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Lucan (1977–1978)
Wonderful show!
14 October 2005
I don't agree.Personally I loved that show! And i really liked Kevin Brophy. I don't think it was on long enough! I think they should have it in reruns! I admit, part of the attraction to the show was Kevins good looks, but I honestly did like the show. I always liked the concept of someone being raised out of their species and how they would react. That's where Tarzan comes from. It's not totally unheard of. If it was out on DVD, I would buy it in a second.I wish they would have Kevin do a follow up movie on it. That would be interesting! They could show how being raised by wolves hindered/or helped in his life. His rugged good looks made him very easy to look at.Shows have come and shows have gone, but i think "Lucan" was one of the good ones. They don't make shows like they use to. Good Quality family shows. They should bring them back.
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