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The IMDb Show: Linda Hamilton (2019)
Season 3, Episode 89
There was no need to make this film.
9 November 2019
I felt very disappointed with this production. The dialogue were repeats of many one liners from the previous films, which were redundant and sometimes even sounded idiotic. I also noticed that the movie was politically correct in choosing a Hispanic woman to be saviour mankind, and as usually done by others, she too was crossing the US and Mexican Border illegally! I think this movie was stupid and does not stand have the quality next to the other movies of the Terminator Franchise. My recommandation? Do not even waste your money on renting it on DVD or Blu-Ray when it becomes available.
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The movie's picture and title are completely misleading.
20 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
When I looked at the menacing look of Danny Trejo, I thought that he again played a bad ass. But not so, not in this film. The film is indeed a peculiar comedy, more of a satire that moves slowly. The target of the film are Televangelists whose sole job is to rip off elderly citizens. The leading role sells stuffed animals (his boss is semi-retarded), and he himself carries around a stuffed dog; As I said: an eccentric comedy. His neighbors, Trejo and his daughter are both bilingual speakers of English and Spanish, but for some reason the lead never understands Trejo when he speaks English. The lead's mother spends her time watching TV ministers, taking her Medications, and sending her checks to TV ministers. After she received an invitation to a revival, the entire group leaves to see it for the elder mother's sake at her doctor's suggestion. This satire achieves its crescendo after the lead signed a document to completely release the Televangelist from any responsibility relating to his Mother's condition for a small lump sum. However, this lump sum will afford the opportunity for this group to start their own televagalising.
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A well intentioned remake of an old story that fell as quickly as it rose.
14 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I saw many Ridley Scott's directorial successes, but this film wasn't one of them. Many great talented actors and actresses took the roles of significant characters, but their performances were shallow and they lacked genuine qualities portraying their title roles. The dialogs were meaningless as there were no emotional content visible or otherwise noticeable from the main lead actors, and the supporting roles were just basically flat! The invested efforts in the special effects department did not make up for the lost qualities aforementioned. Director Scott cut down the original movie by 30 minutes, and it was a blessing to bring the film's end much sooner. It stopped one from watching this agonizingly boring production! Despite the fact that I am writing this critique more than a year after the movie's initial release, I wrote my critique to those who may want to watch the film on a DVD rental or on other Media as I did. I hope that they would chose a different biblical epic for their entertainment than this flop! Best Regards, Steve Horvath
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The stupidest movie I ever saw; A total waste of time!
8 April 2015
This was the stupidest movie I ever saw! Regardless of the appearance and leading role by Mila Kunis, whom I admired for her 1970's Show role, she was a ridiculous and idiotic role to fill in for this Sci-Fi adventure that are the combinations of the "Alien," "The Fifth Element," and the original "Star Wars" movies. The exuberant special effects, for which the movie was way over budget, do not make up for the lame story and the subsequent repeat scenes from the previous movies' repeats in this production that are redundant and practically useless! Especially now as we all knew the outcomes to those previous scenes! I feel extremely happy that I did not waste any of my money to watch this disaster in a local movie theater at the time of its release! I could hardly wait to leave the theater before the all loving scene of the princess bride and his beloved 'dog' companion united, as if they ever did!
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Kung Fu (1972–1975)
Kung Fu: Hollywood choose David Carradine over Bruce Lee.
12 March 2015
I am not sure how many viewers know or knew that Hollywood Producers picked David Carradine over Bruce Lee to play the lead role and to star in the series. What was their reasoning? Bruce Lee looked too Chinese! I am sure if Bruce Lee were chosen to play the role Caine, this series would have had a lot better action scenes than with Carradine, who really wasn't a Martial Artist. Bruce Lee took it hard when he was turned down. Lee traveled to Hong Kong and he made his first blockbuster martial arts movie that catapulted him to stardom overnight. Bruce Lee made 5 movies all together and they were the first superior martial art movies of the Era. As far as Kung Fu is concerned, the series is a Gem in itself. The Buddhist philosophy is well reflected by the actions or inactions Caine. Enjoy.
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Seems an enjoyable film with actions and retrospects to humanity.
21 August 2013
I have not seen this movie yet, but from the previews I could have told you that there were stimulating pieces for the senses on both sides of the borders. For those who do not suspend their disbelief while viewing a motion picture, this is a waste of their time! One must suspend disbelief to connect with any character in any movie, may it be bad or good. If one does not suspend their disbelief, then the movie watching experience is a total loss, which explains the many negative reviews attested here for this feature, and others before now and for many others to come in future productions! I could go on about the idiotic Terminator Movies of the late 1980s that were originally made in the nineteen seventies, and how ridiculous those movies were, everyone believed a walking Robot killing machine in our midst in this Century. That is a good example of suspending your disbelief that should apply to any movie watching experience for YOU to enjoy!
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In Living Color (1990–2006)
One of the truly original and entertaining TV shows screwed up by Hollywood.
29 October 2012
These episodes of humor, parody, and satire embodied an essence of originality, pure FUN for all to enjoy with these Master performers of their Comedy for the few years they enjoyed their own production guidelines! But as soon as the GREEDY Hollywood Executives took over the production to get rich on their show and by their rules, the entire show went downhill and has had killed the careers of many talented actors and actresses! Those big FAT ASS Hollywood executives and producers should know when to stay out of a good production before they screwed it up! The greedy Hollywood Moron executives will never learn because they don't know how much more is enough for them to keep their already fat pockets satisfied!
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