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The Chamber (2016)
25 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It's been a while since I watched a film that just ticked me off. I'm thinking foreigners must think Americans are bullying idiots if they have movies like this and our current politics to go by.

This is a "Why Did I Bother" film.

First thought is who choose to take a civilian on a covert mission? Would they have had to kill anyway because of what he's seen and heard while down there? Otherwise it's not likely to be found if no one saw it go down in the first place and if they had, they would have salvaged it before America came in to save the day.

Also, their is two likable character in the movie of four people and of course they both die just because of film directors budget cuts or a "oh, well let's wrap this up and forget it not having any substance" attitude.

Knew one of the likable character was dead when he started easing her from any guilt. Look this witch has every reason to feel guilt for all her bad decision, starting with lying to a civilian and using them. All I could think in the end was good, I hope she suffers and die slowly.

I guess you can see by my review, I did not like this film and it wasn't the actors. The actors did fine with what they were working with. No, there was just not enough debt of importance written into the situation to make it worth dying for. So you're thinking, just go back get a better sub now that you know what you are dealing with and go back later.

This is how I would have written it: The owner of the submarine should have lied to them about how great his submarine is to get there money, like the Captain in JAWS and the Captain in ANACONDA and they get on it and find out it's a lemon and proceed with the story. But this is a very honest man, he explains several time how his ship is old and has to be treated so gently they couldn't even wear their boots in it.

It would have given her a reason to be make bad judgment calls, as it stood you're thinking she is not intelligent enough to be a high rank an official as she is pretending to be.

So everything that takes place after his dire warning about the delicate should be retired sub was just stuff that ticks you off.
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Fallen (II) (2016)
Would have been better if...
5 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have not read the series and I like it that way when it comes to films because I don't like to be comparing the scenes and debt of acting to the movie I see in my head when I read.

With that said, there is this ongoing desire when it comes to YA (Young Adult) Romances adapted to film to have this great hope that the first will be a commercial success like Twilight and then they will adapt the rest of the series to film. It is rare to have that kind of hit on your hands even twilight was a flux, because the acting was stilted and no chemistry between the costars regardless of them having a relationship. The hype and the fact the books were already beloved as a series that even if it sucked the fans were determined.

With that said, this film would have been better if they combine the series and made one great film, then come back with a sequence which could be a new unread addition to the story if it was a hit. As it stands it feels uncompleted and leaves you wanting. Hollywood has been proved to be unreliable to their movie goers by not completing beloved series romances adapted to film. Now last I heard Disney bought the right to do all 3 films, so one can only hope it won't end up in list below.

For example:

The Mortal Instrument Series I Am Number Four "Lorien Legacies" series Vampire Academy The Covenant

I suggest it's best to be like me and wait on reading the books after you see all the movies so each movie can float on its own merits.
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The Snare (2017)
Metaphorical Mess
25 February 2017
First, it's nothing like the blurb. I'm thinking there was some demon or ghost that haunted this apartment that prevents these people from escaping.

However, I can only conclude these were three people with mental issues in the first place who became stuck in this apartment due to some technical malfunction of the building, or some nut doing the "Human Experiment Project". What happens is it caused the paranoia to kick in or it was some drug induced psychosis which brings out their inner fears and or psychotic disorders.

For instance if you were abuse as a child and pushed it out of your mind as an adult it manifest in flash backs and attacks of crippling terror. That's what a lot of this film felt like. It's like flashes of your worst personal nightmare. Such are a heartless sexual sadist who hid behind a mask of wholesome goodness then you find yourself in a situation you can't hide your afflictions and you give in to your basic animal urges.

All I know about this film is I needed to be smoking whatever all those who left these raving reviews were smoking.

Honestly, peeps, this is another one of those films that is all about shock value and an attempt at avant-garde cinema. Good attempt; but this type of film has been done better and at the very least has left you thinking about it long afterwards. Not this puppy. You want to forget you stupidly sat there until the end, thinking if you keep watching it will make more sense at the end.

Okay, here goes my honest opinion, want it or not. This film would have been better off if it had been about vacationers fighting against a actual demon are ghost that wouldn't allow them to leave this apartment instead of this metaphorical mess. In my determination, they were only prisoners of their own minds.
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It had potential but...
5 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this movie 6 because of the great acting of the lead child actor playing Hanna/Angel.

Why I would put this at a 4 as a film is because of the sadism towards the child that makes for uncomfortable viewing; but it could just be me. I've never been one for the "torture" style form of horror that seem to be so popular like in the "Saw" series or the "Hostel" series. These films don't scare me,they just make me angry, especially when in most cases the victims waste time screaming and crying and less time fighting. I feel that when the antagonist is as physically human as you are, you fight! It's a given you're going to die so you go down making it hard on them and try to take them with you so they won't hurt anyone else, ever.

I would like to think there could never be parents this horrid, however sadly I've seen and read enough "True crime" to know this isn't the case. As much time as it take these parents to "pretend" to be great parent they could use it to actually become better parents to this child or give her up. But no, you get a sense they perv off mistreating this autistic child.

The abuse goes on too long in my opinion before things start to turn around. I suppose it would have been a 30 minute short film if they hadn't drawn it out because this is the crux of the matter. It's the sadistic abuse that draws the twin name "Angel" who committed suicide for the same reason her sister is now contemplating it to take over in hopes of making the parents pay. This is what the film is about. Period.

I don't know if this film would have worked in America with the way our Child Protective Services is. These days you sneeze too hard on your kid the kid call child services or tell a teacher and you have them beating on your door. Thank goodness her teacher saw things as they were. I wondered if her parents were trashy and poor would the school administrator been more convinced of Hanna's abuse regardless of what showed on the surface. You would think with one kid committing suicide so young, they would already be on the social service speed dial list to watch over the effects and possibility that being a "twin" she could be just as acceptable to that form of escapism even if it's over the loss of her sister.

I can honestly say I've seen much worse in the horror genre; so please give it a go, and form you own opinion. I yawned at least twice while watching it, so don't do so if you are tired or sleepy, unless you're looking for a slow pace film that you don't care if you fall asleep on but if you do, it's something you can finish later.
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I Am Wrath (2016)
I don't know what others expected but...I liked it!
24 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this film. I don't know what those who didn't expect since it was a vendetta film and most of them don't have as well an ending. Also in a vendetta movie not much hasn't been done so I don't get the bad reviews.

The first part is reminiscence of Charles Bronson film Death Wish. The bad guys being so over the top it makes you want them dead. You know the the type. They're in every action film and like roaches they keep coming no matter how hard you hit them they get back up and no matter how many you kill they keep coming. These thugs killing the woman he loves and no one but her family seems to care about gives him a beyond reasoning mentality to get her the justice the bad cops can't give him.

He teams up with his old OPs partner that don't give him a choice and they start cleaning the streets, bad cops, and higher ups in the process of getting the ones that actually did the crime against his wife. You find out there was more too it, so it explains why it was over the top for a simple robbery.

I for one enjoyed the byplay between John and Christopher's characters. Reminiscent of Tango and Cash except you know they have a brotherhood-of-arms camaraderie for each other.

The thing that makes it different is the ending. So many times in vengeance films the good guys temporarily gone bad have to die for not doing things the legal ways. It's like Hollywood way of not encouraging vengeance as if we aren't smart enough to know it's a movie. This movie knows we get it, so I was pleased with the ending.

As far as John Travolta's wigs I don't know why he feel the need at this point in his career. I think he was sexy as all get out in "From Paris With Love" with the bald head and goatee but, that's my thing. If you have a head full of hair that's great. If not embrace the bald or close cut look with pride because that's sexier than toupee or wigs. Balding hasn't stopped Christopher from being sexy. E...v...e...r.
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The Invitation (I) (2015)
16 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This didn't do a thing for me. Half way through it I just found myself not caring what happen to these insipid people who didn't know the difference between a party and a therapy session. To me a party is a happy place, with laughter, dancing. No death films, or deep talks about the death of loved ones. It was more like a wake. I can stay home with my stuff and be happy instead of being in a room full of people who were weird. Even those they called friends didn't seem to have much of a likable personality.

Now let me say this...if my ex invite me to anything he's throwing in the old domestic dwelling we called home, after I haven't heard or seen him in two years I wouldn't go. Period. Will knows his ex-wife well enough to know something is off with her which means something is off in general.

So of course, no one wants to believe the man in the room who knows ll really well except for three people who are just weird in general and don't fit in. They wouldn't have come if it wasn't for the fact they all loved his ex-wife, who none had heard from in two years.

Now as for the Black woman he brought with him and I'm telling you as a Black woman, if my man suggested we go party with his ex I would have said hell no especially if in the entire time we were dating he's never introduced me to not one person at the party before the party. I need to know at least one other person to feel comfortable about walking into the unknown. The unknown being a woman he loved very much once into a home he lived happily in with this woman until they lost a child. Also, if I see my man going through something in general I would have not allowed him to go through it alone and side with these people I didn't know.

When he was upset and went the bathroom, I would have been there with him to make sure he was okay and tell him I was ready to go. By the times this character gets to that point, he thinks he's just going through things because of his son's death. So they badly wrote that character's reaction in the beginning because cultural upbringing matters. I figure it wasn't written with a Black woman in mind but they wanted diversity.

One of the things I found most irritating is these cult people wanted to die why they felt the need to take others with them. They should have explained their reasoning and a bit far fetched that all of them would be in that same area of town in a large city.

The only plus is the two leads were alive and their relationship stronger for it. They both know they loved each other enough to kill for the other to protect them.
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The Boy (2016)
She deserved whatever...
16 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I figure the chose to make Greta American for the film because of our bad reputation of "rudeness and disrespect of others property" when we travel abroad (such as signing your name on historical monuments or landscape). Unfortunately,there have been enough truth to make the stereotypical behavior used often in crossover horror films used in all of them with American visiting characters.

Maybe because I played with Barbies as a child and being an only child, I felt they were my friends so at first I felt angry at Greta's behavior. I'm still an adult collector because of the dolls importance to my childhood so it doesn't have to be important to anyone else but if for instance I pay you good money to keep my dolls house dusted everyday, you should do it even if you think it's stupid or turn down the job.

For this reason I think Greta deserved to get spooked. The doll was real to these people and she should have respect that as if she was caring for a disabled child. At least in the beginning. It wasn't like she had to make it up as she went along. Just follow the rules until you realize they weren't coming back. Then get the hell out of there since you were paid enough for a ticket home or a hotel in town.

Now considering what the parents had planned I didn't understand why they didn't just take "The Doll" with them instead of saddling an unsuspected person with the task.

I was confused that is until the haunting movie I thought it was went from a great British Gothic horror film of a spiritual love between parents and a(deceased)child to a typical American Gore film which was disappointing. I think this is why so many hated it.

However thought it was better than some horror films I've seen lately due to the atmosphere set from the beginning if they had followed through with the haunting and let it end with the ghost child choosing new parents it would have been way better, I think.
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Backtrack (I) (2015)
Suspenseful and sad in many ways...
2 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this film. It has a Hitchcock feel with paranormal aspects used to get this now middle aged man to the truth of a secret he's buried. You realized he buried it out of self preservation.

After the death of psychiatrist (Adrian Brody's) daughter in an accident, he feels a deep responsibility for her loss. Being unable to help his daughter,it triggers a latent memory of the loss of another young girl.

As the story unfolds you realize he probably chose the profession of a psychiatrist because of his past. He had to want to know the why to the question he was probably to frightened as a boy to talk about. Who would believe him?

I don't know if the ghost were truly there or if it all the mind's way of getting the truth out, freeing this man from his past in order to accept the loss he faces in his present life in order to feel free to live a future without his daughter.

I felt he believed in someway the secret he kept was "poetic" justice for keeping this grave secret. He lived with the truth that this horrific train accident that happened when he was a boy was his fault in some way, he just had mentally blocked that his part was indirectly related.

You can feel the turmoil a child of a serial killer must feel when they realized and carry the secret into adulthood how sick their parent is. It's probably through his becoming a doctor he managed to not become the same type of man. Adrian Brody is perfect for his role because of his animated features he has the ability to display suffering with just an expression.

Regardless of the low rating it has received by some, these days if there is no gore, people don't feel it's horror. If you love the old dramatic thrillers that came out before slasher films took over the field you will enjoy this. It does feel slow in the beginning but trust that it is taking you somewhere and every scene serves a purpose in getting you there because it's a very "first-person" drama.
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The Forest (I) (2016)
This movie isn't necessary...
31 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The reason this movie isn't necessary is because there are some great Japanese and Korean films that feature the forest with more depth with more likable characters. I advise you It might be me but I hate films where Americans go to foreign countries and have no respect of the people or their customs and culture.

From the very beginning the one thing that makes the movie irritating is Sara is unlikable. It would be so much better if she had been a sweet likable person missing her sister. She has a snark attitude even when people are trying to be nice to her.

Sara's in a strange country in huge forest that has a bad reputation to say the least. She first go to find her sister and didn't bother to do research online about the forest. I mean there is all kinds of documentaries, research, footage on the internet. This is the first sign she is too stupid for her own good.

She is giving a condense version of things she shouldn't do, than proceed to do everything she was not suppose do as if she's checking off the list to make sure she doesn't miss making one mistake. I mean even without the paranormal elements the forest is something to be respected because of size alone. It would scare a person to not do everything their guide tell them to do. There is more than worrying about getting lost in the forest there are bound to be huge spiders, snakes,though the film choose to get that real. etc...

Also another sign of her stupidity is she listens to an Asian woman that come to her in the middle of the night, but she doesn't pay attention to the man that know the language and lives there. She assumes he has a motive.

Then after she is hurt, you think everything she does and see from there on could be chalked up to blood poisoning. It's not good to get a cut in the forest and not cleanse it. Looking for her sister is so important to her in the beginning that she can't listen to reason.

My theory is her twin Jesse wasn't the one who try to take her own life several times with pills. Sara was the one that was damage by seeing her parents dead body. Jessie was behind her so she wasn't the one with mental issues. Sara liked to lie about how her parents died which tells you she was ashamed and it was because she saw it.

I love the actress in Games of Thrones but her acting felt over;u dramatic and I assume because she had to lose her English accent and play American, everything she said came out brash, arrogant, or sarcastic. You simply don't care if she dies or get out of the forest.
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Emelie (2015)
It had potential but...
9 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I think it was bad writing because this had to be the easiest babysitter to get away from. First what parent in their right mind leave their child with not only a new babysitter recommended by someone but they don't even know what she looks like. The best thing is to have the person recommending the babysitter as back up plan to introduce you so you can get a feel of them first regardless of the recommendation. If not then Google her. So when she shows up they would have known it was not the person they were expecting.

Then they had several opportunities they or at least the two oldest could have escaped. The oldest girl hugs Maggie, their real babysitter when she visits and slip her a note. I felt they could have tried to do more. Then when the oldest brother actually got out of the house instead of going to a neighbor he goes to this dweeb friend whose a kid too who guilt him about leaving his siblings behind, duh, then he should had told his friend he was stupid and useless and went and got a grown up.

Also she cuts the power to a house she never been in and maneuver with a flashlight like she lived there. This girl isn't that much bigger than the kids, I saw a few times the older brother could have pushed down the stairs.

The fact is why didn't she just take the younger boy that she wanted when she first got there and not bother actually playing babysitter. Instead of having her "Partner in crime" watch and hinder the parents. He could have been there picking up her and the boy she wanted. This would have been a better movie if she had said she was going to the store take the youngest, tell the oldest to watch his sister and never took the boy back. Let the movie been about something else.

The last irritation is who gets up and walk from a car rolling over them twice. Meaning first it hit you and roll with the back wheels backing up then the front wheels? No one even if they don't die on the spot but a girl weighing ninety five to a buck five. Makes it to contrive to enjoy the potential it had because the acting was good overall.

Watch it if it's .99 or free otherwise it could have been a Lifetime Movie.
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Jeruzalem (2015)
Same old low budget hack
3 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First of all a sure fire sign a film sucks is when it's done in first person cam. So you know it's going to be as stupid as the decisions made by the one who has the cam.

Secondly, when you have spoiled childish "nothing will ever happen to me" wealthy princesses who must have missed every article, movie, and documentary about "how to remain a safe female in a foreign country" then crappy stuff bound to happen sooner or later. I mean these girls choose to do all the things every guidebooks warns you not to do. You the viewer will spend a lot of time rolling your eyes and mumbling, "idiots" and "some one please steal this half-wit girl glasses cam and save us all".

Thirdly, you have no sympathy for key characters because it all could have been avoided if they just went on the trip they planned they might have been lying on a beach somewhere. Why them, with with their promiscuous behavior wanted to go to the most religious city in the country to follow a stranger for a hookup will leave you shaking your head. What the hell was they thinking? To think these two young girls went to another country to go to a place you didn't research for your vacation and hook up with MEN, not some girls that could assure you a better chance of safety, but MEN they knew nothing about.

These girls were doomed even if the gates of hell hadn't opened because of their own stupidity. I spent more time being frightened by their actions in a strange country at the beginning of the film, than I was by the demons that finally show up.

Watch at your own waste of time and don't say I didn't warn you.
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Exposed (III) (2016)
Odd Woman Out...I enjoyed the film
25 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why so many didn't like the film except for the fact I know many don't like subtitles.

The only thing I will say is I would have focus on the one story of the Latin woman since she is the key to the full circle. Throwing in the illusion effects I found distracting and the drug dealers story line too, but I understood the reasoning was because it was two separate stories that collided. It's like some people are born to be victimize all their lives. I'm surprise she turned out as well as she had, however it was probably due to the fact she blocked her childhood out until she was traumatized again.

There is two stories going on here with one common factor, a murdered cop in the subway station. I think if you don't have high expectations as to what you want it to be and appreciate it for what it is you will enjoy it more. If you have any aversion to the strictness of Catholic religion you probably will not enjoy this film because it plays a roll in setting up the story and the use of the illusions which I don't know why these "beings" were chosen to look like they do. If it was suppose to represent something I didn't get it.

I found it very sad because the actress playing the lead is very beautiful with an innocence that is almost surreal and believable. They did great casting.
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6 Years (2015)
Irritating...if you're over 25...
21 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
*possible spoilers* I found this grating to watch. I just wanted to kick her butt the entire time. It was obvious what the problem was and who was the cause. She wants him to give up all his dreams, but she wasn't offering him a better alternative in return for all this loyalty she expected from him.

She does what many girls do. She makes him her life, her future, her career choice, her everything. All healthy relationships have a me time and you time, then there is a you and your friends, a me and my friends, a we and our friends time. This is where the trust comes in. It has to be that way to stay sane.

To put it simple this movie is about one person outgrowing another person. IT happens and the thing about young love is no one says that the person you loved all through your youth is the person you have to spend your adult life with. Obviously, He wants to grow up and go to the next level of life called "become a responsible adult" and she wanted to still be high school while playing at house. I don't know if that's a race, thing but my mother and grandmother would never allowed the spending the night and screwing in their house in the first place. They figure then you can afford to get a hotel or do it somewhere else, then you're old enough to accept all the responsibilities that come with being sexually active.

In this movie they try to be very realistic to the fact that most young relationships are destroyed by too much drinking and partying. Unless you both are into the scene, it gets really tiresome for the sober one to always be the logical and responsible one.

Life is too short to spend the best years of your life babysitting your lover. It's okay if you no longer want to be the one to make sure this person get home safe, don't end up in bed with some stranger, or have unprotected sex with someone you both know. Trying to get you to not drive drunk, because you never think you're drunk. Then there is the staying up all night making sure they don't vomit in their sleep and most of all you don't want to deal with the violent tendencies that you've warned them about time and again when they wonder where your scratches and bruises come from the next day.

In this movie I felt at some point someone would realize she was bipolar and get her some help.

No matter how long you've been together, 6 years or 6 months. not even the sexual chemistry you may have together can outweigh a partner's dysfunctional tendency.

Know if you give up your dreams for another person you will eventually resent and blame your failures on that other person. Never invest your complete happiness in another person, it's too much responsibility on another person and simply it isn't fare to someone you supposedly love. life sucks.
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Dark Touch (2013)
My take on this film...
15 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Contains *spoilers* I think Niamh was telekinetic and also an empath and both abilities manifested by her own childhood of abuse. She could have even been considered a messenger of God. I think she had the ability to sense the true intent in people regardless of the face they showed the rest of the world.

Most abusers are able to hide it well and live normal lives with it only being a dark secret in the families. I think when she buried the children in the building, it was because she knew which children would grow up to become abusive adults and that was her way of preventing the vicious cycle that also usually occurs in families of abuse.

I think her parents were abusive. You could tell their true nature by their initial actions. When her father woke up and seen her with the baby on the stairs, he didn't ask her in a gentle manner why she was up or if she had a nightmare or did the baby wake her up crying as most caring parents would have. his first instinct was to yell at her and moved towards her aggressively before the furniture stopped him.

The same for her foster family they appeared to be good caring parents but if you notice their behavior over minor offenses was one of abuse and not understanding that come from truly good nature parents. Such as when she refuse to bathe she physically forced her to and when she didn't want to be touched they both would do it any way even holding her by her wrist tightly until she submit. The foster mother slapping her just because she wouldn't go to bed quietly is not the normal behavior of a good parent. The same for the foster father when she wasn't behaving the way he though a child should he would grab her roughly by the shoulders and shake her.

I think in her way she was trying to give the foster parents the opportunity to become better parents, with warnings such as the loud ringing in the ears as means to getting them to calm down and think before they act.

I think when she and the twins gave her foster family the bath she was reenacting their hurtful words and action that they had taken against Mary and their children in the past. I think their daughter that had cancer tired them out and they abused her when they got angry and it was all blamed on the side effects of her cancer. However Niamh knowing what is inside people knew what they took their frustration out on Mary anxious for her to go ahead and die because she was an unwanted stress on them and their marriage.

I think the point of the story and the plot is Niamh wasn't just a child with unrealistic gifts or curse. She was more of a reincarnated version of the archangel "Michael" sent to exact God's vengeance on seemingly mean spirited people, adults and children with no saving grace. She knew good when she sensed it. Look how she was very gentle and demonstrative with the pregnant teacher and again with the teachers boyfriend and baby's father. She knew they were good inside and out and they would be good parents. She basically gives them her blessings with her touch.

I think they wanted to leave the lingering thought in your mind that He's watching even if no one else is and your child could be a Niamh sent with a message and a mission.
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The Fright Night Files (2014 TV Movie)
I hope this become a series!
19 October 2014
"The Fright Night Files" is a trio of short horror films.

"For The Love Of Lockwood" Jealousy engulfs Marla Peters (Eva Marcille) just as she is set to marry her fiancé Lockwood Masters (Sean Blakemore) driving him to call off the wedding. Lockwood ultimately forgives Marla and with a little assistance from Madame Mabry (Whitfield) promises to love her… to death.

"Mirror, Mirror" Ronald (Harry Lennix) is caught in a love triangle between his new love Alexa (Victoria Rowell) and his live-in girlfriend Jessica (Davetta Sherwood). After coming home to find Jessica and friends including Monique (Karrueche Tran) performing a strange ritual, he breaks the relationship off. As a peace offering, Jessica brings an ornately-decorated mirror that changes his life forever.

"Pillow Talk" Channel 187 Late night radio DJ Coffee Black (Elise Neal) has the sultry voice that can seduce any man over the airwaves and in person, she brings them to their knees, in more ways than one. When Coffee begins to receive mysterious calls from past lovers like Isaiah (Bokeem Woodbine) her world is filled with dead air.

I recommend this great entertaining film with some of the most outstanding Black actors of today, yesterday and tomorrow!
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A film to remember...
17 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was a beautifully shot movie that remains in my memory after all these years.

In UNTIL September there is a sensuality that makes you want to hop on a plane to Paris and have your own "affair to remember". These lovers allow you to crawl into their skin and experience every beautiful and painful moment of the time they had together. It was film that brought out the voyeur in me. Some scenes so painfully raw you felt you should look away from it.

if you are a romantic at heart. You will like this film and it will linger on your mind long afterward. You will even have fantasies of possibilities yourself. The scene with the French Toast is something I have always remembered and I watched this film back when it came out in 1984. These two actors had believable chemistry. It's hard to find the talent today of what was produce in the love stories of the 80's. Officer and a Gentleman. LOL Do I need say more.

Enjoy with your significant other and immolate what you see. It will make for a romantic fantasy affair of your own.
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17 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sorry if you're going to film a film with such a sensual Blurb, the least you can do is throw some sensuality into it. I mean if you want to know how to do this right, go and watch

UNTIL September

that was done in 1984. This was a beautifully shot movie that remains in my memory after all these years.

In UNTIL September there was a sensuality that made you want to hop on a plane to Paris and have your own "affair to remember". These lovers allow you to crawl into their skin and experience every beautiful and painful moment of the time they had together. It was film that brought out the voyeur in me. Some scenes so painfully raw you felt you should look away from it.

This film has shaky cinematography, her cheating on her husband didn't feel like cheating because we weren't allowed to sense they had anything to lose in their relationship. "It's like telling reading a book and it just says, "They are married." Yet there is no show of a loving nurturing marriage. Maybe that is the point so it gives the wife the okay to cheat with this younger man who gave off a "Con artist" vibe even if he was sincere in his attraction to her.

The elderly woman she was listening to on tapes' story sounded more interesting then this Bosworth character's story.

If you're looking for a movie that you can enjoy the country view while making your own whoopee without worry that he or she rather watch the movie than be kissing you, this is the film you're looking for.
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Come Out and Play (I) (2012)
11 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those movies that from the beginning you wonder what is the point. First of all the husband character is one of those guys that seemingly want to impress his wife with his "I'm a man" abilities. He acts like a man who is trying to impress a new paramour.

The woman, OMG, his wife set womanhood back a hundred years. She is unlikable. AT one point he leaves her and tells her. I will be right back. If you see anyone just scream. Oh yeah that will help. The man, OMG, he's one of those foreigners that go to another country and think because he can speak the language he's a native. He rudely insinuates himself through the entire movie. Everywhere he goes he makes himself at home before they are invited to do so. As most American stupidly do.

Secondly, I don't understand why this island was so important for him to visit. Had he been there before? Heard about it from a friend? Also, when you go to an island that already is unfriendly with the kid fishing when continue into an empty city, doing things as if nothing is wrong when obviously nothing is right so far? You've seen nothing but 2 kids. You stole from a restaurant and no one comes out to collect your money. You get what you want out of a grocers and no one stops you. You go to a hotel and go behind the desk and no one comes out and tell you don't to do that or a "Excuse me butt hole, but you can't do that. You walk into people home and go through their stuff. If anyone was alive he would have been dead within the first 10 minutes of snooping.

Monotonous. Is a good word for this film and another good thing about this film is every man and woman should see it before having children.
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The Grudge 3 (2009)
Shame on you American flub makers...
22 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, if they were trying to figure out how to turn something scary into something contrived and over-the-top. The American film maker that got their hands on the Grudge series have manage it. It amazes me how a film almost void of blood and gore, basically a story of love and obsession turn into a run of the mill blood and splatter movie of let's just kill everybody. There was a reason for the grudge ghosts existence and once the reason is taken away they should find peace. The end. Not piggyback their way across the world possessing other, why I don't know since they seem to kill fine without possessing a body, just to kill for the heck of it.

By the end of this "why bother to make" movie I wanted everyone dead for being stupid and absolutely useless.

Every scene was contrived only with the next kill in mind. They had a side story of a girl and her boyfriend preparing to go to school that fizzled because the character had no turmoil about making the decision to stay even though she was suppose to be painted as being self absorbed which her brother accuses of later.

You have a hardworking brother that has carried his family since their parents died, raised one sister into college, while raising a sickly younger sister. These are things a person of strong character would do. Yet, they have him to become possess so quickly and easily it's like he was never who he was suppose to be in the first place.

Then they throw in a landlord just to kill him. He's lords over a empty building because no neighbors are looking out the doors and stuff or calling cops in these slum apartments while all this killing is going on.

Then oh yeah, lets throw in a Japanese actress for the heck of it. One that can "Help" them. This is where I nearly turned it off and said screw getting to the end. This woman comes to help this nitwit girl and her sister. She lets her get up to a certain point then decide she don't want to be a part of the ritual. Well okay, but what sister is going to stand there and allow her brother who she don't know is possessed, bully and threaten a woman without following him out of the room to make sure her brother did nothing stupid?! Also, what was the reasons for the Japanese woman to be there wearing, mind you, "Protective robe" only for it to have no affect to save her from the evil ghost? Also with her being who she was and being able to know and see these things...why was she reasoning with the possessed brother as if he was his normal self? She would have been able to see the spirit possessing him. Sigh, did I say stupid?

They weren't even trying to do the subtle scenes that made it creepy in the first place. The child ghost for instance was always a gentle soul that showed up before the grudging souls did in a way to warn them to leave. In this they turn him into a grudging creature also. Since they hit us with flashbacks they obviously remember the original, too bad they felt the need to deviate.

I'm an American fan of the Japanese horror films. I rather watch it with subs than lose the "creepy" effects they are so good at. Mind you movies like this one and The Ring hardly if at all had bloody in your face gore. Most don't even show the actual killing. Just the before and the look on their dead faces afterward were telling enough.

I gave it a two because they are at least consistent with the makeup.
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The Possession (I) (2012)
Advice before you watch the film...
10 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First and above all the biggest mistake of this film which is probably why it wasn't even more successful as a horror film is calling this film a "true story". It should be illegal for anyone to take maybe one piece of realism and turn the entire occurrence into a "truth". We all know with the fascination of such things anything like this would be all over the internet on video of the "real" occurrence without waiting for a Hollywood film to introduce it.

Secondly, you don't have to be Jewish to know the box had to be something of a religious nature and the writing we've all seen at one time or the other. The box is old and more likely than not a person first instinct is to donate it to the Halocaust museum, not put it in a yard sale. First instinct would be how much can I get for this in a private auction? You also wouldn't buy such a thing for a kid. You be like, "Put that back, you're not Jewish, pick out something else," and if you were Jewish they would have known what the box was and suggest to the owner to donate it to a museum.

Next, to think the father hit his daughter was too contrived. The wife should have known this about her husband, no one's personality change that much just because you divorce them. He'd had no history of violence with her. It was obvious by the spoiled natured of the eldest child, if he was going to hit anyone it would have been her and she wasn't the one possessed. I know I wanted to hit her a couple of times.

Lastly, when I looked in the box after my kid started acting strange I would have assumed she inhaled some toxic mold from some of the old items in there, since the box was unable to be opened until they "forced" it opened. I would have took her to a hospital day one for medical care not assumed she had been possessed. Also, since possession would be of something spiritual in nature I don't believe it would show up on any x-rays, since possession usually depends on belief and disbelief of its existence.

With all this in mind watch the movie for what it is and don't take it too serious. It is actually an enjoyable decent horror film with good effects, but not the Exorcist over the top effects.

P.S. For Jeffery fans such as myself it's worth it because he gets most of the screen time! Sexy as ever.
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Melancholia (2011)
Artsy Fartsy film
9 January 2013
Sometimes when you watch a film, you really just want to be entertained by the subject matter and not have to think so much. For me this was more about the filmmaker's need to express their artistic voice then just making a "good movie".

I have never been one to appreciate the types of film that feel as if someone is holding a hand camera and walking about with it. That jerky or moving camera affect and the long dramatic still outside shots are just annoying like the Blair Witch Project that started all this crappy film making in the first place.

This is a film for the film buffs who like artsy films. That feel they can't see any movie that doesn't have a purpose and incomprehensible meaning to most of us as to what is going on. For those who would think movies like Die Hard were for morons (like me).

Not even for my favorite actors could I appreciate the pacing of this film without feeling the need to be doing something more productive with my time.
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Funny Games (2007)
24 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The acting in this was awesome. I hate any movie where the dog has to die to make a point. These days you get shot first then ask questions when strangers just walk into your house. They have one cell phone, yeah right between them. What amaze me is the fact that they allowed themselves to be victimized and wasted a lot of fighting back time with that self righteous thinking of "this can't be happening to someone like us" attitude. If they had been living in a crime filled area they would have done whatever was necessary to survive. But they allowed preppy baby face killers into their home because it was a rich country club like community and the boys were Caucasions like they were? So it must be okay even though they weren't even suppose to be able to get on the property without you letting them in and the dog was warning them. There is no reason why these two "killer kids" could have come in my home weaponless and tell me they are going to kill me and I do nothing but go along with it. They had nothing to lose risking their life fighting back. Little bastard got a golf club, then she should have get one two and go at it. The rifle was theirs. I prefer my movies with the mothers fighting tooth and nail killing the killers threatening her child. Screw the helpless family. Kill or be killed when protecting yourself.
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I enjoyed it pretty much
10 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I did enjoy the history they put in this one. I would have liked to delve deeper into the creation of William and Marcus and I love the historical costumes and time period better then modern day. I did dislike them killing off Craven I think he could have been of more use.

I adore Scott Speedman, but how many movies is he going to have to do before he quits being a fledgling. I had hoped he would have learned more of what he could do instead of getting his butt whipped and learning the hard way. But then again in move time it was like the 'next day' where the last film left off.

I do think they showed too much of Kate considering they had a wonderful cast of male actors. I missed Lucian he added a majestic realism to the Lycan. They made them comical and it was sad because wolves are very proud and loyal beast. I didn't see that camaraderie in this one. I would have thought Michael would have been their new Alpha and lead them were Lucian left off, considering the ones that lived in the last one did not try to kill him at the end. It's a shame they drop the ball on aspect.

Marcus was wasted as a man, they kept him a beast too long and shifting into the bat-beast to much; made me feel more like he was a demon then a vampire, even though he was a new hybrid. I would have made Marcus one of the the good guys to help Selene to aid in creating a peaceful new race and allowed Craven to live and have him in control of the old order and to release William thinking he could control him only to find out he was wrong. I think it would have worked out better because Marcus should have been allied with Michael and they'd work towards building peace between the races. After all Michael was a blood descendant of Marcus and William that is why he was able to become a hybrid.

I could understand Marcus hating his Father and wanting him to die for what happened to William, but it wasn't like Marcus had been sleep the entire time his brother was locked up. He created Viktor so why put up with him at all much less allowing him to rule even over him a true born. So to me that made him as weak as his father and he didn't have the right to be angry over what he had set in motion by giving Viktor power.

Well too bad creative options aren't open to fans before the screenplay is written. I would like to see another one, only because I love the concept of Lycans and Vampires. But less blood and gore cause after awhile it numbs you. The only time you need all that blood and gore is when you don't have faith in your own story and characters. It's a form of cinema distraction. As a fantasy writer when you join these to forms creatures it's their dark eloquence that make them unforgettable. Brutality is use only in there need to survive.

Why waste the bullets if what you trying to kill can't be killed that way? Can you say gun overkill.
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