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Don't Look Up (2021)
Good ol tragedy..
25 December 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I guess this is the most satisfying natural disaster movie.. I've watched.. I read other reviews.. and I must say people want to judge comedy too hard.. the characters suffered for your laugh.. if you are going to cry about this.. you become the part of the movie... The movie is that good that it breaks the wall and imbibe the haters...

Yeah Netflix does pull off the star cast gasp.. I get the audience is getting normalised and I wish Hollywood would end up like other occupation.. You go to a college and then you go work assistant-ships.. Anyway.. I feel a lot of audience feels that they have been tricked those ways.. It does feel weird when pop stars gets success on youtube and she chose not to attend music school, which they can afford.. instead breakup news xP A lot of current screwed up institutions are presented and you wonder what makes em so unlucky from simple minded eyes of PhDs and Astronomers.

You want to judge a comedy.. judge if its character have suffered... That General charged the guys for snacks.. C'mon guys.. that was funny..

I bet the Dune guy coming off as a devout Christian must have mind-boggled the American citizen.. Its always nice to read bad reviews of a good comedy... They had decent characters... I mean the CEO dude being soothsayer and all.. very intelligent.. actually turned Astronomer's Arc to be the likeable guy again... He doesn't die alone.. given the President dies the way she does... And I guess religion does make a comeback in utmost grim of situations...

I wish they extended the hypocrisy to other leaders and nations of the world.. This would have been an 8 then.. That's as high as a comedy can go on my scale..
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Arcane (2021– )
6 December 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Visuals.. Sound Excellent

Screenplay/Story: Forced into some edgy scenarious.

Why give characters who are gonna die any development at all? Huh?

I get this is inspired from a video game.. But you never mix science and magic.. That is like one of the basic rules in any fantasy world building.. Makes both aspects of the world very unauthentic and cheap.. Keep your tools and magical tools in a separate bin.. Writers need to play some Dungeons and Dragons..

The disappointment in World building is so enormous that you can't create a rush in an adult.. Teenagers maybe.. Not adults.. I have read people compare this to Game of Thrones.. Piltover isn't even better than Qarth.. Felt very artificial..
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Overrated by the USA
14 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I watched T1.. Great movie for its time.. I watched this and 8.5 as of 2021 and top review saying the sequel out does the original.. Well It clearly does not.. The writing is very haphazard. The responsible and physically built up Sarah Connor.. The Samurai Jack of T2 after the girl next door image from T1 ending up at a mental institution and struggling there doesn't make sense.. Given she saw Kyle in the 1st movie struggle and fail.. Bad writing. She has raised a cool kid but is often consoled by her son.. Turns to unjustified male bash.. killing scientists on instinct.. She stopped making sense to me.. John and Terminator are a textbook comic duo.. The overall idea of avoiding Judgement Day is nice and has biases in USA history.. justifying small sacrifices for greater good.. However the execution falls flat and not impact worthy.. Many movies have done it much better.. Infact this movie is not better than the 3rd in the series.. which is where I would have expected it to be.. It borrows the best from 1st and only confuses up the established characters, like its successors.. I do not understand why it is given any special treatment whatsoever.
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The Empire (2021– )
Not bad!!
30 August 2021
A tad bit dramatic and romanticised.. Not too big a problem.. And fact-checkers can fact check.. But we need more medieval history based stuff.. This is a bold move in the current political regime of India .. Check other reviews you'd know.. A good reason most historical stuff is always controversial.. coz people do not want to digest any fiction regarding history whatsoever in this country.. Bhai tum log reality TV hi dekho.. Fantasy geeks k liye chhod do ye sab.. India ko educate karne k chakkar mein ek dhang ki fantasy movie/series nahi ban rhi is country mein..

There is not a single holiday in their name.. Compare that to Columbus.. And maybe go easy on history of your own country..
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Die Hard (1988)
A Quintessential Bollywood Movie
29 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
An 80s movie, the best kind of over-dramatic movie. Don't mind 4 stars. Its a personal rating thing, everybody has a system of their own. For many Bollywood movies I have watched, this is surely a guilty whiff of nostalgia. I see it inspired a lot of cheese. The good kind of cheese that is. *California* *Cute Toy* *I shot a kid* and that's just half way through.
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