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1. What Men Want (2019)

R | 1 hr 57 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Rated on 20 Sep 2020

A woman is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession, but gains an unexpected edge over them when she develops the ability to hear men's thoughts.

Director: Adam Shankman | Stars: Taraji P. Henson, Kristen Ledlow, Josh Brener, Kellan Lutz

Votes: 20,268

2. True Mothers (2020)

2 hr 20 min | Drama

Rated on 19 Sep 2020

A woman with an adopted child is contacted unexpectedly by the child's birth mother.

Director: Naomi Kawase | Stars: Arata Iura, Miyoko Asada, Hiroko Nakajima, Hiromi Nagasaku

Votes: 17

3. Spring Blossom (2020)

1 hr 13 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 19 Sep 2020

A 16 year old girl, bored with her own age group, becomes involved with an older man at a theater she passes.

Director: Suzanne Lindon | Stars: Suzanne Lindon, Arnaud Valois, Frédéric Pierrot, Florence Viala

Votes: 30

4. Memory House (2020)

1 hr 27 min | Drama

Rated on 19 Sep 2020

Cristovam, a native from the brazilian hinterland, works in a milk factory in a former Austrian colony in Brazil. He feels lonely, ostracized by cultural and ethnic differences. One day, he... See full summary »

Director: João Paulo Miranda Maria | Stars: Antonio Pitanga, Ana Flavia Cavalcanti, Sam Louwyck, Soren Hellerup

Votes: 13

5. Simple Passion (2020)

1 hr 36 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 18 Sep 2020

A mother falls into an addictive relationship with a Russian diplomat, with whom she has nothing in common.

Director: Danielle Arbid | Stars: Laetitia Dosch, Sergei Polunin, Grégoire Colin, Slimane Dazi

Votes: 10

6. Another Round (2020)

1 hr 55 min | Drama

Rated on 18 Sep 2020

Four friends, all high school teachers, test a theory that they will improve their lives by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in their blood.

Director: Thomas Vinterberg | Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Lars Ranthe, Magnus Millang

Votes: 216

7. The Boys (2019– )
Episode: We Gotta Go Now (2020)

TV-MA | 1 hr | Action, Comedy, Crime

Rated on 18 Sep 2020

Butcher has no more intentions to fight with Supes but Black Noir traced his location and found him: what will he do now? Supes are shooting a film named - #Dawn Of The Seven. Homelander is doing what Stormfront told him to do.

Director: Batan Silva | Stars: Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty

Votes: 1,624

8. The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot (2018)

Not Rated | 1 hr 38 min | Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

Rated on 18 Sep 2020

A legendary American war veteran is recruited to hunt a mythical creature.

Director: Robert D. Krzykowski | Stars: Aidan Turner, Sam Elliott, Sean Bridgers, Caitlin FitzGerald

Votes: 9,642

9. Our Children (2012)

Not Rated | 1 hr 51 min | Crime, Drama

Rated on 18 Sep 2020

Like millions of other couples, Mounir and Murielle fall in love. Like millions of other couples, Mounir and Murielle have children. But unlike them, they accept to give up their autonomy ... See full summary »

Director: Joachim Lafosse | Stars: Émilie Dequenne, Claire Bodson, Niels Arestrup, Tahar Rahim

Votes: 2,744

10. My Donkey, My Lover & I (2020)

1 hr 37 min | Comedy

Rated on 18 Sep 2020

Antoinette, a school teacher, is looking forward to her long planned summer holidays with her secret lover Vladimir, the father of one of her pupils. When learning that Vladimir cannot come... See full summary »

Director: Caroline Vignal | Stars: Laure Calamy, Benjamin Lavernhe, Olivia Côte, Marc Fraize

Votes: 60

11. Shadow in the Cloud (2020)

R | 1 hr 23 min | Action, Horror, War

Rated on 18 Sep 2020

A female WWII pilot traveling with top secret documents on a B-17 Flying Fortress encounters an evil presence on board the flight.

Director: Roseanne Liang | Stars: Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Callan Mulvey, Taylor John Smith

Votes: 88

12. The Speech (2020)

1 hr 27 min | Comedy

Rated on 17 Sep 2020

A recently dumped man awaits a reconciliation text message from his ex during a seemingly never-ending family dinner.

Director: Laurent Tirard | Stars: Benjamin Lavernhe, Sara Giraudeau, Kyan Khojandi, Julia Piaton

13. Underplayed (2020)

1 hr 27 min | Documentary

Rated on 17 Sep 2020

Filmed over the summer festival season, Underplayed presents a portrait of the current status of the gender, ethnic, and sexuality equality issues in dance music.

Director: Stacey Lee | Stars: Nervo, Nightwave, Rezz, Sherelle

14. The Truffle Hunters (2020)

PG-13 | 1 hr 24 min | Documentary

Rated on 17 Sep 2020

Deep in the forests of Piedmont, Italy, a handful of men, seventy or eighty years young, hunt for the rare and expensive white Alba truffle-which to date has resisted all of modern science's efforts at cultivation.

Directors: Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw

Votes: 31

15. Misbehaviour (2020)

Not Rated | 1 hr 46 min | Drama, History

Rated on 17 Sep 2020

A group of women hatch a plan to disrupt the 1970 Miss World beauty competition in London.

Director: Philippa Lowthorpe | Stars: Keira Knightley, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jessie Buckley, Greg Kinnear

Votes: 2,730

16. Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds (2020)

1 hr 37 min | Documentary

Rated on 16 Sep 2020

A new documentary from Werner Herzog about meteors and comets and their influence on ancient religions and other cultural and physical impacts they've had on Earth.

Directors: Werner Herzog, Clive Oppenheimer | Stars: Werner Herzog, Clive Oppenheimer

Votes: 35

18. Yakari, le film (2020)

1 hr 22 min | Animation

Rated on 16 Sep 2020

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Directors: Toby Genkel, Xavier Giacometti | Stars: Diana Amft, Patrick Bach, Kathleen Renish, Hans Sigl

Votes: 40

19. Concrete Cowboy (2020)

1 hr 51 min | Drama

Rated on 16 Sep 2020

A teenager discovers the world of urban horseback riding when he moves in with his estranged father in North Philadelphia.

Director: Ricky Staub | Stars: Idris Elba, Method Man, Lorraine Toussaint, Caleb McLaughlin

Votes: 57

20. Wildfire (II) (2020)

1 hr 25 min | Drama

Rated on 16 Sep 2020

The story of two sisters who grew up on the fractious Irish border. When one of them, who has been missing, finally returns home, the intense bond with her sister is re-ignited. Together ... See full summary »

Director: Cathy Brady | Stars: Kate Dickie, Martin McCann, Nora-Jane Noone, Aiste Gramantaite

Votes: 11

21. Good Joe Bell (2020)

1 hr 30 min | Biography, Drama

Rated on 16 Sep 2020

From the Academy-Award winning writing team behind Brokeback Mountain, GOOD JOE BELL tells the story of an Oregon father, Joe Bell, who sets out on a walk across America in honor of his son, Jadin.

Director: Reinaldo Marcus Green | Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Connie Britton, Gary Sinise, Morgan Lily

Votes: 41

22. MLK/FBI (2020)

1 hr 44 min | Documentary

Rated on 15 Sep 2020

Based on newly declassified files, Sam Pollard's resonant film explores the US government's surveillance and harassment of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Director: Sam Pollard

Votes: 18

23. 76 Days (2020)

1 hr 33 min | Documentary, Drama

Rated on 15 Sep 2020

Raw and intimate, this documentary captures the struggles of patients and frontline medical professionals battling the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan.

Directors: Weixi Chen, Hao Wu

Votes: 21

24. Violation (2020)

1 hr 47 min | Drama, Horror

Rated on 15 Sep 2020

A troubled woman on the edge of divorce returns home to her younger sister after years apart. But when her sister and brother-in-law betray her trust, she embarks on a vicious crusade of revenge.

Directors: Dusty Mancinelli, Madeleine Sims-Fewer | Stars: Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Anna Maguire, Jesse LaVercombe, Obi Abili

Votes: 69

25. The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel (2020)

1 hr 45 min | Documentary

Rated on 15 Sep 2020

Exposes how companies are desperately rebranding as socially responsible - and how that threatens democratic freedoms.

Directors: Jennifer Abbott, Joel Bakan | Stars: Anjali Appadurai, Chris Barrett, Heidi Boghosian, Wendy Brown

Votes: 12

26. A Good Man (II) (2020)

1 hr 47 min | Drama

Rated on 14 Sep 2020

Benjamin and Aude want to have a baby, but when they find out that it is not possible for Aude to conceive, Benjamin comes up with a plan to solve their dilemma.

Director: Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar | Stars: Noémie Merlant, Soko, Vincent Dedienne, Gabriel Almaer

Votes: 11

27. Enemies of the State (2020)

1 hr 43 min | Documentary

Rated on 14 Sep 2020

An American family becomes entangled in a bizarre web of secrets and lies when their hacker son is targeted by the U.S. government, making them all ENEMIES OF THE STATE.

Director: Sonia Kennebeck | Stars: Joel Widman, Nemo Baletic, Christopher Clark, Leann DeHart

Votes: 15

28. Downstream to Kinshasa (2020)

1 hr 30 min | Documentary

Rated on 14 Sep 2020

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Director: Dieudo Hamadi

29. Wolfwalkers (2020)

PG | 1 hr 40 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

Rated on 14 Sep 2020

A young apprentice hunter and her father journey to Ireland to help wipe out the last wolf pack. But everything changes when she befriends a free-spirited girl from a mysterious tribe rumored to transform into wolves by night.

Directors: Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart | Stars: Sean Bean, Honor Kneafsey, Eva Whittaker, Simon McBurney

Votes: 50

30. The Big Hit (2020)

1 hr 45 min | Comedy, Drama

Rated on 14 Sep 2020

An actor past his prime gives drama lessons to prisoners in an attempt to stage "Waiting for Godot."

Director: Emmanuel Courcol | Stars: Kad Merad, David Ayala, Lamine Cissokho, Sofian Khammes

Votes: 11

31. The Boys (2019– )
Episode: Nothing Like It in the World (2020)

TV-MA | 1 hr 8 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

Rated on 13 Sep 2020

Milk, Hughie, and Annie go on a road trip to find Liberty. Frenchie has relationship problems, and Homelander continues to unravel.

Director: Frederick E.O. Toye | Stars: Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty

Votes: 2,494

33. 30 Coins (2020– )

1 hr | Horror

Rated on 13 Sep 2020

An exiled priest tries to escape his demons while living in a remote village in Spain.

Stars: Mafalda Carbonell, Eduard Fernández, Javier Garrido García, Macarena Gómez

34. Night in Paradise (2020)

2 hr 11 min | Drama

Rated on 13 Sep 2020

Tae-gu tries to clean up his life for his sick sister and nephew. Then one day, his sister and nephew are killed in an accident by someone who aimed for Tae-gu. Tae-gu decides to take revenge in shock.

Director: Hoon-jung Park | Stars: Seung-Won Cha, Tae-goo Eom, Yeo-bin Jeon, Ki-young Lee

Votes: 12

35. Penguin Bloom (2020)

1 hr 35 min | Drama

Rated on 13 Sep 2020

A family takes in an injured Magpie that makes a profound difference in their lives.

Director: Glendyn Ivin | Stars: Naomi Watts, Andrew Lincoln, Rachel House, Jacki Weaver

Votes: 49

36. DuckTales (1987–1990)
Episode: The Land of Trala La (1989)

TV-G | 21 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Rated on 13 Sep 2020

Scrooge has a nervous breakdown from all the money problems, so he sets out to find a mythical Land of Trala La, where there is no money. But running away from money is not as simple as it sounds.

Directors: James T. Walker, Bob Hathcock | Stars: Gregg Berger, Hamilton Camp, Terence McGovern, Georgette Rampone

Votes: 88

37. One Day at Disney (2019– )
Episode: Amanda Lauder: Chef Chocolatier (2020)


Rated on 13 Sep 2020

Amanda Lauder creates delicious treats as the Chef Chocolatier for The Ganachery at Disney Springs.

Votes: 7

38. One Day at Disney (2019– )
Episode: Alice Taylor: StudioLAB (2020)


Rated on 13 Sep 2020

Alice Taylor experiments with new storytelling mediums through Disney's StudioLAB.

Votes: 9

39. One Day at Disney (2019– )
Episode: Eric Baker: Imagineering Creative Director (2020)


Rated on 13 Sep 2020

Step into Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge with Eric Baker as he helps create this new, exciting land.

Votes: 10

40. One Day at Disney (2019– )
Episode: Heather Bartleson: Holiday Services (2020)


Rated on 13 Sep 2020

Heather Bartleson helps bring the holiday spirit to the Disney parks, resorts and more.

Votes: 10

41. One Day at Disney (2019– )
Episode: Pavan Komkai: Broadcast Engineer (2020)


Rated on 13 Sep 2020

Pavan "Billy" Komai explains the process of broadcasting live sports on ESPN+.

Votes: 10

42. One Day at Disney (2019– )
Episode: Ryan Meinerding: Marvel Studios Creative Director (2020)


Rated on 13 Sep 2020

Ryan Meinerding brings Marvel Studios characters to life through innovative design every day.

Votes: 10

43. The Way I See It (2020)

PG-13 | 1 hr 40 min | Documentary

Rated on 12 Sep 2020

Former Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza's journey as a person with top secret clearance and total access to the President.

Director: Dawn Porter | Stars: Doris Kearns Goodwin, Samantha Power, Pete Souza, Ben Rhodes

Votes: 45

44. Shiva Baby (2020)

1 hr 17 min | Comedy

Rated on 12 Sep 2020

At a Jewish funeral service with her parents, a college student runs into her sugar daddy.

Director: Emma Seligman | Stars: Rachel Sennott, Molly Gordon, Polly Draper, Danny Deferrari

Votes: 111

45. You Came Back (2020)

1 hr 38 min | Drama

Rated on 12 Sep 2020

Marco and Anita discover they are expecting a child. Finally a ray of light in the life of Marco, put to the test by the pain for the disappearance of Leo, his firstborn with his first wife Clara.

Director: Stefano Mordini | Stars: Stefano Accorsi, Valeria Golino, Maya Sansa, Serena Rossi

Votes: 6

47. Still Processing (2020)

17 min | Documentary, Short

Rated on 12 Sep 2020

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Director: Sophy Romvari

Votes: 5

48. Found Me (2020)

9 min | Short, Drama