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Market Warriors (2012– )
Not Really market warriors?
7 November 2012
I have tried to like this show. This should be like what not to do. The fact that the money is seems to be really no object. People go to auctions like the ones on the show to not spend retail prices. When these pickers purchase they are paying retail prices it seems. It seems to me if you want to make a profit (and consider the additional fees) at auction you need to buy at rock bottom wholesale prices by going to house sales/estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores, the swap meets where sellers are unloading storage bin finds are more apt to wheel and deal on pricing. I have found lamps at auction for $5.00 to $35.00 and sold for $45 to $150. Art Deco lamps for $3.00 sold for $150. These antique shows the pickers are shopping at are outdoor retail/resale shop pricing...? If this is suppose to entertaining/educational it is a what not do in the resell market.
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