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Extravagant farewell to one of the best series.
29 October 2019
The reason why El Camino seems slow to some fans is because BB was like a time bomb ticking,waiting to get exploded till the last scene of the last eoisode of S05 and yeah it did finally, shattering everyone's life connected to the main characters.. This was the nemesis. But hey.. this is film isn't the continuation of thar explosion.. it's the Debris or you can say the ashes out of which a phoenix(Jesse) is born.. a ressurection so to speak... This is got to be seemed slow paced to someone(though to me it didn't).. i was equally hooked to the last scene... One thing i would say it surpassed BB is the Editing.. it was sometimes incomprehensible which time are we at.. past or the present.. surely a beautiful cinematography should be credited for that.
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