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Darr (1993)
A tale of the first new age villain.
16 May 2019
Director - Yash Chopra

Cast - Juhi Chawla, Sunny Deol & Shah Rukh Khan

DARR a pyschological thriller was a movie, that was, never expected from Indian Cinema. The movie was a first of it's kind with the lines between a hero & a villain permanantly blurred . Darr had many underlying themes going on in one film like true love, psychotic obsession and a cat & mouse game to name a few. Rahul's (Shah RUKH KHAN) ambition to achieve Kiran (Juhi Chawla) at any cost & Sunil's (Sunny Deol) responsibilty to protect her over his life forms the basic crux of this violent romantic thriller. Darr belongs to the legend of Yash Chopra & is his best work as a director. Period. The narrative by Honey Irani & Javed Siddiqui is gripping, compelling & thrilling in equal measure with unforgettable dialogues being the icing on the cake. The cinematography by Manmohan Singh was visually bang on as it captured the blend of a narrative that was wild & equally beautiful at the same time. The Music by Shiv Hari was excellent. The song 'Tu Mere Saamne' has achieved immortality. Coming to the performances, everyone from the leading actors to the supporting actors efficiently performed their respective characters well. But this movie, is majorly known for that one performance of Rahul Mehra by Shah Rukh Khan as the ultimate fanatic of love shocking the audiences & critics across the globe in his career best act. Villainy had a new name & a new face & this was a villain that the audience supported & rooted for. Khan's portrayal of the stammering lover gained him a massive fan base and made him an instant hit with film directors and the go to actor for any filmmaker. Leading actors who shied away from doing negative roles decided to give in after this film. Some years down the line, many aspiring actors, described Shah Rukh Khan's character as Rahul Mehra as a dream role. This film announced Khan as a bonafide filmstar & marked his commencement into stardom. It also began an association of a lifetime for Khan with his favourite filmmaker Yash Chopra. After DARR, Yash Chopra directed 3 films & all of them had Shah Rukh Khan as their leading man. Back in the day, when DARR was being filmed Khan had predicted that a film like DARR has not been made & will not be made after being made and true to Khan's words today DARR is considered to not only be a masterpiece, but also one of the greatest films of all time in Indian Cinema.
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The Godfather (1972)
The greatest movie ever made.
1 April 2019

The Godfather (1972)

Director - Francis Ford Coppola

Cast - Marlon Brando & Al Pacino

Based on the Classic novel 'The Godfather' by Mario Puzo, this movie is a resounding masterpiece in the field of arts & entertainment. So what makes it the greatest movie ever made. Is it the background score that stirs your soul every time it plays. Is it the detailed direction by the master Coppola that not only takes you through the character's journey or the timeline but also helps you unravel deep rooted mysteries of the human psyche. Is it the alluring cinematography by Gordon Willis that makes every frame in the movie look like the most fascinating visual a human eye can ever stand witness to. Or is it the Masterclass in Acting given by a Brando as the iconic DON Vito Corleone & furthermore an even better performance by Al Pacino in not only the best role of his acting career, but also the most iconic character ever created on celluloid as Michael Corleone. I guess this is the problem with this film, that all the creative geniuses in the field of Arts & Entertainment got their A game on & filled it with so much of class, passion, performance & excellence, that the film did not have an option but to be the best film in the world of cinema.
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