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Spartacus: Libertus (2012)
Season 2, Episode 5
The Answer
29 February 2012
After a magnificent first season and also magnificent "The Gods Of The Arena", most of people have watched first and second episodes of new season excitedly and had disappointed because of the new faces.Someone stopped to watching this TV show because of this.But the answer came with this episode.This is the most impressive episode i have ever seen.You can watch this like a watching movie.Don't need to have ever watched Spartacus before. The excitement never stops with amazing realistic battle and bloody scenes.It was like a final episode which has been on TV for 5 years.So it is 10/10 for me.I am very curious about new episodes.
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Conquest 1453 (2012)
an anecdote
19 February 2012
In the hell,there are boilers and some people is boiling in them. Hell-hounds are standing for each boiler. Just one boiler has no hell-hound. Somebody asks that "Why is that boiler has no hell-hound?". And the answer comes "Dont worry! They are Turks! When somebody attempts to go out the others pull along his arms.They can stop themselves". So; don't do that.i think we should not exaggerate to negative review. I really very like this movie and i can watch again and again.i give 8 stars for this movie objectively but now it s time to 10. Costumes,fight scenes,acting,musics are good.Script and fiction are not very bad.A good start,we can make betters.Thank you producer.
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