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Lone Survivor (2013)
Hate The War
1 June 2014
Beside a very nice movie with a lot of good scene's and acting and also a perfect sound mixing & editing we see the reality of war. The reality of war is pain, cruelty, kill, fear and at the end death. We can now just imagine a world without war and fight. people are dying everyday in everywhere in earth with no mercy and defense. soldier's are fighting for nothing because they are not even in they're homeland and country. they are fighting and dying far from they're house and family's because of nothing. How hard it is for the mother's and wife's who are waiting for they're son's and husband's? how hard it is for the men and women who are dying far from they're loved ones and the last thing they are going to see is fire and blood?

I hope with all of my heart that one day we see all soldier's get back home safe and healthy and there be PEACE IN EARTH.
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Her (2013)
I hope our world NEVER be like this...
10 May 2014
Finally I watch the film yesterday and like it a lot. when it start you don't know which year you are in and what is going on. First think you know is: this is future. Of course it's future and i think it is scary. Thinking to world become like that is scary, everyone is alone and their best friend's and love are phone's and computers. Make love with a voice? Fall in love with an OS? Of course I enjoy the film because of the great acting of Joaquin Phoenix, his a fantastic actor and i love his movies. I think it was a hard work for him cause you should just play with a voice and nothing else, you should show all your feelings and just imagine you are with someone. He done it very good and he deserve an Oscar nominee for it (At least) if you ask me. Hope he won it in future. Screenplay was brilliant and Spike Jonze earn the academy award. I love the moments that Theodore (Phoenix) close his eyes and remembered the good old days with his wife. It's like real life and when he open his eyes it's sadness and lonely again. At the end I should say this film is one of the best movies i ever seen but never want to see our world be like that in my life...
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One of the best movies i ever seen...
9 March 2014
Thank's to the great director Nolan,this movie became one of the best ever.Everything is perfect in this film,from directing to makeup and cinematography to art Direction, Specially Christopher Nolan who is my favorite director.He change the story and i think this is the one of the reasons that helped this movie. And of course he choose the best cast for this film.Christian Bale, Heath Ledger,Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart and so long.Thanks to the Heath Ledger we saw a enemy that nobody hate him. when you talk about this movie everybody say "I love the joker".He was a great actor who gone very soon,RIP. And the last word that can i say about the movie: PERFECT.
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