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1. Bloodbath at the House of Death (1984)

R | 1 hr 32 min | Horror, Comedy

Rated on 07 Oct 2021

Six scientists investigate a strange phenomenon at the creepy Headstone Manor, the site of a mysterious massacre years earlier that took the lives of 18 guests in one night.

Director: Ray Cameron | Stars: Kenny Everett, Vincent Price, Pamela Stephenson, Gareth Hunt

Votes: 1,598

2. Escape Room (I) (2019)

PG-13 | 1 hr 39 min | Action, Adventure, Horror

Rated on 04 Oct 2021

Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms and must use their wits to survive.

Director: Adam Robitel | Stars: Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis, Tyler Labine

Votes: 107,470

3. I Am a Killer (2018–2020)

TV-MA | 52 min | Documentary, Crime

Rated on 24 Sep 2021

Follows Death Row inmates, who tell the story of how they ended up there.

Stars: Swaylee Loughnane, Reece Putinas, David Galea, James Robertson

Votes: 3,658

4. The Suicide Squad (2021)

R | 2 hr 12 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Rated on 09 Aug 2021

Supervillains Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker and a collection of nutty cons at Belle Reve prison join the super-secret, super-shady Task Force X as they are dropped off at the remote, enemy-infused island of Corto Maltese.

Director: James Gunn | Stars: Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Joel Kinnaman

Votes: 229,370

5. The Silence (II) (2019)

PG-13 | 1 hr 30 min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

Rated on 02 Aug 2021

When the world is under attack from terrifying creatures who hunt their human prey by sound, 16-year old Ally Andrews (Kiernan Shipka), who lost her hearing at 13, and her family seek refuge in a remote haven.

Director: John R. Leonetti | Stars: Stanley Tucci, Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto, Kate Trotter

Votes: 41,920

6. Blood Orgy of the She-Devils (1973)

PG | 1 hr 13 min | Horror, Thriller

Rated on 05 Jul 2021

Lorraine and Mark enter the world of witchcraft where Mara foretells the future and helps them remember their past lives. When a series of mysterious murders begin to occur, they turn to Dr. Helsford for advice.

Director: Ted V. Mikels | Stars: Lila Zaborin, Victor Izay, Tom Pace, Leslie McRay

Votes: 786

7. Wipeout (2021– )

TV-14 | Comedy, Game-Show

Rated on 01 Jul 2021

Follows the three rounds and three-stage, obstacle course consisting of multiple strategy and decision points designed to further challenge, and wear out, the stamina of the competitors.

Stars: John Cena, Nicole Byer, Camille Kostek, Nathan Fillion

Votes: 375

8. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

R | 1 hr 41 min | Action, Horror

Rated on 03 Jun 2021

A nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, a salesman and other survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall.

Director: Zack Snyder | Stars: Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Mekhi Phifer, Jake Weber

Votes: 246,924

9. Volcano (1997)

PG-13 | 1 hr 44 min | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Rated on 30 May 2021

A volcano erupts in downtown Los Angeles and a city official and a seismologist try to stop its inevitable flow through the city.

Director: Mick Jackson | Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Anne Heche, Gaby Hoffmann, Don Cheadle

Votes: 74,612

10. Wrong Turn (2021)

R | 1 hr 49 min | Horror, Thriller

Rated on 05 May 2021

Friends hiking the Appalachian Trail are confronted by 'The Foundation', a community of people who have lived in the mountains for hundreds of years.

Director: Mike P. Nelson | Stars: Charlotte Vega, Adain Bradley, Bill Sage, Emma Dumont

Votes: 23,117

11. Frozen (I) (2010)

R | 1 hr 33 min | Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Rated on 26 Apr 2021

Three skiers stranded on a chairlift are forced to make life-or-death choices, which prove more perilous than staying put and freezing to death.

Director: Adam Green | Stars: Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell, Kevin Zegers, Ed Ackerman

Votes: 70,858

12. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977)

Not Rated | 1 hr 17 min | Horror

Rated on 25 Apr 2021

A bed possessed by a demon spirit consumes its users alive.

Director: George Barry | Stars: Demene Hall, William Russ, Julie Ritter, Linda Bond

Votes: 2,378

13. Crawl (I) (2019)

R | 1 hr 27 min | Action, Horror, Thriller

Rated on 23 Apr 2021

A young woman, while attempting to save her father during a category 5 hurricane, finds herself trapped in a flooding house and must fight for her life against alligators.

Director: Alexandre Aja | Stars: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Morfydd Clark, Ross Anderson

Votes: 78,225

14. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

R | 2 hr 9 min | Drama, History, Thriller

Rated on 17 Apr 2021

The story of 7 people on trial stemming from various charges surrounding the uprising at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

Director: Aaron Sorkin | Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Alex Sharp, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jeremy Strong

Votes: 159,774

15. Death at a Funeral (2007)

R | 1 hr 30 min | Comedy

Rated on 12 Apr 2021

Chaos ensues when a man tries to expose a dark secret regarding a recently deceased patriarch of a dysfunctional British family.

Director: Frank Oz | Stars: Matthew Macfadyen, Peter Dinklage, Ewen Bremner, Keeley Hawes

Votes: 112,779

16. House on Haunted Hill (1999)

R | 1 hr 33 min | Crime, Fantasy, Horror

Rated on 03 Apr 2021

An amusement park mogul offers a group of diverse people $1,000,000 to spend the night in a haunted house with a horrifying past.

Director: William Malone | Stars: Geoffrey Rush, Famke Janssen, Taye Diggs, Peter Gallagher

Votes: 55,538

17. Bram Stoker's Van Helsing (2021)

1 hr 25 min | Horror

Rated on 02 Apr 2021

When his fiancée Lucy falls victim to a mysterious illness, Arthur Holmwood turns to a former rival in her affections - Dr John Seward - for help. Seward calls in his mentor, Professor Van Helsing, who quickly uncovers a terrifying truth.

Director: Steve Lawson | Stars: Charlie Bond, Helen Crevel, Tom Hendryk, Joe Street

Votes: 372

18. Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)

R | 4 hr 2 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Rated on 20 Mar 2021

Determined to ensure Superman's ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne aligns forces with Diana Prince with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions.

Director: Zack Snyder | Stars: Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams

Votes: 341,827

19. Halloween (I) (2018)

R | 1 hr 46 min | Crime, Horror, Thriller

Rated on 20 Mar 2021

Laurie Strode confronts her long-time foe Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Director: David Gordon Green | Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, James Jude Courtney

Votes: 135,515

20. Forbidden Planet (1956)

G | 1 hr 38 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Rated on 19 Mar 2021

A starship crew in the 23rd century goes to investigate the silence of a distant planet's colony, only to find just two survivors, a powerful robot, and the deadly secret of a lost civilization.

Director: Fred M. Wilcox | Stars: Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Warren Stevens

Votes: 47,336

21. Legally Blonde (2001)

PG-13 | 1 hr 36 min | Comedy, Romance

Rated on 18 Mar 2021

Elle Woods, a fashionable sorority queen, is dumped by her boyfriend. She decides to follow him to law school. While she is there, she figures out that there is more to her than just looks.

Director: Robert Luketic | Stars: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Matthew Davis

Votes: 201,028

22. Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)

PG-13 | 1 hr 37 min | Action, Adventure, Horror

Rated on 15 Mar 2021

A scientific expedition sets out for Borneo to seek a flower called the Blood Orchid, which could grant longer life. Meanwhile, they run afoul of snakes and each other.

Director: Dwight H. Little | Stars: Morris Chestnut, KaDee Strickland, Eugene Byrd, Johnny Messner

Votes: 30,669

23. The Headless Eyes (1971)

X | 1 hr 18 min | Horror

Rated on 14 Mar 2021

Poor artist gets eye gouged out while committing a robbery. When his eye heals, he goes on a killing spree and cuts out women's eyes with a spoon.

Director: Kent Bateman | Stars: Bo Brundin, Ramon Gordon, Kelly Swartz, Ann Wells

Votes: 455

24. Voice (2005)

Unrated | 1 hr 44 min | Horror

Rated on 12 Mar 2021

While training after hours in her high-school, the aspiring singer Park Young-Eon is mysteriously killed and her body vanishes. Her ghost is invisible and trapped in the school, but her ... See full summary »

Director: Equan Choi | Stars: Ye-ryeon Cha, Ji-ae Jeon, Seo Ji-hye, Hyeon-kyeong Lim

Votes: 1,596

25. Swiped (I) (2018)

TV-14 | 1 hr 33 min | Comedy, Romance

Rated on 28 Feb 2021

James, a college freshman and computer genius, is enlisted by his womanizing roommate, Lance, to code the ultimate hook-up app. But when James discovers that his divorced mother is using the app, unexpected consequences ensue.

Director: Ann Deborah Fishman | Stars: Kendall Ryan Sanders, Noah Centineo, Nathan Gamble, Christian Hutcherson

Votes: 14,501

26. The Dentist 2 (1998)

R | 1 hr 40 min | Horror, Thriller

Rated on 27 Feb 2021

Dr. Caine, the murdering dentist from the original movie, has escaped from the mental hospital where he has been since being caught. Hoping to resume a normal life, he makes his way to a ... See full summary »

Director: Brian Yuzna | Stars: Corbin Bernsen, Jillian McWhirter, Jeff Doucette, Susanne Wright

Votes: 3,724

27. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)

PG-13 | 1 hr 35 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Rated on 26 Feb 2021

Dr. Evil is back and has invented a new time machine that allows him to go back to the 1960s and steal Austin Powers' mojo, inadvertently leaving him "shagless".

Director: Jay Roach | Stars: Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Michael York, Robert Wagner

Votes: 224,591

28. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

PG-13 | 1 hr 29 min | Adventure, Comedy

Rated on 26 Feb 2021

A world-class playboy and part-time secret agent from the 1960s emerges after thirty years in a cryogenic state to battle with his nemesis Dr. Evil.

Director: Jay Roach | Stars: Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York, Mimi Rogers

Votes: 230,653

29. The Red Queen Kills Seven Times (1972)

PG | 1 hr 39 min | Crime, Horror, Mystery

Rated on 19 Feb 2021

Two sisters inherit their family castle, which is said to be haunted by their homicidal ancestor, a dark-haired woman in a red robe known as the "Red Queen," who is said to take seven lives every hundred years.

Director: Emilio Miraglia | Stars: Barbara Bouchet, Ugo Pagliai, Marina Malfatti, Marino Masé

Votes: 2,467

30. I, Frankenstein (2014)

PG-13 | 1 hr 32 min | Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Rated on 07 Feb 2021

Frankenstein's creature finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans.

Director: Stuart Beattie | Stars: Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto, Virginie Le Brun

Votes: 79,816

31. Anthropophagus: The Grim Reaper (1980)

R | 1 hr 32 min | Horror

Rated on 02 Feb 2021

A group of friends and a hitchhiker become stranded on a tourist island where they are stalked by a disfigured cannibalistic killer who is prowling the island after killing its residents.

Director: Joe D'Amato | Stars: Tisa Farrow, Saverio Vallone, Serena Grandi, Margaret Mazzantini

Votes: 5,760

32. Carnival of Souls (1962)

Approved | 1 hr 18 min | Horror, Mystery

Rated on 22 Jan 2021

After a traumatic accident, a woman becomes drawn to a mysterious abandoned carnival.

Director: Herk Harvey | Stars: Candace Hilligoss, Frances Feist, Sidney Berger, Art Ellison

Votes: 22,975

33. From Hell It Came (1957)

Approved | 1 hr 11 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

Rated on 21 Jan 2021

A wrongfully accused South Seas prince is executed, and returns as a walking tree stump.

Director: Dan Milner | Stars: Tod Andrews, Tina Carver, Linda Watkins, John McNamara

Votes: 1,766

34. The Lock in (2014)

Drama, Horror

Rated on 19 Jan 2021

In the spring of 2010, a church lock in at First Baptist Church was organized by Pastor Chris. In the first hour of the lock in, one of the students, Justin, had an unusual "incident" and ... See full summary »

Director: Rich Praytor | Stars: Beverly Banks, Chris Ennis, Angela Jefferies, London Praytor

Votes: 73

35. Bloodstream (1985)

1 hr 17 min | Horror

Rated on 12 Jan 2021

When up and coming director Alistair Bailey is fired from a project by notorious VHS distributor William King, he believes that his footage has been left in the trash can. He soon discovers... See full summary »

Director: Michael J. Murphy | Stars: Patrick Olliver, Jacqueline Logan, Catherine Rowlands, Mark Wells

Votes: 80

36. Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (1981)

Unrated | 1 hr 25 min | Horror

Rated on 09 Jan 2021

An archaeology professor discovers an ancient crypt which contains living dead corpses. The zombies go on a rampage and attack a group of people which the professor had invited to celebrate his discovery.

Director: Andrea Bianchi | Stars: Karin Well, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Simone Mattioli, Antonella Antinori

Votes: 5,491

37. Knightfall (2017–2019)

TV-14 | 1 hr | Action, Adventure, Drama

Rated on 06 Jan 2021

A look at the final days of the Knights Templar during the 14th century.

Stars: Tom Cullen, Pádraic Delaney, Simon Merrells, Julian Ovenden

Votes: 18,498

38. The Queen's Gambit (2020)

TV-MA | 6 hr 35 min | Drama

Rated on 04 Jan 2021

Orphaned at the tender age of nine, prodigious introvert Beth Harmon discovers and masters the game of chess in 1960s USA. But child stardom comes at a price.

Stars: Anya Taylor-Joy, Chloe Pirrie, Bill Camp, Marcin Dorocinski

Votes: 358,774

39. The House That Jack Built (2018)

R | 2 hr 32 min | Crime, Drama, Horror

Rated on 31 Dec 2020

The story follows Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer, over the course of twelve years, and depicts the murders that really develop his inner madman.

Director: Lars von Trier | Stars: Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, Uma Thurman, Siobhan Fallon Hogan

Votes: 66,739

40. Camping Fun (2020)

Not Rated | 13 min | Short, Crime, Horror

Rated on 28 Dec 2020

Four friends set out to a remote getaway in Texas, unaware that they are being trailed by a sinister cult.

Directors: Thomas Burke, David Eimer | Stars: Hailey Marmolejo, Bonnie Sturdivant, Thomas Burke, David Eimer

Votes: 27

41. Megan Is Missing (2011)

Not Rated | 1 hr 25 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller

Rated on 28 Dec 2020

Two teenage girls encounter an Internet child predator.

Director: Michael Goi | Stars: Amber Perkins, Rachel Quinn, Dean Waite, Jael Elizabeth Steinmeyer

Votes: 11,430

42. Viy (1967)

Not Rated | 1 hr 17 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Rated on 28 Dec 2020

A young priest is ordered to preside over the wake of witch in a small old wooden church of a remote village. This means spending three nights alone with the corpse with only his faith to protect him.

Directors: Konstantin Ershov, Georgiy Kropachyov | Stars: Leonid Kuravlyov, Natalya Varley, Aleksey Glazyrin, Nikolay Kutuzov

Votes: 6,782

43. The Brotherhood of Satan (1971)

PG | 1 hr 32 min | Horror

Rated on 27 Dec 2020

A family is trapped in a desert town by a cult of senior-citizens who recruit the town's children to worship Satan.

Director: Bernard McEveety | Stars: Strother Martin, L.Q. Jones, Charles Bateman, Ahna Capri

Votes: 1,470

44. Mystics in Bali (1981)

1 hr 26 min | Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Rated on 27 Dec 2020

A woman researches a book that takes her to the black magic cult of Leák in Bali. She meets an evil witch who promises to train her dark arts. But she is tricked and turned into a flying vampire with internal organs hanging from her neck.

Director: H. Tjut Djalil | Stars: Ilona Agathe Bastian, Yos Santo, Sofia W.D., W.D. Mochtar

Votes: 1,206

45. Airplane! (1980)

PG | 1 hr 28 min | Comedy

Rated on 24 Dec 2020

A man afraid to fly must ensure that a plane lands safely after the pilots become sick.

Directors: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker | Stars: Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Leslie Nielsen, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Votes: 225,438

46. Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

R | 1 hr 29 min | Comedy, Horror

Rated on 23 Dec 2020

Affable hillbillies Tucker and Dale are on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when they are mistaken for murderers by a group of preppy college students.

Director: Eli Craig | Stars: Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, Katrina Bowden, Jesse Moss

Votes: 172,133

47. Sky Sharks (2020)

1 hr 42 min | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Rated on 23 Dec 2020

"Deep in the ice of the antarctic, a team of geologists uncover an old nazi laboratory still intact where dark experiments had occured. In order to conquer the world, the Nazis created ... See full summary »

Director: Marc Fehse | Stars: Thomas Morris, Eva Habermann, Barbara Nedeljakova, Tony Todd

Votes: 1,159

48. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

Not Rated | 1 hr 21 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family