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Skyfall (2012)
Back in action again, with some pleasure
6 January 2013
After 50 years since the first, Dr. No, everyone knew that Skyfall, wisely picked this time to be released not 2 years but 4 since the last one, was going to be an event, and by all accounts, it was. Anticipated by one of the best themes in all 007 movies, apparently made in 10 min by Adele, which seems a bit odd. But once the most famous character in cinema wore off, did the odd-job still have anything to add to the franchising? The answer is yes, Dr. Yes, with pleasure. One of the things about 007 Daniel Craig era is that the hero is no longer a superhero and the superhuman spy is after all very human. Sam Mendes, a gifted director, explored that nicely. With the addiction of 3 great actors: Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes and, of course, Javier Bardem that again and again delivers the goods. Sam and his writers saw what any fan of the secret agent feels: the decay of Bond girls (anyone can recall the last greatest bond girl?) For years and years fans wanted the films to be more explicit. Make no mistake this isn't classic vintage 007 style club. That said, while this is still a 007 film, much of the credit goes for the clever way the writers tried to cover that fact, creating a virtual 007 with epic tones, an agent caught between the old-fashioned ways and the modern ones, being this interaction hugely a high point. In fact, Sam Mendes adds some splendid cinematographic details all over the place, you can tell this is a guy who spent much time, apart from his career, digging into movies. Unfortunently, the story isn't that amazing, still original in 007 catalog yet not so strong compared to the previous 2, nevertheless despite the excellent directing and solid performances, the script goes plain and simple in one way only. After 2h of quickly delivered scenes there's only one place left: Skyfall. The expanded Skyfall treatment sees some powerful imagery that will appeal too all kinds of audience. Largely held by Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig and nobody does it better. The image quality, as expected, is excellent, allowing the viewer to experience every detail of a Bond mixed into the past and the present. The dislocated island and the final set should impress those unfamiliar with 007 and surely thrill longtime fans. The famous Bond's shots are still here. The script didn't allowed more humor, that surely be welcome, but this is a very small quibble about the secret agent in our century. It's a fine testament to a timeless 007 that doesn't sound dated, on the contrary this the best era singe Roger Moore and finally back in action again, in the right place this time. This film plays great whether you're a fan of James Bond, the actors, or not. (On a minor but no less important note, John Barry should be included in the movie opening, not to mention in the ending credits. After all Thomas Newman did use Barry's music.)
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Eyes inspire a masterpiece
19 July 2010
Not entering in opinions or specific details about the movie itself, I believe the surprise has a key role (as happened to me) and very probably there will be enough comments about that. This movie deserves all the credit and will be so flattering to have received an Oscar (talking about the current state of things, of course )? I doubt it. The truth is that it has everything you want, either for fun (with a certain humor that often sprinkle here and there , and the inherent suspense as the events will ocurre, never dropping from beginning to end) or to approach a seriously theme and truthful to some extent (and here play two things: the real drama of the matter of the main story and the passionate romance involving it in parallel), and more than expected also. Plus the fact that it contains excellent works on all levels, from the cast and speech to backstage and makeup, from the script and adaptation to audio and beautiful classical soundtrack, from photography to camera work.. Honestly, I can not point out anything negative. It's so catchy and touching in a way that 2h will seem like half, even less. If perfection exists in modern crime/drama filmaking then El Secreto De Sus Ojos is certainly at the top or very close to it and has all the features to become a timeless film.
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A Gem
4 July 2010
First of all, I'm so pleased to see this film in my country, available on 1 theater only, even if two years has passed since it has been released. This is the story about a girl named Wendy and her dog, Lucy, who are seeking for a new life across the states with a handful of dollars on her pocket and a car, with no insurance where exactly they should go, in the beginning. Problems will appear during the crossroads, most of all, which we are or were familiar with. Inevitable anyone can see it as a sentimental story about a girl and a dog in a superficial way, even though pretty much it's told in very raw manner, but once you get the feeling that is truly happening, there's only the rhythm & sound of real life itself no visual or sound effects, will find yourself thinking how current this film is and it will be. For the place of love today, what is love after all in any means. with no sentimentality or feeling of being forced here. I keep believing there's still films, today in The States, that can bring to us, with so few what the ones with unlimited can't, the primordial. But I didn't saw anyone like this in ages. The side effects ? Keep looking in the right places there's a whole lot more to see or maybe not so much..
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Pandorum (2009)
28 Days Later meets Resident Evil
10 June 2010
You got high expectations when you saw a trailer that reminds you somehow "cult" films and eventually lose high hopes about being another mark, but you want to see it just to be sure or you're a fan of sci-fi or just because.. Pandorum won't be, nor near nor far, the great sci-fi film you're being looking for in the past few years. The plot isn't anything new for you and the future possibilities that it points as well but still it remains one of the best things in the film for unexpected moments and some development, unfortunately the actors don't take advantage of this and the script doesn't counteract. Poor acting indeed the concept is there but needed more credibility, bad fighting scenes too, in fact Pandorum stands in good wheels for half an hour not more. Still enjoyable and worth to see, although the atmosphere of suspense that keeps you glued to the screen not prevail from the beginning to the end, there is some credit for set and audio design which makes you feel not a totally waste of money on this production and you're time to see it.
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Fallen Art (2004)
Imagination vs Knowledge
9 June 2010
I had to make a short presentation for a work not so long ago, using this short film as background and I was quite delighted with it. The fact that I didn't know any work of this filmmaker has led to even more my admiration. There was so much in so short time I could talk about, first with details that are immense, starting with the title, the fact of not having human speech, symbolisms, plus a multitude of them in this cyclical story without end, where everything fit together but you're not quite sure what the main message is. And therein lies the joke of what parallelism may exist with the days of yesterday, today and tomorrow, with different reading each one of us will have after seeing it. I really believe that the major objective of this short was achieved, have fun (yes, because although we are facing a very dramatic story, the humor isn't a foreign language) and bring all the ingredients for us to cook with our imagination and perhaps even more than that.
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With loyalty
8 June 2010
Daughters of Darkness is often quoted as a horror movie, Gothic/vampire tale, actually is far more than that. It focuses on other aspects of human condition behind the theme and the plot, Delphine Seyrig proves when she is anything but scary, indeed a mirror of a society, which are developed through a purely French cinema of the 70 decade in the form of film making, enjoying performances from a handful of actors in a superb camera work and a a no less magnificent soundtrack, creating an atmosphere very own, much like the scenes chosen and the acting itself.

You can see this film as a horror movie entertainment fleeting, but in this case do not expect a creepy experience, or watch the movie expecting nothing and feel that the film does not aim high flights, but a stunning purity.
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