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I loved it!
15 January 2015
1st of all i have read lots of books about Vlad the Impaler/Dracula because it always fascinated me. Even so, before to watch the movie i expected to be different and i accepted the new fantasy story. Strange thing is, why it has a bad note? Why people always want either the real truth or something only their mind can create/imagine? Luke plays FABULOUS, special effects are awesome, too bad it was only 90 min "long". And i don't really get why Turkish people make such a big deal from it. (PS: i got Turkish blood from my dad).

IT IS REAL that sultan Mehmed II asked tribute in money and young children recruits for his army. IT IS REAL that Ottoman Empire did lots of harm to Europe wanting to conquest and conquest further.

IT IS REAL that Vlad was very wise and skillful, and if he preferred to impale his enemies, he have learned that at the Ottoman court. IF he was cruel, he HAS TO BE! HE WAS STRONG,BRAVE, never surrendering. In those HARSH BARBARIC times it was needed to be "evil" so if he wouldn't be so, wouldn't live not even 10 min at the Ottoman court or after that period.
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