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Bracken (1980–1982)
Laughing at themselves
12 November 2005
Irish don't mind laughing at themselves so that's one reason for it being so corny and jumping on all the stereotypes. Also its an old drama and they didn't have much imagination so they probably decided to make something they usually laugh about anyway - again themselves. Gabriel Byrne is a fine actor but if you give him crap dialog what is it that he can do. I was so surprised that this was listed on IMDb. I was just searching Mick Lally as I had seen him in Alexander with another few Irish actors, including Colin Farrell. My parents used to watch this and my guess is that the later drama Glenroe is a sequel to this show. Mick Lally seems to reprise the same role or at least a character with the same name.
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For the kids
18 April 2005
Starring Katori Shingo from Japanese boys to men pop band fame - SMAP, this movie is aimed directly at the immature audience. That said just because you enjoyed movies such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, it doesn't mean you'll like this one. I imagine its more along the lines of the recent Spy-Kids series, which were immensely popular. The story is typical Hollywood fare, even though it's not a Hollywood movie. What happens when a young bullied elementary kid suddenly is the master of a great if somewhat naive ninja? If you can't guess maybe this is the movie for you. Based on the comic book and Japanese television animation series - Ninja Hattori-kun, I'd like to say that it has kept the spirit of those alive but having neither read nor seen the aforementioned I wouldn't know and after having seen this movie I also had no desire to. It's not a completely dull movie and Shingo has the charisma to make the character charming for those under 10.
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