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Paava Kadhaigal (2020– )
A rivetting reflection of a society that chooses to suffer its fallacies
19 December 2020
It's been a while since I have seen something as riveting as this from the Tamil movie industry, it takes a lot of heart to make such movies to compensate for all the ills the rest of us choose to ignore just because they are uncomfortable truths, truths that don't fit into the scheme of things that was labelled for us by the past to believe in, as our culture, as our tradition and our way of life. Life is all about the future that you may or may not experience. Every breath you take , every effort that you put in is with the hope that an experience that you have always been seeking awaits you in the end, and that experience would be meaningless if your efforts are burdened with the faults of the past, coming face to face with efforts such as these, efforts that seek your attention towards the present human condition is what will help you experience the future in the way a thinking human being with a lot of heart is meant to.. i appreciate the effort that has gone into making these 4 shorts ...
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Heart wrenching
22 February 2014
I was totally speechless after watching this movie, 12 years a slave wrenches the sense of freedom out of you for you to recognize it all over again and makes you to see the sacrifices that have been made to make the words like dignity, equality, fairness and justice mean what they mean today, as someone who has always been in awe of the sliver light that streams above ones head to cast moving images on a silver screen in a scale that is breath taking as such veiling the darkness that one has to endure as a part of the experience as only celluloid could offer, i find it difficult to make a distinction as to what it is that makes this movie profound, is it the cast which pulls of an uphill task of putting themselves into the shoes of men and women who lived some 200 years ago or is it the depiction of the sheer brutality man is capable of showing to his own kind, i don't know. But all i know is i have watched an amazing movie about things that happened in no good way...... --
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Disconnect (I) (2012)
It surely is one of the best movie's of our time
19 September 2013
I think this movie has come so close to defining the time we all live in, I may be wrong the movie might have done much more than getting closer to defining the time we all live in, it might have done just that - defining the time we live in. The movie explores our inabilities to be relevant to our times in the way we understand it or the way we try to understand it and scares even the little bit naiveté out of our already cynical individual selves. It starts with not so much of a comment but with glimpse's into one of the stark realities that has come to be associated with the word "Staying connected", a reality which is a world unto itself existing in response to the world that has changed the way it communicates with itself and the world that doesn't mind shedding its inhibitions in front of a 10 inch screen which implodes into a domicile of a different kind that's built up of bits and not pieces but gigabytes where nothing is spurned in answer to a 16 digit number on a plastic card. A teen can exist in that world wanting to be rewarded for playing along satiating with carnality the eyes staring at the 10 inch screen from the other side desire's, a teen who finds it impossible to give expression to his thoughts in the way expected of him in the world he exists finds it easier to show how vulnerable he is in front of that 10 inch screen, an unassuming women leading an insular existence along with her reclusive war veteran husband finds an outlet to her grief through that 10 inch screen only to confront a much starker reality of the other world, its the world that allows people now to use the words " I am online" in a context that defines everything around us even the medium that has dominated our living rooms for over 8 decades- television, what is television today if not redundant in a world that stay's connected constantly. The movie disparages what television has turned out to be through a character, a woman TV reporter, who sets out to expose one of the dark realities of the online world but gets caught up in her own guilt after coming face to face with the reality of her own existence besmirched by the vile as inveigled by the screen on which she loves to see her face projected every day for millions to see. Through these characters the movie raises many pertinent question's as to how the things that makes us human our ability to trust, our inabilities which allows us to be vulnerable, our innocence that has very little use in the real world will be shaped into in the future to which we all are chained to through the links of time, The movie is a stunning depiction of the insecurities and confusions one has to confront in the time we all live in, which makes us more gullible than we ever were, more in need of rectitude than we ever needed, desperate to be close to each other than we ever wanted to be. I don't know if I should call this movie a great one but it surely is one of the best movie's of our time and definitely deserves a watch.
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