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Oh c'mon!
14 August 2021
We all know a sequel is never as good as the first. This takes the biscuit.

It's terrible beyond belief (literally).

Slow, predictable and boring. And completely ridiculous.

I wouldn't even class this as a b movie horror. It's not.

Save your money - rewatch the first one.
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An interesting, but not ready remake.
22 December 2018
OK. I've only seen part 1. I'm apparently supposed to be have been 'traumatised' by the 70's version (I was). This was an attempt to bring an old tale into the modern age. Personally I think it was off. The animation/cgi is worse, a LOT worse - it's 2018 folks! The storyline is weaker and flakey. Ok ... it's 'tamer' than the original one to get it onto mainstream UK TV, but the script is weak and patchy. They've brought in some high flying actors to voice our 'bunnies'. I'm not sure it's cutting it though. Changing our favourite German seagull to Scot's is weird, and less amusing. There's a lot of oddities - e.g. there's mention of a 'homber' consistently - which was never a fox. No proper expansion of the orginial gore how humans affect our countryside. I'll see how part 2 does. Still a good old tale, it needs a lot more improvement to bring it into this generation who probably think it strange, rather than the hard core originals who know the story.
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NOT Awful... Give it a go for goodness sake!
4 February 2018
Look, this is the thing... Die hard fans of the original ST won't like this, neither will those who liked the other spin offs and some of the films. This is a bit like DS9 - you love it or you hate it! DS9 was utter pointless. A waste of air, 'space' and time. It was NOT Star Trek. This on the other hand is a Voyager reboot bringing in modern tones of diversity and some realistic language and relationship updates. If you liked Voyager, you'll like this. This is the first proper series reboot in years - give it a friggin chance folks. This has some strong characters and some good signs of promise. Give it chance. Don't 'kling on' to the past and expect every ST to be the same. If you do - don't bother watching and don't bother rating it a 1 - you're not worthy. Those who did give a 1/10 - how many episodes did you watch before you decided your rating? - to the end? - yeah I bet. Given time it'll mature and improve. It's not perfect, I agree. It's early days for a new series. Who doesn't want a Star Trek reboot series to medicate themselves between the block-buster films - without the acting incapabilities of Simon Pegg 'humour' additions - which ruined the last couple!!! In summary, it's time for something to stir the loins of ST fans. What I really really don't understand is why it takes 19, yes 19! (count them) 'producers' to be credited in the opening titles.
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It (I) (2017)
Put's the SH solidly back in IT!
8 September 2017
If you liked The Goonies, you'll love this.

A shockingly poor attempt at producing a horror. Terrifying, it is not. Scary, it is not. I've seen more horror at at child's party. The tea-cup ride at your local fair ground will give you more of a thrill.

Talk about the cliché central. A slow, plot holed, far fetched, continuity riddled farce. CGI was cheap and out of place.

This is NOT a horror, or even a b-movie horror. This is more akin to a comedy at best. Of course you'll get the odd 'jump factor' thrown in for good measure - even these are predictable and poorly scripted. Sad to say, Scary Movie would deserve an Oscar pitted against this mess.

The only saving grace was the make-up department did a great job and the acting wasn't completely off.

The hype surrounding this film was very well done - I congratulate the marketing and PR companies spin for a complete piece of trash.

Please, please please - do not franchise this. No more!

It's not worthy of the big screen cinema. Save your money, wait for the DVD/Bluray release to turn up in your local penny shop.
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