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Great Show
21 December 2015
A great show I enjoyed watching every time it was aired. Most shows were both entertaining and informative at the same time. I was very inspired by this show for some reason, and have been looking throughout the internet for quite a while and could not find much of videos of this show. I would love to watch it again and would hope for something similar to be done like this show in the future.

Was fascinated especially by the one in the desert which was done using recycled materials and the ones in the rain forests. I also remember watching ones that were built in a cave and one with total glass structure. Actually there were a lot more that were great, but I can't remember most of them. I also liked the fact that most of these homes were built in almost untouched lands, which seems to be ideal for a vacation homes.

The hosts were also really good in presenting the show.

I would totally love if they would do something similar to this show in the future.
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