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Supergirl: Blind Spots (2021)
Season 6, Episode 12
A Twitter Rant Became a TV Episode
9 October 2021
If you enjoy being lectured by a high school morality play for an hour, this is the episode for you. I really don't know what's going on at the CW, but they've let teen fan fiction become scripts for their TV shows. I might have to stop watching as I fear all the face-palming and shaking my head in disbelief could cause whiplash.
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Time I'll Never Get Back
21 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like A Wrinkle in Time, but they made it so difficult.

This movie had a message of some sort, awkwardly forced into every scene. Every payoff seemed unearned, every line of dialogue felt flat instead of inspiring or thought-provoking or whatever emotion they were trying to make me feel.

As an example, Calvin at one point says to Meg something like "you don't know how incredible you are, do you?" Yet, there is no context for why he know this or feels this way. To this point, Meg hasn't really shown anything incredible and there is no back story for these two except that they barely know each other.

This is the kind of disconnected dialogue you can expect from the entire movie. Monologues and speeches that are suppose to have gravity and inspire but feel out of place. Where did it all go wrong? Is this a poor script, poor editing, or poor directing?

The only character I really enjoyed was Charles Wallace, a name you get to know quite well because they say his name about 500 times. He (Deric McCabe) really made the best of the dialogue he was given.

This movie is harmless, but ultimately not satisfying.
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Paddington 2 (2017)
A True Gem of a Family Film
1 February 2018
The first Paddington movie was a wonderful surprise and Paddington 2 may be even better. Not only is it a heartwarming story about a talking bear that lives with a family in London, it's also visually impressive.

Each scene is a work of art. In fact, I would say that you could freeze on practically any frame and make that the movie poster. It is meticulously crafted film making at its finest. Kudos to the director, DOP, set and costume designers, ma, storyboard and graphics artists for making such a work of art!

It is mostly the same brilliant cast as the previous film with the addition of Hugh Grant, who is perfect as a self-absorbed actor. Other standout performances include Ben Wishaw as Paddington, Sally Hawkins as the matriarch of the family - a fiercely loyal guardian of Paddington - and Brendan Gleesan as Knuckles.

The story is not terribly original, unless you think that a bear getting trouble is an original idea, but it is well-executed. Paddington lives in a reality where everyone is expected to have good manners and the only weapon you need is a hard stare. He tends to make everyone around him be a bit better for having known him. His weakness for marmalade and propensity for slapstick are really his only flaws.

I really don't give out perfect 10 scores very often, but this rare film deserves it. See it, show it to your children, and know that the world is a slightly brighter place because of it.
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Almost Human (2013–2014)
Prime Time TV Needs More Like This
19 April 2016
This show had so much potential: A crime drama set in the future where cops and robots work together to solve crimes in a high tech world, and Karl Urban.

Unfortunately, these types of shows are very expensive to produce and must do high numbers right out of the gate. It's a shame the network executives didn't let it ride and find its audience for at least one more season. Sci-fi in prime time must be a big dice roll.

Other recent attempts at expensive sci-fi dramas have also not panned out and been squashed before they could reach their potential, such as Minority Report that was cut short of even running an entire season.

I hope that TV executives will continue to give the green light for high quality projects like Almost Human. I really want to see one work. How about "I, Robot", or was this show already that concept realized?
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Knocked Up (2007)
Truth is sometimes funnier than fiction
4 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
What really struck me was how a lot of what goes on in "Knocked Up" seems to come from real life. It's one of those movies I like to call "real life, only funnier".

Okay, first you have to be able to suspend your disbelief long enough to buy into Alison Scott, a young, ambitious and gorgeous entertainment interviewer, having a one night stand with and eventually falling for a slovenly, poorly dressed slacker.

Once you make this leap, however, the film takes you to a lot of very real and funny places. The emotionally charged scenes seem to be pulled right out of real life.

Don't get me wrong--this is not a sappy romantic comedy. Remember, this is the guy (Judd Apatow) who gave us The 40 Year Old Virgin, among many others. Don't worry, guys, there's lots of silliness and toilet humour, but there's stuff for your girlfriend, too.

Kudos to Leslie Mann, who plays a character that is often very unlikeable (from a man's perspective, anyway), but important to driving the conflict in the story. She's the grounding force in this ensemble cast.

Paul Rudd always seems to fit in well with any ensemble and brings a lot of his comedy chops with him. Excellent casting.

Of course, the scenes with Paul and Seth are just damn funny, as are the scenes with his room mates. Seth Rogen was a great choice to play the lead. I found myself routing for Ben to transform himself into a man that Alison would want to be with, and was there with him through the highs and lows.

There's a sweetness between Ben and Alison that really helps you get past the vast difference in their stations in life. You would think that it would be easy to find a pretty girl to play Alison, but it seems that not many pretty girls are great at comedy. Even though Katherine Heigl has to play the "straight man" in most scenes, she does get to flex her acting and comedic muscles as the hormonal pregnant lady. I was especially fond of the labour scene. If this were a scene from "Scary Movie", she would have turned into Regan from "The Exorcist".

Of course, the room mates are also awesome, all very funny actors, and comedy seems to come very easily and naturally in their scenes.

Though the premise may seem like a bit of a stretch, much stranger things happen in real life. I also like that two of the characters are Canadian ;-).
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