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Danny DeVito voice should've been coming from the Rock
5 July 2020
You would think that in this day and age that it would be no problem to dub a voice over another actors voice. This would have been so much more funny if that had been used. But they left that out. Still this is one funny movie anyway. You won't wast your time watching this. Go for it. You'll be glad you did!
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Black Panther (2018)
Really Good
3 June 2020
Really good film. Highly recommended. Will see it again as soon as possible. The Best.
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Mars (2016–2018)
Annoying and Distracting
4 November 2019
This TV Series would be fantastic if it was split in two! The constant interruption in flashbacks is a killer to watch. In flashback we are in the present, and in Documentary mode. In the future where the "Action" is, is where the the fictional story takes place, and is preferred. Unfortunately it is nearly a 50/50 split in airtime. If the documentary flashbacks were 10% of the airtime, I would rate this an 7/10. If you fast-forward through the "Flashbacks", this is palatable. Otherwise, avoid this editing disaster.
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Batwoman (2019–2022)
Holy Cow Bat-Fans!
2 November 2019
The time is right for Batwoman. But is this the right time for this type of Batwoman? I and a whole lot of other folks say, "Not yet"! Added to the distracting lifestyle choice of "The Caped Crusadress", we have horrible writing. A show can stand maybe one flaw, but two major flaws! No Bat-Way. I like many others would like to see this succeed. So if this DC franchise show is to succeed, it needs to tone down the personal lifestyle aspect of the characters and focus more on better dialogue along with a much better storyline.
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Toy Story 4 (2019)
Toy Story 4 - 8
22 June 2019
As long as they keep on making Toy Story's, we are going to watch them. This version is as good as 1 and 3. Question is can they make 5, 6, 7 and 8 fast enough. We want more.
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Secret City (2016–2019)
The House of Cards of Australia
29 March 2019
Not to give away anything plot wise, but this is an above average political "Deep State" type thriller. Anna Torv of the U.S. TV Show Fringe (2008) stars as a reporter who uncovers a mass conspiracy within The Australian Government. There are the well written usual twist and turns in the plot, and you find yourself wanting for the next episode.

You won't be wasting your time here. Cheers
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The X-Files (1993–2018)
I Love the X-Files but I'm not the 18-49 demo!! I was in 1993 though LOL
22 March 2018
The 18-49 demo is what gives the Network heads their gauge on how a show is doing. Unless Chris Carter abandons the original Seasons 1-9 formula this may not see Season 12. In 1993 the pilot introduced us to our beloved Mulder and Scully. Episode 2 "Deep Throat" gave us the alien conspiracy. Episode 3 started the formula I like to call the "filler" Episodes. The patience of that generation before to wait for another alien themed episode was greater than today. I must admit in my "Old Age" (LOL Again) 63 years young that my patience level with filler Ep's is not what it was. There is too much TV out there to watch. In 1993 it was not until Episode 17 till we really touched back on the alien takeover. That's too long for today's 18-49's. Episode #10 to get back to the William part of the saga. Toooooooo Loooooong

Chris, "Scrap That"!

Bring back the other two agents from season ten. Give them the "filler" Ep's. Then every week Mulder and Scully can focus on CSM and the conspiracy. If this is not done soon, I'm afraid a big Red circle with a red bar through the center will be over the X-Files.

The 6 Rating only is for season 11. Chris make it a 10 please.
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Why Oh Why do people compare remakes or preqels etc.
21 March 2018
They trash the whole series, or movie, because it doesn't meet, "their" criteria, because a character is miscast. Prime Suspect, House of Cards, Star Trek, and on and on. Just take each version, on its entertainment value alone. I must confess, that there was but one, Sherlock Holmes! Basil Rathbone. If we are to make comparisons, is Benedict Cumberbatch better, or is Johnny Lee Miller? As I got older, I started to expand my appreciation, for The Casting Directors, that are aware of past and present, and come up with great actors, for roles based on well worn recycled fare. Cruise for Frasier! That's a stretch, but OK. I was entertained. The Mummy.

This also applies here. All 3 actresses who have played Tennison have entertained us well. All were the right person for the part. Yes Maria Bello's, Tennison in New York version did not get a fair shake. But was perfectly cast as a NYC version. Helen Mirren in NYC? Not in my world. Bello in The UK. Tea time would have a whole new meaning! So this Tennison is perfect for 1973. I saw in the trivia section, that comparisons were made, about eye color, and the actresses actual ages, to their characters age, and they did not match, so this Tennison was not believable! C'mon!!

This sadly short series was fantastic in all areas. Definitely a must watch for British Bobby Show fans. Cheerio Guv.

P.S. We want more Stefanie Martini as Jane.
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An excellent fantasy if you don't take it too seriously
4 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Yes we all know but the premise for this could not happen. The occupation of the United States by Germany and Japan who by numbers of population would make it feasibly impossible to manage all of us. But putting that aside this is great science fiction. One character travels back and forth between alternate realities. The ones you and I live in today. And the fantasy time-line that has the Japanese occupying everything west of the Rockies and Germany everything to the east. The divisions in South America are about equal as it is in North America. Yes there are a lot of gaffes, mistakes, and goofs. Let's face it with all the productions economizing is a must. This is in game of thrones with an unlimited budget. But it is done very well. Some may call this slow-paced which it is. But there is a reason for this. This is a cerebral show not an action show. Paying attention is a must. Not to give away the plot twist but one reviewer mentions he didn't understand the necklace. He was trying to make sense of it without completing even watching the first season. All will be revealed why this particular character stared at the necklace later on. Just goes to show you some people have no patience. This is worth a look at. Again just don't take it too seriously. This is not reality it is fantasy and science fiction.
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Blunt Talk (2015–2016)
Treat it as a cartoon with no anime and you'll get it, or Charlie Chaplin if you will.
15 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Contains spoilers from ep1 only. We've seen the stills with Stewart standing on a roof of a car. The scene associated with it is reminiscent of The Keystone Cops. The taser incident was funny. S**t the whole thing was funny. I watched this for two big reasons. Seth McFarlane and Patrick Stewart. Just like Hanks and the Late Williams who went from outrageous TV comedies to serious drama Stewart like many others are trying a turn at switching to comedy. Shatner had gigs as "The Big Head and Denny Crane". One goofy one not so much. He did well crossing over. So Stewart at seventy five years of age to hop up on the roof of a Jag for a laugh was good enough for me. Lets see Shatner try that one. This will only get better as Seth's writers get a feel for Stewart's real capabilities. Episode 1 did look a little forced. I agree with that aspect. But I will remember the whole Season 1 S/T TNG and remember it took the better part a half season for Stewart to grasp the feel for his character Capt. Picard which was something out of his element at that time. He was really a Shakespearean Stage actor. He is older and wiser now. Look for him to grasp this a lot quicker. Remember this though. It is sophisticated and unsophisticated comedy at the same time.
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Star Trek: Enterprise: In a Mirror, Darkly (2005)
Season 4, Episode 18
The full Back story (Damned The Defiant!) Not the DS9 one
16 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This two part episode does take its idea from the T.O.S. episode Mirror, Mirror (Sea2 Ep4). But that's all it does. It is more about the explanation of what happened to a missing Federation ship in Tholian space in the distant future. Now this episode totally takes place in the Mirror Universe. AKA Fringe. No transporter accident here sending the good officers to the bad universe, and vice versa, as in the T.O.S. episode. Just a 2 parter in the bad uni. And a lot of fun with all the cast playing different roles. But what ties this to the future Federation is that In a Mirror Darkly, a future Constitution Class Star Ship the Defiant has somehow just appeared in the present, or its past, and has been captured by the Tholians. For those that remember, you now know what happened to the doomed Defiant that Kirk was trapped on for a while during a phase shift. For those not versed watch the Star Trek episode The Tholian Web (Sea3 Ep9). That explains how the Defiant got here. This future Starship has Warp 9 capability superior weapons and shielding. And The Empire (Federation in the good universe) must have "It" to tip the scales in their war against Good. Remember, here....... Evil must triumph over Good!! Anyway lots of fun watching everyone depart from their original roles. Except T'Pol, who like Spok, is "The same in both Uni's. Logic always wins out. Maybe J.J. Abrams will have one of his sequels of the New Star Trek in the Mirror Uni????
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