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Eighteen (2005)
amazed by Eighteen
13 January 2013
Here's what I wrote to the Director Richard Bell after seeing the film:

Hello Richard Bell;

I hope this is still your email address.

I just saw Eighteen..//..and I was stunned at the brilliance of the script. The direction was beautiful and the performances were so good. The scenes of the soldiers in the woods had me just aching with their misery. The morphine scene - oh my - the shaking ...//... man, and the brutality of people in the name of love. This film will have me thinking for days and days. I can't even understand how you come to know these spaces let alone bring them to life in film.

I really want to congratulate you.

I do wish you a future full of integrity. I'll be following your career now. If this film had a stint in Halifax I don't know how I missed it.

I'm sitting here just going 'wow'.

thank you thank you thank you

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