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All rather sweet
23 November 2016
This is a fairy tale, but, as fairy tales go, quite a nice one.

It's interesting to see Hollywood's take on Britain under the Blitz - lots of chirpy cockneys cracking jokes as the bombs fall and irascible tea shop proprietors laying down the law.

Most of Hollywood's ex-pat Brit community turns out in roles that must have been bread-and-butter to them - Gladys Cooper as the snooty old patrician lady, Nigel Bruce in amiable-oaf mode, Queenie Leonard as the tart-with-a-heart, Melville Cooper as the dopey uncle.

Joan and Ty look gorgeous and do a professional job with the script, even when it gets a bit sticky (Joan's cliché-ridden eulogy of England is particularly painful).

If you can swallow the stereotypes and suspend your disbelief, there are worse ways of spending 110 minutes!
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