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One of the best movies ever made...
2 January 2018
Probably yes, acting was good, plot brilliant, I mean Stephen King wrote the book, but it can't match the film. When I saw this movie I thought "thats it, this is it, best movie ever". Sure you can find people who didn't like it, and when I ask "why", and try to guess what then happened? They just confused themselves, they can say reason why they don't like this movie... When I try to read comments with 1/10 star, I can't find comment with good reasons that could make me realize, that this movie is a bad movie, If there is no reason, then this means, that its the best movie ever made!The only reason people are giving 1 star is that they don't like ratio "9,2", they want to do more effect by pull this high ratio down, I really hate them :) Sorry for my bad English language, I live in asia, my English teacher is big cow with no knowledge...
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