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Politically correct pile of rubbish.
9 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In this film you will see: Animated fights containing dwarfs. Animated fights containing elves. Animating fights containing humans. Animated fights containing orcs. Superlarge animated worms which digs through unnoticeable through the ground. Characters you don't care about dieing. Plot devices everywhere. Eagles saving the day... once more... for no reason. Animated animations doing animated things. Legolas breaking even more laws of physics (seriously, that dude must be a god or something.. He jumps like... 30 meter, onto a giant troll which is about 7 meters tall, sticks a knife in his brain, mindcontrols him to knock down a tower which later on becomes a bridge which he will fight another giant orc which will almost die like 123 times and then at the end die once and for all.... lol jk he survived but noes, now he did die and lol we're happy ohno he survived anyway OK now legolas killed him). A love story which feels awfully forced and pointless (srsly... who cares???). Countless forced references to lord of the rings (also sersly... we get it... the hobbit is a prequel, okay, let it go.).

And lots more. I can go on forever. This film was awful, i feel cheated in so many ways.
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