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Moonlight (I) (2016)
a beautifully told story
3 March 2017
moonlight is a richly detailed and personal story of a boy growing up in a time and place that is ever so trying to change who he is. Chiron is the character we follow through this journey, and he is played by three actors excellently. the casting choices were absolutely brilliant and each of the actors managed to capture the main essence of Chiron, the sadness, the little shred of hope trying to blossom, and trying to be who he wants to be. the film heavily relied on each actors facial expressions, and they all did a wonderful job, most notably the child actor in the first act, who was fantastic, which is a rare sight in film these days. each actor conveyed a lot through their eyes, and the actors made it really believable that they are playing the same character, except you can tell through each of the acts that this character has gone through a lot emotionally. this film expertly explores themes of experiences changing who we are, and with every scene, moonlight explores this theme and many others. there is tons of symbolism in the film, they're subtle and smartly placed, and a lot that i will discover after rewatches. there is not a single scene that feels misplaced, or unnecessary, they all serve a point in developing this very interesting character. it doesn't waste time with events that have no effect on the story, or random subplots that are only there to add minutes to the movie. everything has a purpose.

the directing all through out the film is mesmerizing, by Barry Jenkins. i wouldn't say it was perfectly directed, but he managed to craft a beautiful looking film, with the cinematography constantly emphasizing certain colors. and the score was absolutely haunting and masterful in it's use, and it completely diverged from the conventional type of music you would hear in a film that takes place in this area. definitely one of the best scores i've heard in a while, and it exceptionally conveyed how Chiron was feeling, and how much he has changed through out each act.

the acting all around the board was great, Mahershala Ali and Naomi Harris absolutely deserved the attention from the Oscars they got, and were essential aspects to this story.

i absolutely love moonlight, it is a timeless film, and an exceptional piece of film making. it intelligently avoids clichés, and gives a realistic view of a person that is trying to survive in a world that is trying to change him. moonlight should be viewed by film fans, and fans of incredible story telling, and characters.
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Highly Overrated.
7 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed most of it, I thought Captain America and Bucky were good, the action scenes were well directed(although sometimes the camera was too shaky) and enjoyable. It had a few nice laughs, and Spiderman was good. However, it felt extremely formulated, and took absolutely no risks with the story. The score was beyond generic, and it was filled with annoying conveniences that were only there so characters won't die. Also it had an incredible overuse of humor, the humor was used in many of the wrong moments, and it was completely distracting and unnecessary. And to top it all off the jokes were were very unoriginal and cringe inducing.

And if you were wondering which "side" I'm on, I'm definitely team Captain America. Before I saw the movie i was team Cap, and after the movie I was sure i was team Cap. Ironman, even though I thought he had some decent scenes, didn't have many good reasons on his side to actually agree with or understand. And what his character does in the 3rd act of the film was stupid as f*ck. And only convinced me more he was a hypocrite, and very unlikable.

The ending was also terrible, it felt like the ending of every other Marvel movie. Especially the previous Captain America movie, The Winter Soldier. Which I personally prefer to this clichéd and predictable mess.
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