiku!
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