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Worse than a "Sci-Fi original movie"
4 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After reading many reviews (about 100 of them) on this site, it seems like we have reached a consensus on this junky remake:

1. Zero suspense 2. Rainbow cast 3. Ridiculous sub-plots 4. Nonsensical science 5. Shamefull ripoff

I would agree with everything above. I too saw the original movie many years ago. It was masterfull in drawing you in to the confines of the plot. The suspense, the isolation, the last best hope of mankind to solve the riddle. Never once did my mind wander as to who theses "actors" were. They were so believable as Top scientists, you left the movie thinking they were real Doctors. The story did not require stupid lame subplots to fuel the movie, the main storyline was more than enough. The end result was a suspenseful, edge of your seat, clock ticking away type movie that left you exhausted at the conclusion, allowing yourself to finally swallow that lump in your throat that has been there the last hour. Bravo!

Having said that, lets now examine the remake:

This movie (if you can call it that) suffers from what most re-makes do. The times are changing. Gone are the thoughtfull, well made, movies that inspire viewers to use their imagination to think things out. Most movies today are about money, not about accomplishment. This crap is just another excuse to dip into that well of good movies to see if they can squeeze a few more dollars out of it. Instead of making a straight science-fiction movie, the producers no doubt formed a focus group of drunk and stoned college students to see what they want in a movie. Of course, Hollywood has to make sure it offends no one except white people, and of course make every opportunity to bash America. This movie succeeded very well on both counts. The result, more PC/anti-American garbage that plays well in foreign countries. Skip this junk unless you are the type that think SCI-FI original movies are good.
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