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Bless the Harts (2019–2021)
Good show, but I'll try harder to get it. (Edit: It didn't work. Sorry)
13 June 2021
I'm really, REALLY tried hard to watch it and enjoy, but I just realized it's not my cup of tea. I'm a fan of "King Of The Hill" and rewatched it for the 5th time. Suddenly I was looking around for similar shows and this one popped out. It was said that it was loosely inspired on KOTH, perhaps because they've used "Mega-Lo Mart" brand and that's it. And Mega-Lo Mart without Chuck Mangione is like going on a shop and buying for a single shoe.. It's not "natural". May have some music and composer rights around this, but... What the hey?

Then, I realized that I was kinda biased because I was looking forward to see some similar characters and jokes. Once I've noticed that, I've tried to be the most neutral and forced myself to give it a go. But, I've failed. It's good, but every new episode I start to watch, I am still waiting for something that clearly won't happen. And this "missing something" sensation is really awkward because you wait for every minute for something just to realize you've watched the whole two seasons.

When I see Wayne I still try to see Hank. But they're completely different. Violet is like Luanne with that unstable counterculture behaviour: on an episode she's against meat. Some episodes ahead, she's eating turkey. Go figure.

The "doodlely-doo" woman seems to only talk this. It's great to have a catchphrase, but I've listened for about three episodes and got really annoyed.

In some episodes, the attention span was really small. I had to move back some minutes to rewatch and understand things... But the illustration techniques, the soundtrack, the voices are all awesome! Just some stories are a bit off for me yet.

I've tried. This is kinda good, but I'll stick with KOTH.
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Loneliness is tough
15 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A loner bum with a good heart meets a depressed woman and a rich guy. By some twists and turns she must decide between the bum's and the playboy's love. And you must know who gets it. Right? But what about see the whole story and see what lays in between?

I remember the first time I've watched this film (around 2002 on TV) and just fell in love with it. Mainly about music score and story (without that already known jokes from Didi - the main character). Behind the funny scenes (this film intents to be a comedy, but there's a good background history going on it), there's a flirt with the loneliness and a bum on his everyday fight to survive. Watching this movie I felt a little depressed because I've had through life some situations faced by the main guy: falling in love with someone but losing her on the next scenes for a friend, to have a "kind" behaviour but being misunderstood and neglected, the flirt with loneliness... but the live must go on. At the same time he carries a photo of his beloved (presumed dead) wife, keeping the secret for a long time away from his new friends through the movie. I could try a remake of this film, but taking more seriously the relationship story without so many distractions. It could be nice. But this one worths the effort.
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O Azarento (1973)
Curious flick about an unlucky guy
11 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Wacky things happening, bad luck waves around the whole city, people being suddenly injured... And everything caused by just one single person: The "Unlucky Guy" (O Azarento, in Brazilian Portuguese) is the bad influence with a reasonable story. Challenging who don't believe in bad luck, his presence is enough to drive everybody crazy and leave things upside down everywhere he passes. This movie is just a light Brazilian old comedy, with a small cast, low box office and low budget. But despite of every "low", in it, of course it has some "hi" on a well-told story, with simple characters, plot and soundtrack. I liked the most of film length and it made me giggle sometimes, but the story was good enough to glue me on the sofa. Of course it gets the recipe of a plenty Worldwide known comedies but this one, particularly, worth the watch. 9 out 10.
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The common story of a Brazilian bandit
7 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
**Might have some SPOILERS around here.**

Despite all those social problems, faced by society around 70's Brazil dictatorship, the movie shows one of the most infamous stories of our criminal society, here in Sao Paulo. It tells the tragedy life of a boy around 18y/o who joined the crime life around 9 years old. His mom (free, but tired) and brothers (all convicts) do their testimonials about Lucio's life, full of robberies, murders and thefts.

His mom protects him, telling he's obedient and kind. Otherwise some of the interviewers replied he was dangerous and shy, but good only with known people. Some of them seems to point at his childhood creation by his mom, without suitable care, the lack of welfare may led him to face the streets to find the best way to his success. He's just one of that poor guys who wanted to be a rich one, enjoying fancy clothes and good cars by stealing or killing to get this new lifestyle.

Talking about poverty in the mid 70's Sao Paulo, this is a common story (well told, I think this way) about a fearless guy who didn't have anything to lose, except his life. And I can surely tell you. Here we had the same with some other famous thieves, like Lucio Flávio and "O Bandido da Luz Vermelha"

Looks like a small documentary. Worth watching as a documentary if you're interested in social matters involving Brazil or Sao Paulo around 70's.
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