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A good first start, but what about the SECOND ACT?!
13 May 2018
So Marvel told the basic origin story of Doctor Strange (Earth's supposed Sorcerer Supreme). But, didn't it feel a bit undeserved? Like really, what did Dr. Strange have to suffer through in order to become the master of mysticism? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! However, Marvel does have a chance to rectify this situation and make this character one of their better franchise movies by simply following up the first movie and making the classic magnum opus Triumph and Torment. If they made this as their second movie, not only would it flesh out Dr. Strange more by showing that he actually deserved the title, but it would also introduce Marvel to the something that it has sorely lacked throughout ALL it's movies; a complex villain more worthy than all of its heroes put together: Dr. Doom. After butchering nearly all of the Thor movies and killing off Odin like some B-rate character, the fans deserve this movie! Stop being lazy Marvel and finally do your films some justice!
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Honest Review *Potential Spoiler*
26 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
By far the best X-Men movie to date....

While it diverges from the official comic book story line, the plot is still the same. Robots have decimated the human and mutant population and taken over the world! While that comes as no surprise to die hard fans of the franchise, this movie is finally the one we have been waiting for since the franchise started. It's almost a do-over in a way because it corrects many many many of the mistakes of the first two films. For instance Storm no longer spouts cheesy lines before activating her powers; Magneto is the powerhouse he always should have been; and Hugh Jackman finally shows us a decent portrayal of Wolverine on screen. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y

This movie has breathed new life into a franchise I thought would never be done right on screen; and in doing so, it has set the stage for the coming of the Age of Apocalypse by making the mutant presence known to the entire world. Thank you Marvel & Bryan Singer for proving me wrong!
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